CONSPIRACY REALISM: a newly required world view for a New Year

13 01 13 We Who OpposeBelinda McKenzie, human rights activist par excellence and co-founder of the Association of McKenzie Friends as Public Interest Advocates, coined the term: conspiracy realism.

Besides the issues surrounding the latest film on Princess Diana, here are more indicators:

  1. UK: How Lord McAlpine is exploiting the same libel laws Savile used to cover up his crimes – page 64 of the Savile report
  2. UK: Police Paedophiles – three convictions in Yorkshire – as part of  ‘big collusions’ in committing and covering up white collar crimes
  3. US: the Sandy Hook shooting was staged which is proven by web pages uploaded before the event
  4. UK => US: the Pilgrims Society ensures the real axis of evil.

On the good news front regarding the secrecy of family courts,

He is looking for people

  • who have complained or are willing to complain to the Police about wrong-doings in family courts or
  • who are willing to swear an affidavit about lawyers who have talked them into accepting false allegations.

The Government may have to become Compensator of Last Report to save face in any way, shape or form…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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6 Responses to CONSPIRACY REALISM: a newly required world view for a New Year

  1. How relevant to include words like “conspiracy” and “big collusions” in your latest post. Mindfull I am sure of the BBC’s own haunting reminder of their 14th December 2012 article –
    How has collusion been defined?
    In this link:
    Lord Stevens, the then Metropolitan Police Commissioner, who carried out a major investigation into collusion in several murders said [quote] collusion ranges “from the wilful failure to keep records, the absence of accountability, the withholding of intelligence and evidence, through to the extreme of agents being involved in murder.” [unquote]
    How interesting that those words of Lord Stevens and Judge Cory quoted by the BBC have now come back to haunt the BBC and be used as aptly relevant to all material within; and, everything that this site stands for.
    Victims of collusions United in sharing their varying degrees of experiences.
    Those that may feel to disagree, then the words of Judge Smithwick will be more apt;-
    Where he says – “I consider collusion to involve:
    (i) agreements, arrangements or actions intended to achieve unlawful, improper, fraudulent or underhand objectives; and
    (ii) deliberately turning a blind eye or deliberately ignoring improper or unlawful activity.”

  2. Hold on a second – The Scotland Yard and NSPCC
    When a child is snatched from loving parents police in most cases are present as part of the process. Not even checking the paperwork.
    If a parent of a snatched child reports something not right about a non accidental injury in a contact centre, does the police not get called to protect those ignoring it.
    Should a child need to go to hospital for a non accidental injury whilst in care, does the police not need to attend to protect the NHS employee that is part of the circle.
    When such non accidental injuries and abuse of children in care are reported in star chambers sorry Family Courts. Does NSPCC partners with varying titles in Local Authorities not sit alongside Local Authority Social Workers involved in covering up the non accidental injuries.
    So two varying partners of multi interests compile the report ???
    Sorry can we have the full sordid details please. Not part of it.

  3. Oranges and Sunshine says:

    Have you ever read about the Home Children? The name given to hundreds of thousands of British children shipped overseas to the Empire where they were abused and exploited. After being told their parents were dead they were told they would find Oranges and Sunshine in their new homes abroad. The parents were told their children were adopted in Britain.

    Thing is this is still going on now with forced adoptions by crooked local councils in Britain.

    Oranges and Sunshine is what the children were promised.

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