WILFUL BLINDNESS by Police, Judiciary, Government and Mainstream Media

13 01 11 Police too busyThe decades of exploits of Jimmy Savile have been treated with what can only be described as ‘Wilful Blindness’ exercised by the British Establishment, i.e. Police, Judiciary, Government, Authorities etc: Police ‘too busy’ for fraud.

There is a remarkable parallel in respect of  the gross Misfeasance in Public Office in the way bank victims have been treated over the decades, when bringing evidence of bank theft and corruption perpetrated upon them, which the police and judiciary have refused to act upon.   WHY????

Jimmy Savile must have used, or been privy to the same covert institutional misfeasance as the banks. See: www.safe-online.org

In ‘bullet language’:

  • it’s either about sex or money or both
  • people in institutions prefer to cover each other up than admit to a mistake or misfeasance, let alone say “sorry” or pay compensation
  • whether victims of paedophiles, doctors, bankers, lawyers, judges, court staff, accountants, insolvency practitioners – Police are not investigating, e.g. Hillsborough AND Savile!

It’s time to take victims seriously! For they have proven to suffer from one or more of the Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups.

And the remedy or way forward?

  1. The Government as Compensator of Last Resort – not only to bail out banks, but also to compensate victims – whether sexual or financial
  2. Amnesty and Jubilee for all victims of injustice:
  • fraudulent imprisonment
  • unlawful child snatching
  • sectioning and labelling ‘vexatious litigants’.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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21 Responses to WILFUL BLINDNESS by Police, Judiciary, Government and Mainstream Media

  1. Jean McDonald says:

    No surprise there then! He’s now dead -.will they really prosecute the ‘top’ people who also committed these dreadful crimes against innocent children? I doubt it. Carry on the good work Jean

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  2. misty53 says:

    100% with you on this, I also believe that we owe a great debt to all those brave victims that came forward. They have opened the eyes and ears of a Nation, they deserve a medal for bravery. I hope that many other victims both from historic and actual abuse will find the courage to come forward, and know that they will be heard and believed. Only time shall tell

  3. Philip Thompson says:

    sirVILE is dead. May the others who knew of his crimes follow him quickly BUT not without FIRST making a full confession and naming ALL those involved. The STENCH of the many years of suppression by people in POWER must be exposed for what it is. CORRUPTION.

  4. John Allman says:

    Sabine, you are a prolific blogger, whose work is well researched, and I am not.

    I therefore hesitate to criticise your work. But your opening sentence was a disjointed rant.

    You wrote, “The decades of exploits of Jimmy Savile have been treated with what can only be described as ‘Wilful Blindness’ exercised by the British Establishment, i.e. Police, Judiciary, Government, Authorities etc: Police ‘too busy’ for fraud.”

    The possible “British Establishment” culprits, of “wilful blindness”, negligence, downright complicity or any other way in which the “decades of exploits of Jimmy Savile” have been “treated” less than appropriately, certainly include the BBC and the police, by all accounts, I concede.

    The term “authorities” is so vague that I have no criticique, only criticism of your vagueness itself.

    The job of the judiciary is to ensure fair trials, in this case criminal trials, when the BBC or others grass up their staff perps like Savile to the police, and the police ensure that those perps are duly prosecuted. The judiciary (a bench of whom who pissed me off in a magistrates court in Somerset only two days ago) are innocent in the Savile affair. Why? Because those who should have informed on Savile (the BBC) and those who should have then banged him to rights (the police) failed in their duty. This prevented Savile’s exploits from getting before the courts, for the judiciary to screw up, as they sometimes do, sometimes out of corruption rather than incompetence, I dare say.

    I have had reasons to criticise the police myself, and reasons to thank the police, in my own personal life experience. Not to mention what I’ve read about. This applied even before that days arrived when reading the news became so much easier, with the arrival of the internet.

    One reason for people who read the news to criticise the police is for their being ” ‘too busy’ for fraud “, you seem to have read. Another reason is for the police’s blowing the chance to bring Savile to paltry human justice, so that his death, which would have summoned him before a higher court than man’s, before which we must all stand trial one day, could have been in prison. But these too separate alleged police failings – letting Savile escape, and claiming to be “too busy” to investigate fraud, when most of us can think of things we’d like the police to stop busying themselves with – are not logically connected. Yet you have connected them, in an opening sentence so substandard that it discouraged me from reading any further.

    Less is more, if you know what I mean. Please write less, but of better quality.

    • Actually, these words were not mine. They came from Robert Owen, one of the directors of SAFE to which he refers.

      It’s the newspaper article that really attracted my attention. And the non-investigation of fraud by Police has been a problem by LOTS of victims of white collar crimes.

      THANK YOU for your critique, John!

  5. Stanley Embling says:

    It’s Not only the none investigating of such criminal activities Sabine but it’s also the threatening certain Victims get when reporting Crime to the Police… then to compound after having reported such matters to Parliament (as I’ve done from 1990;) I then discover that the certain Political Party its reported to are not only Not only Chairmen of the Police Committee but are benefiting financially from the ill gained proceeds gained from the reported crime. Therefore instead of us Victims getting investigations as promised by certain Political Parties, instead we find to our utter disgust that the “Big Can of Worm” we Victims are trying to open gets blocked by combined Political Parties combining and utilizing what in my opinion is a corrupt Parliamentary Convention
    In my opinion this institutionalized abuse of power,operating for the last 30 years, wants banning, and all those in Political Parties, and those in High Public Office whom have/are benefiting in any way shape or form from such ill gained proceeds, and or dishonest dealings, from whatever the crime, (to the detriment of the many deprived trusting Victims,) are made accountable….
    Unless this happens how many more serious criminal activities reported by trusting Victims To Parliament are to get hidden behind this Parliamentary Convention that wants banning??

  6. peter oakes says:

    Dear John Allman.
    Thank you for your views ,opinion, and comment
    I have personal experience over the past 18 years, I believed in the police, the decency of people and I honestly thought the system would correct itself when
    it had ” got it wrong ” I can assure you the establishment is rotten to the
    core beyond any normal persons comprehension. the countries top judge
    Nueberger is a thief & fraudster enjoying the proceeds of crime re: theft
    of Mr. Ebert,s property.

    Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss kidnapped Corey R. B——-. and when the offence was reported to Insp. Woods. at Burslem police station he said
    ” I cannot fault it ” ( he was referring to the evidence ) he then said ” I
    dare,nt do anything I will kick it up-stairs ”

    It has become obvious to me over the years the Govnt. is in full knowledge
    of the corruption and appoints MPs and depts. to give victims a promise of
    hope their case will be sorted, in truth they put you on a merry go-round to
    frustrate and torment you to the point of mental breakdown.

    I could go on and on but I suggest you Google: Royal Commission Inquiry
    NSW Vol 4. the paedophile inquiry. this explains the involvement of
    police, entertainers, news readers, broadcasters, TV personalities, social
    services even judges, local councillors MPs all engaged in these vile abuses

    This took place in 1996, so it is reasonable to say the British establishment
    knew about these horrors and indeed aware it was going on right here in the
    UK via PIE and other organisations. No body wanted to believe Dr.Harold
    Shipman was a killer, let alone killing to “order” Give it a thought Harold
    Shipmans “victims ” were widows, and a few widowers. what happened to
    their assets? their houses, stocks & shares savings etc. remember
    Shipman forged the will of the former lady Mayoress of Hyde, it was this forgery
    discovered by her daughter that triggered Shipmans exposure. killing
    250 people official figures is a good tally, but un-official figures say 400 plus.

    It is also a lot of booty – loot the police are to embarased to own-up ! it,s a
    bloody good job the fire fighters are not as incompetent & dishonest or we
    would be walking in ashes ! the Hillsborough affair explains everything
    the willing dishonesty of senior police, the conspiracy with coroner, Sheffield City Council FA. ambulance service etc.

    So there it is Mr. Allman. the ” Tactless truth ” that will have to be faced
    one day. And remember even a good copper is over ruled by his seniors
    and ordered to modify statements etc.

    Victims get excited in their Comments because of their sufferings, fortunately
    no longer suffering in silence thanks to Sabine and her efforts.

  7. Please allow me to refer to John’s comment. I respect his input.
    However, that opening sentence is fact.
    If you are fortunate to have gone through life without being a victim of the Establishment and HM Partnership it is dificult to understand someone who has.
    We live in a society where nearly every family in this country knows someone who is a victim of child snatching.
    On top of that treated unfairly by the banks, solicitors, courts and police.
    I agree that not all police constables are bad, but as they raise the ladder and fed with common purpose; then they get dangerous.
    Wilful Blindness and slippery shouldering cases is norm. A crime becomes a crime when it is reported. Statistics affect how crimes are reported, detected and resolved.
    Today a common practice by the HM Partnership and Establishment is to block emails. This prevents crimes being reported and resolved.
    Without protracting anything that I have seen on this site can be backed up and what might very rarely be wrong is corrected.

  8. peter oakes says:

    Please note : There is growing amount of prosecutions re: Misconduct in
    a Public Office. It carries a sentence of life imprisonment ! it is up there
    with treason !

    You do need the permission of the Attorney General or is it the Lord Chancellor to bring a prosecution, point is they have started sweeping up
    the dirty mess.

    Please bear in mind “they cannot look at individual cases” so get gang raped ! same same India ?

  9. peter oakes says:

    PS I did not mean to be offensive to Mr. Allman, I am sorry if people
    think I was implying abuse !

    I thanked Mr. Allman for his comment because he is outside the “loop”

    I just hope and pray more John Allmans read our comments on victims
    unite. If he has doubts about our integrity or motives I would like to
    assure him they are for the finest motives and morality reasons and
    I hope to educate people to avoid my unfortunate experiences

    Sorry John if you misunderstood my motives.
    good luck god bless.

    fond regards Peter. O

    • misty53 says:

      I tell you what, if I were the victims who did go to the police and was treated the way these victims were treated, I would now sue CPS for not doing anything, they have admitted they were wrong, well its not enough!! the police who told these vulnerable people that Savile was a very influential man and would take them to the cleaners and ruin their lives, need to be found and arrested for perverting the course of justice, My blood is boiling with all this shit!! its time to stop talking about it all, and demand actions!!.

      • The trouble is that it’s unlikely to get JUSTICE, Jan!

        So it’s hardly worth trying, BUT one has to do it to be able to look oneself in the mirror!

        • JM says:

          trouble is they’re immune from prosecution, you generally have to kill one to get a name….anbd the more you try the more you are targetted….threats of jail indefinately for asking them to do the job they’re supposedly paid to do……from Keir Starmer himself apparently
          but it probably wasn’t even from him…g-men routinely use other people’s name’s on the threats and letters they send out, obviously no sig, they admit it quite freely but never in writing….
          you have to use a govt dept to sue them…and they’re immune anyway, some individuals supposedly aren’t but in practice they are…and impossible to identify which ones are and aren’t these days anyway!

      • Misty I share your views, these people were treated badly, but, there has to be people treated far worse, and continue to be punished for coming forward. Where are they? Lets look at Saville’s hunting grounds within the NHS.
        There are people that have come forward to report gangs that deal in illegal slaughter of animals and drugs that have been taken from police stations courtesy of NHS doctors to be placed in Secure Mental Health Wards.
        There is a case of a woman being Sectioned by police and doctors for reporting of a child abused by a senior police officer.
        You can be Sectioned today if your a threat to someone’s career and pensions.
        We must not ignore this latest weapon by the establishment upon the people.
        That is why I ask whether there are victims that are locked away as secret prisoners in these secure wards classed as “paranoid and with delusions of grandeur” simply for telling the truth. Because that is what happens.
        I am aware of a driver that has been released from Sectioning for only approaching a junction. He could see to his left but not right because three girls were standing on the pavement obstructing his view. Thats how easy they can do it.

        • JM says:

          when they did it to me they didn’t even accuse me of ANYTHING, still refusing to confiorm or deny if they know who they even are….

          two years to get soemthing out of the GMC which denied that any of them are on the medical regsiter!

    • John Allman says:

      @ Peter Oakes

      No worries. I did not see anything that you had written, that anybody would be likely to think that you could had intended to be offensive towards me. I am glad that Sabina didn’t take offence at my criticism of what I took to be HER writing, or at least of the first sentence.

  10. JM says:

    dunno why folk keep confusing her with the teenage witch, but it’s SabinE I believe…;-)
    of course pigyobs are never going to actually investigate crime, they’re too busy committing it….you have to be preapred to break allt he laws if you’re going to be a pigyob, especially the one’s RE violence…

    starmer needs removing for a start, last i heard he was threatening survivors of the most horrific abuse you could imagine by the church with jail, no trial or anything, for having hte audacity to do job he’s paid to do…

  11. peter oakes says:

    Hi Victims. I just picked up on it ! Chris Grayling Lord Chancellor is the
    first Lord Chancellor since 1540 something to be appointed as LC. without
    a legal- law background.

    This means the establishment is ” listening ” to Victims Unite and is aware
    of the Legal Mafia.

    Get your letters about bent judges & court personnel in !

    • John Allman says:

      Peter, what good news, if only we could be sure that the corruption of the “Legal Mafia” was caused by their having their “legal-law background”. But what if were possible for other members of the establishment to be even more corrupt than average lawyers? See what I mean?

  12. Derek says:

    After looking at that cutting from the Telegraph, it would explain why the police did not chase up two separate cases of fraud which lost me over £50,000. I am having to survive on benefits now, at the expense of the taxpayer as a result of their failures.

    • JM says:

      i can beat that, cost me a damnsite more, sabotaged every business i started, stole my home, lots more nasty stuff….won’t even give me benefits for seven years + now! not allowed to work either, and starving death is illegal apprently….

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