WHITE COLLAR CRIMES: an evidence-based definition

13 01 14 White Collar CrimesOne serious victim asked me today: what are we arguing about Savile for? The relevant issue for next Tuesday is the outright failure of the Police, local authorities, social care, etc. An apology is not enough.

Well, if only there was an apology! In the cases that I’ve observed since 1998, there are not only crimes but, above all, criminalisation and more cover-ups.

Discovering white collar crimes, one victim at a time, took the following shock therapy for me:

  1. fraudulent bankruptcies
  2. unlawful home repossessions
  3. false imprisonments
  4. financial fraud
  5. child snatching
  6. paedophilia
  7. satanism – as published by the Sunday Express on 13 Jan, 2013.

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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19 Responses to WHITE COLLAR CRIMES: an evidence-based definition

  1. Chris says:

    The entire system is rotten to the core. We hear about Jimmy Saville, but what about the ones we don’t know about? To get away with it for so long he must have had some form of higher authority protection. On the law of averages he should have been caught years ago. The big problem we have is people in control that are on an enormous ego trip with no conscience.

    • And they have ways of blackmailing each other, it seems!

      John Ward publishes Brown, Blair & Blackmailing for example.

      • Chris says:

        Thank you for the fascinating and informative link. The main problem appears to be people in power with massive egos and complete lack of conscience. Please excuse me if I keep on about psychopaths but their destructive power has no boundaries.

        The book Political Ponerology is a scientific study of evil and gives a clearer picture of those in power please see: http://ponerology.com/
        another publication, Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath by Thomas Sheridan is also of interest. Having had several decades experience of a psychopath in my family (an in-law), my book, “Psychopaths amongst us” also explores their mindset. The book is due to be published later this year.

        Once you get to understand the workings of the psychopath’s mind, how we live today takes on a whole new meaning. They thrive on tension and endeavor to create it but equally distance themselves from it. What I experienced in my family was a microcosm of what is happening in society. All psychopaths seem to work to the same agenda and after a while you realize they are very predictable.

        Recently in the House of Commons as David Cameron was announcing severe cuts in benefits, he and a number of his colleagues throughout the political spectrum gave a strange half smile grin. It was the same half smile grin that Peter Power gave when he said a terrorist exercise was going on at the same time as 7/7.

        That half smile grin put a chill up my spine as I immediately recognized it as behavior pertaining only to psychopaths. We all grin and we all smile but they do it in a certain way. Once you get to understand their body language their cover is blown. That is the chink in their armor they can’t easily hide although they are brilliant imitators.

        They rely upon the ignorance of the masses to survive and look upon us as weak and stupid for not realizing what they are up to. This is how they justify their actions. Everything they do is under a vale of secrecy, the majority of psychopaths are as shallow as a puddle on a billiards table! In saying that though, they have enormous egos so advertise what they are up to, to fellow psychos, in a way that is easily overlooked by us.

        Knowledge is the only way society can peacefully see an end to their rule. Psychopaths thrive on aggression and, I believe, they want violence on the streets – it gives them an emotional high. What they preach and what they do is always the opposite, Jimmy Saville is a perfect example. He gave the impression he was helping children, we now know the horrific truth! The last thing the current evil establishment wants is a peaceful transition of power to a fully democratic government that works for the people instead of the bankers and strives for an educated informed society of love, compassion and understanding.

        When a psychopaths cover is blown, they back off very quickly in much the same way as vampires did in those old Hammer Horror films when they were confronted with a crucifix and garlic! It happened with my in-law and it happened with people I advised. If Blair or Cameron’s cover were blown they would certainly back off very quickly, hence knowledge is the greatest peaceful weapon against them.

        • Your comment is, once again, very impressive, Chris!

          And I’m sure you’re 100% correct. I have enough experience (doctors told me my pain was ‘psychological’, so I went to study psychotherapy) to appreciate what you’re writing.

          In terms of online solutions, you seem to suggest “follow the exposure route”!?…

  2. Dawn says:

    All this stuff is still happening in the same area so obviously the saville thing aint stopping anything,my daughter had her baby taken from people from this area and my family is been victimised from the same people and the high court sheriff of south yorkshire and the police and my mp wont do a thing,so much for stopping this sort of thing,protecting the public and public trust is all rubbish,i have plenty of evidence of this,why have laws and rules when no one follows them,illegal immigrants,social workers without id,taking of children against the law n no one will do a thing,its disturbing and sick and no matter what authority you complain to in yorkshire they all ignore you.

  3. Chris says:

    The UK Column may be able to help, please see: http://www.ukcolumn.org/ and also Bill Maloney of Pie and Mash films. http://www.pienmashfilms.com/
    You and your daughter are not alone. State child stealing appears to be rampant as the adoption agencies and Social Services make a lot of money out of it. The entire system in this country is obsessed with extracting money out of people by whatever means necessary!

  4. peter oakes says:

    Most people would probably say PC. stands for Police Constable, In fact and
    practice it stands for ” Pension Chaser ”

    When they joined the police service they no doubt were honorable honest decent people, but after a year of service they became aware of the corruption emanating from the top and controlled over-all by the sgnts.

    Now the police service is a “goon squad” attending maternity hospitals in gangs of four or more (they need a split arse) in attendance, but the rest resemble
    a rugby squad of beef cake ! these wonderful gentlemen snatch new born
    babies from their mother with-in minutes not hours! all because they were
    following orders ! so were the SS at Belsen.

    These Pension Chasers do not have a smidgens of inteligence or a moral code
    of what is right or wrong because they have been lobotamised in a brutal
    service, they actually believe a judge must be a God, incapable of breaking
    the law !

    They all knew about jimmy savile and other big wigs in public office that are
    untouchables especially on lodge night ?

    The UK is worse than India and it,s gang rapes, we allow the rape of children
    in child care and the system run by the SS as exposed in the Royal Commission Inquiry NS police paedophiles Vol.4. ( available on Google )

    There is the Truth HM Govnt. provided personnel for this inquiry so cut to the chase ! Spread the news

    They are scrabbling for diversions, clutching at straws, praying for snow,
    but floundering in the ” Cess pit of their own creation ” James Anderton
    ex. Chief Constable Manchester & good copper !

    Best wishes to all honest coppers ! we know there are a few of you !
    Bit like the RAF and the Battle for Britain unfortunately we good folks
    are losing the battle ! at the moment !

  5. Brilliant post Peter. Fortunately for us [not so much for them] the victims are increasing, so we have more people on our side willing to do ‘their bit’ to expose the truth and stop the NWO.

    When Zbigniew Brzezinski is worried [he fears that “the number of knowledgeable people is dangerously large – and growing” and he warned fellow globalists that “a global political awakening, in combination with infighting amongst the elite was threatening to derail the move towards a New World Order” that’s good enough for me. There is hope.

    Battle on all,


  6. peter oakes says:

    No Sharon the victims are not increasing ! They were there in place by their thousands ! They thought they were abandoned ? the silent majority !

    Thanks to Sabine and Victims Unite these victims virtually every one in the
    UK is now making ” comments ” but even this act attracts mafia trolls !

    The Dept. of Justice is conducting an inquiry into a County Court, of course it is a “private inquiry” checking out ” wild unsubstantiated allegations ” as Judge Rank said Case 15-2001 Stafford County Court 2001.

    Send your complaint and evidence to the new Attorney General the first non
    lawyer for 400 years !

    Oh yes there are listening, and now soiling there pants, doing a jimmy savile
    because the hounds have got the scent ! just stick to the truth ! don,t do
    a David Icke aliens etc. there are enough conspiracy nob heads out there !

    That benefit no -one and attract ridicule ? keep it simple. keep it truthfull

    they are in panic mode.

    • I’m always amused by your optimism, Peter, while I suffer from “too much suffering” out there.

      In fact, I’d like to get a poll done to check who is NOT a victim of the system on one form or another: veterans, pensioners, people in care, business men, SMEs, the unemployed, the single mums, the kids…

      BIG SIGHS…

      But: I also strongly feel that, given the SERIOUS Savile implications, HMG could best save face by

      1. Announcing a year of Jubilee and Amnesty

      2. Paying out indemnities as Compensator of Last Resort to undo the damages done by the Rule of Money as imposed by the banksters to whom they’ve given their sovereign powers to issue currency.

      • Chris says:

        The majority of us are victims of a system that’s far from democratic but is designed to enslave us whilst giving the impression we are free. All MP’s and their Bankster puppet masters should be in court charged under the 1848 Treason and Sedition Act. The Queen should also be facing that charge as she agreed to the Lisbon Treaty. She also went against her coronation oath. The Queen is NOT above the law.

        I no longer vote as technically it’s aiding and abetting Treason! That also carries a life sentence! I believe those in or putting up for Parliament are allegedly traitors. In reality I don’t vote as there is no one to vote for as all political parties have been infiltrated by the Secret Service (controlled opposition). If we were fully democratic, larger opposition political parties would have the printing of debt free currency on their manifestos, as far as I know none do!

        Under the 1689 Bill of Rights, Governments rule by consent, in a sense it’s a form of contract between them and us. We can therefore lawfully withdraw our consent at any time if we consider they are not fit for purpose. Westminster is NOT working in our interests, that is fully proven. I don’t think they ever have done or ever will do! If we, en mass, simply ignored them, they would have no power. In reality that won’t happen.

        We are told lies regarding law. Common law is injury, loss or harm. Statute Law is a contract and requires consent. It is an agreement between two trading bodies. The authorities deliberately muddle both to make you think they are both the law, but they are not. For example, Council Tax is a “Statute”. It’s NOT a tax, it’s a contract, but they make you think it’s a tax. In reality it’s a confidence trick.

        You may have noticed that your name on bank statements and bank cards is in block capitols. The reason why is they don’t belong to you, they are addressed to your birth certificate which is your trading name! Likewise the council tax (contract) is asking payment out of your estate which is your birth certificate. You, the living breathing person can only act as the executor to the estate (your birth certificate or trading name).

        We should be taught this at school, but they don’t want you to know it! As living breathing people we have no responsibility to pay their taxes and fines as none are addressed to us, they are addressed to our Birth Certificates (trading name) so are not our responsibility. Their taxes and fines are “Statutes” they we consent to, but we don’t have to!

        They rule by fear and financial enslavement. Compare life today with life of about forty years ago, we have more restrictions and laws than ever before. We are all treated with suspicion and as if we are criminals. We have a tax system that is straight out of George Orwell’s 1984 book!

        The climate fraud, designed to extract even more money from us and phony terrorism that’s designed to keep us subdued are both methods of control. Simply look at the facts and evidence and it becomes obvious the Church of Al Gore with his Micky mouse science regarding the climate is an insult to our intelligence. Again, checking out the facts reveals 9/11 and 7/7 the official line is a pack of lies.

        As people wake up, I’m noticing government ministers looking more uneasy. Alleged psycho war criminal Tony Bliar is looking very pale and worried. We outnumber them and they realize their empire could collapse like a deck of cards; at the moment it’s held together with lies.

        I’m optimistic. In the short term I doubt much will happen but in the long term, the current psychopaths feeding frenzy cannot go on forever. In the 1980’s Yuri Brezmenov (his lectures are on Youtube) estimated it would take around one generation to correct the damage that had been done to society. Today many believe it will take three generations. Gandhi once said, “The truth always comes through eventually.”

  7. Yes, you’re right Peter, but I’m not just referring to the victims that are currently coming out in the MSN. I’m on about the increasing number of people, in a variety of different situations, who are being targeted by the Masonic Mafia for daring to question ‘authority’ figures and then trying to find remedy by going public with truth; here’s an example http://www.charliefoulkes.co.uk/truth/index.html The more current and the up and coming victims of Freemasonry we have exposing truth and naming and shaming, the more protection we long standing victims have. Back a few years, as you know, we only had James Todd and his wonderful VOMIT publishing victims’ stories and getting truth out about Freemasonry. Now we have ‘Truth’ sites [like our V/U] springing up all over the place and we even have truth coming out on TV [Richplanet, 21st Century Wire …]

    Thank you Chris for your kind comments on ‘changing the system….’ You’re right of course. I actually believe we are spirits having a human experience and that we have come here to do our bit to defeat the evil forces [call it Satan if you like.] Over the years people have written to me with their horror stories and I try to help where I can; sometimes it’s enough to have someone believe you or to just have a listening ear on the end of a phone and to know you’re not alone and that you’re not going insane! Our experiences bring us to where we are now, knowing we’re slaves, supporting others however we can, uniting and spreading truth. That’s all we can do.

    I’m going to be really optimistic and say that on the current rate of awakening we will see within the next few years the crumbling of the current control system. That’s banking on [sorry no pun intended!] us having enough time to get the truth out to the critical mass and the sheople getting off their backsides and doing their ‘bit’ before ‘they’ manage to pull the switch on free speech over the internet.

  8. peter oakes says:

    Hi Sharon. I had a quick look at BG. and I can confirm your suspions, also regarding Hollie Gregg. and the other high profile navy related Maureen Spalek situation. Poor old Sabine does not understand my reasons for
    warning about agents, and other troll types but appreciates I have a lot of
    personal experience over many, many years ! She is now reallising there is
    a little bit more to the situation than is obvious.

    Sabine can only learn by experience, and she is coping very well and proving to be a tough cookie with commitment but above all a talent with computers
    i sadly lack to the point of illiterate !

    Stick to the truth ! it worries BG and other manipulators, just google :

    Gorsey Hey Masonic Home. then Royal Masonic Hospital and the attempted
    theft there off by Master of the Rolls Nueburger.

    I did,nt put this on the net, but I spread the news just like Sabine.

    Victims Unite is a breath of fresh air and remember 95% of Freemasons are honorable, honest men to embarrassed to admit being dupes ! Slow to
    anger but getting there ! no one likes being robbed but slowly realising
    the Tactless Truth ! always remember there are two truths the judicial
    one ! and the tactless one ! this is not suitable for politicians, it removes
    their veil ! and exposes the myth

  9. I’ll just point out Peter that re Brian Gerrish those are Charlie Foulkes’ views although what she says does make sense and I have heard from others that he’s not on our side. Many people believe that David Icke and Alex Jones are also controlled opposition. That may be the case but as with BG they are getting a lot of truth out to a wide audience.

    95% of Masons honest and honourable? More like spineless and selfish and many just plain evil. Don’t they realise that the beast they are protecting will one day turn on them? An injustice to one is injustice to all. Sure they can continue with their careers, perks, holidays, nice cars etc etc BUT FOR HOW LONG??? They need to get over their ’embarrassment’, as you put it, for the sake of their own loved ones if nothing else. They need to grow some balls and swap sides before Spivey gets his teeth into them. Then they’ll know embarrassment. If they leave it too late they will one day awaken to shame and everlasting contempt and will receive the full wrath of the people. Wouldn’t want to be in their shoes then.

    It IS very difficult for people to comprehend the lengths Masons go to [not just via the legal merry go round] to shut up those who try to challenge and expose corruption and how bad it actually is and all the forms it takes. Even friends and family don’t want to believe – it is a very lonely road. This is what I’ve written at the end of my story:

    “The conspiratorial web of deceit, lies and falsehoods is a truly frightening and
    bewildering state of affairs. The obfuscation, contradictions and doublethink are
    mind blowing. Such is the foreboding and formidable strength of Secret
    Organizations such as Freemasonry that those of us on the receiving end of their
    venom are not believed – there aren’t enough victims as yet – [even family and
    friends don’t really want to believe] and we are made out to be the liars and
    fabricators and nutters. Their tactics are intimidation and mind games. They wear
    their prey down by relentless provocation, relentless legal actions in their kangaroo
    courts, relentless accusations leading to investigations, relentless perverting of
    justice, relentless mental torment, relentless fraudulent activity, relentless time
    wasting nonsense. The dirty brigade steal your time and money and anything else
    they want from you, especially your health and sanity; and if you’ve got kids, they’ll
    take them too. Their silent, savage, supreme control is so all-powerful and
    successful that it is easy to become convinced that they are right after all.
    Sometimes I start wondering if I am going cuckoo.

    However, thankfully, I have survived thus far intact and, as far as I am aware, sound in body and mind! I’m not so sure I can say the same for my children though. For the sake of all suffering children, for all victims
    of domestic violence and for all victims seeking justice; and in light of the drastic
    public funding cuts, something must be done about the Masonic Mafiosi and other
    Secret Societies. Their members consist of solicitors and their ilk, all of whom have their sucking straws slurping from the same spittoon as the high ranking Police, MPs, Royals, Social Services parasites and an array of other high ranking officials. Our courts and Authorities are now decayed, artificial, putrid, outlawed and obscene. Most officials are liars and thieves and the rest totally compromised.

    God says we must challenge evil but it cannot be overcome by violence or force. To obtain the power necessary to win we must first conquer ourselves. To do that we must get rid of all hate in our hearts. We must be kind to our enemies and we must love most those whom we should hate the most [that’s a tall order but it does make sense.] We must be patient and serve others and we must control our selfishness and our greed. Love, truth and goodness are the greatest powers of all and will eventually triumph over evil. We need to educate ourselves on what is really going on within the realms of power and then we need to educate others. Expose wrongdoing, name and shame the evildoers, engage in civil disobedience and peaceful protest. Do not be a ‘sheeple’, dare to be different and others will follow. Police states only rise when good people allow evil to continue unchecked. Together we can put an end to the New World Order slavery and look forward to a life of freedom and justice. The good news is that the systemic corruption is now sliming out of the huge cancer that has burst open. It is being exposed now like never before and the treacherous leeches are slowly destroying themselves on the sword of TRUTH.”

  10. peter oakes says:

    Now that Sharon is the best summation I have ever witnessed ! It sums
    up the truth, but there is a sting ! that is most british citizens are cretinous
    cowards basking in the glory of warriors, my fellow countrymen disgust me !

    They will turn -up Nov. Rememberance Ceremonies clad in campaign medals
    most of them never saw action ! the same sheep joined unions and destroyed
    british industry ! ever thought why our roads are full of german cars that still
    carry the arrogant names ! Mercedes Benz. MAN ( the U-boat engine makers)
    BMW. Duetz, Audi. Porche etc. while british manufacturors have disapeared
    Vickers, BSA. Matchless, Sunbeam, etc. etc. not one british manufacturing
    name stands proud anymore ! a deliberate destruction of a nation & national pride.

    In the meantime children have been traded and abused by catholic and anglican priests, public officers police, judges, lawyers, MPs etc.

    and Jonathan Aitken found out about the “trusty sword of truth” always remember the cowards wan,t to do something but who can they trust?

    It is hard to soar with eagles ! when you are surrounded by turkey,s

    food for thought, the message is slowly sinking into the heads of a third rate
    nation, with 4th class citizens. it is not to late many are old enough to
    remember and always, but always. BG and the spin masters know 95%
    of all propaganda is the truth !

    Trust Me ! I am a Dr. ( Harold Shipman ) I am a police man ( Ooops )
    I am lance armstrong er. er. I mean Ophra Winphrey etc.

    Believe me ! They know it is comeing even the muslims know
    Mohamed did.nt ride into the sky on a white horse. it was a 747 going to
    Ascot with muslim world leaders on a jolly & keeping their subjects in
    the dark ages

    meanwhile black african footballers are running around on £250,000 a week
    while sky tv is begging me and my neighbors to give £2 a month to buy a well.
    for african children dying daily from dirty water ! should drink Stella or
    Fosters eh.

    the tactless truth ?

  11. Since we’ve gone off topic [as is often the case!] and onto ‘controlled opposition’ I think such a vitally important topic to us ‘Truthers’ needs some serious debate. Sabine, do you think you could start a post on this sometime soon? In the meantime readers might like to read ‘Digger’s’ site. He states “Many people have said to me ‘Yea well they do give a lot of good information out and they are helping people realise there is an agenda’. I won’t buy into this argument whatsoever. Yes I know there are some of us who are able to escape this dis-info net, but we are small in numbers in relative terms. Anyone who stands in the way of Truth, at any level; and does not actively propagate the Truth they know and resist this tyranny at some level, is helping to create death, destruction and suffering. Therefore they are on the side of darkness and a traitor to humanity.” Quite an eye-opener and worth a good read http://diggerfortruth.wordpress.com/shills/

    • Dear Sharon

      After this comment I invited you to become a contributor to Victims Unite and set my blog options accordingly. You never responded.

      For I wasn’t sure what you meant by ‘controlled opposition’ as this ‘vitally important topic’.

      Since then you’ve turned it into ‘war on shills’ on both your and my site.

      Where do we go from here?

      I shall duly answer your questions on your other comment.

      Pity that you didn’t detect that ‘digger for truth’ is a fake.

  12. Big Baby Jesus says:

    Dear Sharon

    You are a tedious halfwit.

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