CHANGING the SYSTEM means changing the culture, ethics, attitudes, dishonesty, privilege and tribalism of Britain

13 01 13 John WardThis morning I am still somewhat recovering from yesterday’s meeting. Before turning its outcomes into activity, I just copy what John Ward, publisher of the very popular The Slog wrote:

I was in a House of Commons committee room for much of yesterday, and you’ll all be relieved to know that there is no longer any water for sessions there. Given yesterday’s news (not really news, just the first time it’s been admitted) that our banks are nowhere near the target of refilled balance sheets, I suppose the Commons water was bound to go in the end.

But was there any other evidence to hand in the Palace of Westminster that our doom is at hand? Not really: I met and spoke with two MPs – diligent and concerned, don’t doubt it – but neither of them seemed that aware of how dysfunctionally unpopular the political class is across Europe.

More remarkable were the ordinary people in the room grappling with serious legal, constitutional, police and power-abuse issues. Mums imprisoned spitefully, armed police raiding family homes, people being declared in need of mental assessment for arguing with social workers, businesses being fraudulently declared insolvent, judges exceeding their powers while ignoring evidence. And volunteer intermediaries dedicated to helping those stuck in a Kafkaesque world in which the law says one thing but the authorities do another.

“It’s the system,” people kept saying, “We must change the system”. I don’t agree, I’m afraid. You have to change the culture, ethics, attitudes, dishonesty, privilege, and inflexibly dated tribalism of Britain. Just making the system tougher without doing that will simply mean more new laws – and more cynical new ways of getting round them.

As the geopolitics get nastier and the austerity bites harder, our so-called leaders will have to ask more and more of us. There seems to me at the moment no sign at all that they understand they simply aren’t going to get it.

In the same spirit from the excellent blog Political CleanupGovernment: a rhetorical question from Birmingham University Labour Students – “Why try solve society’s real problems when you can lie and create scapegoats out of the most vulnerable in society?


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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7 Responses to CHANGING the SYSTEM means changing the culture, ethics, attitudes, dishonesty, privilege and tribalism of Britain

  1. Jean McDonald says:

    Agree Sorry unable to join you The helicopter which came down in Vauxall – was it close MI5/6 – I wonder if it was one of theres? Was it black? Jean

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. peter oakes says:

    Sorry I could not be with you yesterday due to having a cold-cum flu.

    Strange bonus could,nt sleep at 4am. I looked through Mail on Line
    interesting article the queen and prince charles get involved in Parliamentary
    decisions and DO prevent Acts being passed they disagree with !

    This makes a liar out of buckingham palace that always replies the queen does not get involved in any parliamentary-judicial- decisions etc.

    At 10 am. This item has been removed from Mail on Line ! anyone got a early
    edition copy of todays Daily Mail ? keep a copy of the item for Victims Unite.

  3. Chris says:

    The system will never change until the psychopath mindset in Westminster is recognized by the masses. That is the kingpin that everything revolves around.

    I believe those in power are extremely dangerous as their minds revolve around deliberately creating stress and tension in the masses. They thrive upon that tension. Books such as “Political Ponerology,” please see: give us a clear insight into the minds of the political elite, it’s very enlightening!

  4. On behalf of Sharon Zaki:

    Yes psychopaths are the problem; they’re in control running their evil NWO agenda through their network of dirty secret societies – Freemasonry etc.

    No MP is on our side. They are ALL protecting their jobs and pensions.

    The answer is to spread the TRUTH, but we all know that that is a risky business. We need more victims. The PTB run and hide from the truth, like bugs scattering under a bright light. That’s all they are
    – cockroaches, and they can be stamped on and crushed. See my post on

    As I told Sabine I wish I could be more ‘active’ to expose the truth but [as is the case with we victims] with so many constraints on me right now – work, finance, family… it is just not possible. When my youngest 2 are no longer dependents I hope to be more involved. Stuff is going on at the moment in relation to my evil, alcoholic ex and the kids and I are stressed [I’ve got worries about their mental state – not surprisingly. Both now have eating disorders and both are underweight. Mel [14] seems to be handling things better but Jord [15] is falling apart – he’s very underweight, gets by on less than
    1000 cals per day and I’m scared to death he may go anorexic…..]

    When the Masons get their teeth into you there’s always one problem after another and never enough time…

    But battling on and trying to stay strong.

    Love to all

    My story is here if anyone’s interested.

  5. Chris says:

    Very sorry to hear of your problems Sharon.

    I’ve discovered there are always two versions of history, the official version and what actually happened! It seems those in power are illusionists as the deeper you look into a subject, the more you discover it has been distorted for financial or political reasons.

    Sharon, looking on the positive side, what you are going through gives you a greater insight into the suffering of others. The university of life gives out many qualifications that we cannot recognize at the time. Life is memories and experience, some good some bad. I feel what you are experiencing now will, in the future, be put to good use helping others in a similar situation.

    As I’ve said to Sabine, people that have suffered are usually the kindest people you could meet; they don’t take life for granted. I sincerely hope the problems you are experiencing will ease soon. It’s obviously an anxiety but a problem shared is a problem eased, good luck, your kindness will win thorough.

  6. JM says:

    surely less laws, and no contradictory one’s, and actual enforcement of the one’s that are actually synonymous with crime- if the psycopaths are locked up then they can’t do anymore damage….only way i know to make them stop, that and killing them….but bloody Queen keeps givign them shilling, medals, slaries and pensions and things!

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