ABOLISH the BAN on Recording Court Proceedings – comments indicate major discontent

Abolish the Ban on Recording Court Proceedings is one of the online petitions that we’ve launched, as a way of letting the Establishment know what’s going on ‘on the ground’.

For the comments are really telling. The Lord Chief Justice took the hearing of Norman Scarth, who was imprisoned for this offence, in his absence. I’m now sending them to His Lordship, hoping he’ll take note.

George Monbiot explains this morning The way we are governed is inexplicable – until you understand the upbringing of the elite.

The upbringing of the elite boys in boarding schools is my explanation for paedophiles, sociopaths and psychopaths.

In my attempts to highlight what’s dishonest with our money system as the cause and victims of white collar crimes as the effect, I put Capitalism Exposed together as my latest website.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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21 Responses to ABOLISH the BAN on Recording Court Proceedings – comments indicate major discontent

  1. Anonymous says:

    Clearly not a victim of corrupt Courts. Or are you part of the system?
    Big Baby Jesus might I suggest that you have a reality check. Whatever you are on can I have some of it.

  2. Big Baby Jesus says:

    I wonder how much this site makes from advertising?

  3. Chris says:

    If we really lived in a free democratic society, we would learn law thoroughly at school. It’s obvious by its omission from the national curriculum the establishment wants us to remain in ignorance!

    Courts with their own “Legalise” language and rituals are designed to demean. Currently “Common” Law (Injury, Loss or Harm) is deliberately being muddled with “Statutes.” A Statute can only be enforced by consent as in reality a “Statute” is a contract!

    Few people realize we pay taxes by consent! There is no law that states we must pay tax! Taxes come under “Statutes” or “Acts of Parliament,” that in reality are an agreement.

    Council Tax isn’t a tax, it’s a contract! A contract is negotiable. The establishment doesn’t want us to know that! It’s a confidence trick and fraud! We are led to believe taxes etc are law when they are not!

    Common law is the only law. Common law is there to protect us. Recording in court should be allowed. It should also be made clear when a Judge is a Freemason! If it were also made clear that Acts of Parliament or Statutes are NOT law but rule by consent, I’m sure people would stop paying the governments’ stupid taxes en mass!

    Tax is NOT paid to the government for the betterment of everyone, they are an integral part of the banking fraud. Our hard earned money is forcibly taken from us and ends up paying off a massive debt, that in reality doesn’t exist, to a handful of mega rich banking families. It’s a huge fraud that relies upon ignorance of the masses to survive.

    There is one law for the super rich and another law for us! Nowadays, a person is guilty until proven to be a Freemason or rich enough to pay for their innocence!

    • Sooooo well put, Chris!!!

      I wonder whether you agree with my analysis of What’s so dishonest about our money system?

      You should maybe put together What’s so dishonest about our legal system!

      • Chris says:

        Thanks Sabine, I totally agree with what you say about the fraudulent financial system.

        People don’t realize that Britain did briefly issue debt free currency in 1914. It was a total success! The pound notes were called “Bradburys.” The banks soon put a stop to that!

        Regarding dishonesty in the legal system, where do I start! Britain was once famous for its legal system. It has now been deliberately eroded and is now similar to the continental system. I’ve heard of many cases where the courts make the law up as they go along! Roger Hayes’ case is a typical example! Justice and British courts are now opposites!

        • Hm, and what do we do about it, Chris???

          Publicity, publicity, publicity is Ian Josephs ‘ answer regarding child snatching .

          A woman who’s been badly stitched up by her lawyers believes that a Parliamentary Inquiry might help. That’s what I tried when I set out – in my naivete…

  4. Chris says:

    That is a good question Sabine, but there isn’t an easy answer as we are dealing with criminals.

    My view is the biggest problem is cognitive dissonance – a form of lethargic acceptance of what is going on, as if it’s normal. I’ve found this throughout all levels of society including the vast majority of MP’s! Their brain is locked into a pattern of reaction but not thought. They can’t think outside the box, so to speak. They can’t imagine their hierarchy are doing such things.

    I guess you could call it the Jimmy Saville effect! Jimmy Saville did the opposite to what he preached and people believed him! Before his horrific crimes were made public, anyone that suggested he was a pedophile would have been ridiculed. Now we know differently.

    We are currently in a similar situation with the criminals in Westminster. People are unable to believe they are crooks because government ministers are so convincing. They are brilliant confidence tricksters. We have been subtly conditioned from an early age to believe them. In reality the opposite is true. All egotistical psychopaths are very convincing.

    I’m not saying all government ministers are pedophiles but I what I am saying is the vast majority are psychopaths. They have to be to do what they do. It would be near impossible for anyone with a conscience to carry out treason against their own people.

    Their mannerisms and certain behavioral traits give their game away, providing you know what to look for.

    I believe, allegedly, David Cameron and Tony Blair are brilliant lairs, they are extremely evil psychopaths but they are not particularly bright. In fact they are very dumb, ignorant and stupid. They stick to the script. When speaking to the public they simply regurgitate a standard political formula that’s designed to impress but has no substance. They are puppets that do as they are told from a hidden higher level. Tony Blair is now a multi-millionaire. They say he became a millionaire from his income from doing public speeches. That is complete nonsense. I believe solid evidence shows he is being rewarded by the banks that put him in power! No doubt Cameron will be rewarded in much the same way. Thatcher was and so is Gordon Brown. Ted Heath’s yacht, “Morning Cloud” and his home in Winchester were paid for by the EU!

    Churchill was also paid off in a similar way. Prior to being catapulted into power, his debts were paid off by the banks provided he did what they told him. It should be remembered, before becoming Prime Minister he was the local MP for Chingford and was considered a bit of a joke and an outsider. His rise to power was monumental and even conventional historians say it was a fluke.

    The reason the majority, if not all, MP’s of a lower level appear to be mesmerized by the system is probably due to the Frankfurt Schools’ Marxist influence in universities from the about the late 1920’s onwards. Their subversive doctrine was to infiltrate universities first. The rest is history, as they say!

    In answer to your question, “What can we do?” I believe exposure is the key. All criminals fear exposure. We can’t expose them in the mainstream media as it’s controlled. The BBC is nothing more than the government’s propaganda department. The first Director General of the BBC was an ex-government propaganda writer during the Nation Strike! Need I say more. ITV is no better. They rely upon Reuters news agency that’s owned by the Rothschilds!

    There is a mass switch off of conventional broadcasting, the alternative media is a boom area. The alternative media, such as The UK Column (http://www.ukcolumn.org/), Richard D Hall (http://www.richplanet.net/) and Russia Today are areas where the alternative voice is heard and encouraged. There are many more, too numerous to mention.

    I believe the Government is worried by this, hence their aim to censor the Internet, but it’s too late, the genie is out of the bottle!

    Again, the only way we can get a voice is now via alternative media and the Internet and it’s becoming very powerful.

    Iceland is a perfect example. Their government ministers, banksters, corrupt local officials etc., were expelled and are now facing justice. Iceland is now printing debt free currency. They now have a real democracy, not a phony one as ours is and their economy is booming.

    The silence about what has happened in Iceland within the conventional media is deafening! It should be headline news. As far as I know, only the alternative media has reported Iceland’s economic success and democracy breakthrough. Their new government advises people to ignore conventional media and they admit their success is owed to alternative media and the Internet.

    The situation here in Britain may look bleak at the moment but I believe we have everything to look forward to as a tidal wave of people are beginning to wake up and seek the truth. Iceland achieved success by ignoring the conventional media and relying upon alternative sources. There is no reason why we can’t do the same. The British Government knows this and they are looking very worried! This is why they are speeding up their totalitarian Communitarian agenda.

    • “Cognitive dissonance” and “lethargic acceptance” sounds right to me, Chris.

      I often wonder whether it’s the tea and beer on top of the lack of sun, compared with the coffee and wine in France, Italy and other Southern countries…

      “Jimmy Savile syndrome” is also a good way of describing this total inversion of truth.

      Still. We can only do what we can, each in our own skin… Thank God there is the web for exposure and ‘publicity’.

      http://www.capitalism-exposed.webnode.com is my latest ‘web baby’…

      • mauricekirky says:

        http://kirkflyingvet.com/blogs/legal/archive/2013/02/09/quot-we-will-get-the-b-d-quot.aspx This website is at risk of being taken down tomorrow so please keep a copy of it, cut and paste, I suppose and desemminate to prevent or detect further crime as per 1997 Prevention of Harassment Act.


      • Chris says:

        Excellent sites Sabine and Kirk. Capitalism is just one head of a three headed monster. The problem is Communitarianism a mixture of Communism, Fascism and Capitalism. This is what we are increasingly experiencing today.

        This situation was brought about by the Frankfurt School and London’s Tavistock Center. In the late 1920’s Stalin knew he would never be able to beat the West militarily so he invested the Frankfurt School that researched into how to beat the west by Subversion.

        Their first priority was to infiltrate the West’s universities. What we are experiencing today is the fruits of their labour.

        Political correctness, sex education in schools, the deliberate economic destruction of farming, fishing and industry, the destruction of the family unit, reliance upon the state due to economic deprivation, massive taxation and a myriad of petty rules, to name but a few, are all from the Frankfurt School mindset.

        Former KGB Ideological Subversion expert Yuri Bezmenov, who defected to the West in 1970, said in one of his 1980’s lectures (can be seen on Youtube) that Ideological Subversion is designed to create confusion.

        It creates a state of mind whereby a person can be shown the truth and evidence but will fail to believe it. It’s only when they have a paramilitary boot on their face or they are being transported to a prison camp that they will actually believe it. By that time it’s too late!

        Sadly we have that mentality today. I find that people appear to be so browbeaten they are unable to reach any logical conclusion so go along with what they are officially told. Another mindset is one of official smugness, as if anything that deviates from the official line is wacky so must be sneered at!

        My local MP appears to have the smugness trait, as if anything that’s said that doesn’t fit into his extremely narrow political criteria is too wacky to even contemplate. What MP’s don’t realise is the planned Communitarian agenda can only come about after a complete collapse of society. The government want riots on the street as an excuse to implement even more draconian rules and usher in a police state.

        Their ultimate agenda is the same as Stalin in the former Soviet Union and Mao’s in China. 1% of elite that live in total luxury, 10% slave labour that are financially enslaved and the remainder of “Useless Eaters” cunningly done away with. It’s a deliberate population cull.

        It is a fact that euthanasia is now practiced in hospitals under the guise of “The Liverpool Pathway” and our food deliberately lacks essential vitamins. Fluoridation of the water supply has nothing to do with dentistry but everything to do with dumbing us down. Chem-trails in the sky, mercury in fillings, the list goes on. Instead of keeping us healthy modern medicine is killing us!

        The former USSR was responsible for the deaths of between 60 to 100 million. China killed around 500 million. Nobody knows the exact number. Both culls were planned and payed for by the banks. It’s now our turn for the population cull.

        The evidence is hidden in plain view but only a few of us can actually see it. Historically all despots rise to power via a well controlled and financed revolution. The people actually get dictators into power as dictators promise the earth and are initially very impressive. Once in power they ruthlessly destroy those that got them there. People that put them in power can equally get them out of power, hence the reason they are the first to be disposed of.

        The system is the same throughout history. The current governments’ puppet masters want there to be riots on the streets so as to further their agenda. Benefit cuts, asset stripping the elderly, a huge pool of unemployed youth that will never find work, let alone have a career. It’s all being socially engineered. People are becoming so poverty stricken they will be forced into crime to survive. That is exactly what the hidden powers want. Any excuse to lock people up and use them as slave labour.

        America has a massive labour force of people in prison that work for a pittance so as to make industrialists even richer. The number of people in US jails has substantially risen recently in line with their benefit cuts. I believe similar is planned here.

        What MP’s in their well paid jobs don’t realise is they will be used like pawns in a chess game. Going back to what Yuri Bezmenov said: “They won’t wake up until they are in the truck on the way to the prison camp, by then it’s too late”

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  6. butlincat says:

    Always the self-publicist is McNeill – and nothing more. People should look into her past a bit more to see who she really is..

    • It would be nice if you looked at my latest site http://www.capitalism-exposed.webnode.com – just in case you are able to stop calling me a ‘self-publicist’. Just count the victim sites I built for others!

      But I blocked your address to be safe from more negativity from you.

    • evidence, not bullcrap, is what you use to construct an argument. Get some and bring it to the table, pls…because from where I am sitting, you come across like a typical troll bent on defaming anyone who actually makes a difference.
      Funny how many completely anonymous trolls like you and big baby are shouting ‘self-publicist’ and ‘petitions solve nothing’…just to dog activists like Sabine…VERY funny.
      I think they should grow a backbone, and learn what it’s like to get a smack in the nose IF they ever work up the courage to accuse people of crap face-to-face. Excuse me if I don’t hold my breath.
      Like I said…the currency around here is proof and empirical evidence…neither of which you offer.

      • Thank You for making me smile, dear MonadTime! Have just confronted one set of ‘authorities’ and am getting ready for a few more on Wednesday!

        Fortunately, it’s my “past” that got me to Here and Now – as if it mattered how others interpret what I have experienced…

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  8. I told you long ago - don't smear. says:

    Many crimes take time to be revealed. People who are “Narcissistic” by nature and by their demeanour, manner and output – will always be found out.

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