IF THIS DOESN’T FIRE you up, nothing will: our fights against the Child Snatchers

Is it a crime for a mother having an accident so that she has to be punished by having her son taken away?

The NAZIs are back.

I can’t say too much, because ‘the law’ stops me.

They just take children left, right and centre.

I would fall down Cheddar Cliff 100 times over to have my son back.

My advice to you is: get rid of your Legal Aid Solicitor.

You want to cut out CAFCASS. They are NOT doing what they are supposed to.

Children can speak for themselves!

I am disgusted with the behaviour by Social Services and the perjury being committed and the corrupt judge.

There is nothing more dangerous than a mother with nothing to lose!!!



More on Punishment without Crime.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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17 Responses to IF THIS DOESN’T FIRE you up, nothing will: our fights against the Child Snatchers

  1. ColinPeters says:

    What a courageous lady and what an inspiration to all those who have suffered as she has.
    Well done Amy Lillian and more power to your elbow until the day that you are reunited with your son.
    God Bless You.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Until you feel it, see it, smell it, taste it, experience it, the person in the pub and in the high street has no idea as to how these power crazed second police force operate.
    No man, woman or child is safe in the country that was once called Great Britain.
    Amy Lillian is not alone from the threat of these drunk with power child snatchers. However, this particular example has to be up there at the top of the tree as one of the most callous of Britovski state kidnapping.

  3. thedyingswan says:

    I fully support this courgaeous Lady and i curse those people who have caused this to happen to Her.
    Let everyone who sees this let people know and campaign against the Government and its SS.
    Lets leaflet people in the streets, Leave them in cafes and places where they will take them. Leave them evertywhere.
    People must know.The internet is not enough !
    Identify all social service workers and opposers to our actions and leaflet mothers coming out of schools. Get people involved. Get their signatures on a petition and ‘white feather’ those who don’t. Shame those people who are willfully ignorant and abusive. Name and shame those who were invited to sign but would n’t !



  5. When a letter was sent to North Yorkshire County Council(NYCC) in 2006 regarding child abuse in York Yorkshire, Cynthia Welbourn head of children’s services NYCC advised me to write to Pete(r) Dwyer deputy director then city of York children’s services. I’m still waiting for reply/response! Since 2006 Dwyer promoted to heaad of department in York. And now to take charge NYCC children’s services! Still waiting for answers to questions posed since before and after Tuesday 6th June 1995, day my son found hanged. Justice sought. Put spotlight on York n.Yorkshire. Stop cover-up. Name and shame perfidious mind-sets in “God’s county”. Remember DECLAN GARRETT MATTHEW CURRAN. Dwyer and others with blood on their hands! Show your support also for http://www.gabrielsgait.blogspot.co.uk Slainte! Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

  6. This is a criminal injustice. We have to expose the totally corrupt civil and criminal justice system. A large amount of Police, Judges, Solicitors and Givernment bodies are corrupt and use the system to feather thier own pockets.

    Look at Jimmy Savile procuer of children for VIP paedophiles. They protected him for decades. CHildren are in danger in the UK they are just a commodity.

    This has to stop. This brave lady has to obey a Court Order that silences her. Others are arrested to silence them. These paedophiles in high office must be exposed

  7. Philip Thompson says:

    Our Government KNOWS of the CORRUPTION that this LADY and others have spoken about the actions of the SS, Cafcass, judges, magistrates and lawyers.
    Our Government ALLOWS these CALUMNIES to CONTINUE unchecked.
    This misquote should be on the wall of every household.
    It is a FEARFUL thing to fall into the hands of Social Services.

  8. Anonymous says:

    hi am a mum of 3

    the liverpool children service have snached my 2 younger children i was a victim of domistic violence i never had eny surport from anyone my family disowned me coz i kept goin back, my ex parter fractured my skull and also broke my jaw and nose

    i was so lost i didn’t know where to turn i then became so unhappy i turned to drugs and drink my ex parter got in my head so much i believed he could HELP !!! but he was not i turned to liverpool children service for help and they never gave me nothing to help me i was left i let my ex get out of prison so many times because i was threatened by his family, even the police or victom support never help me so i felt i had no chocie but to go back to him i was scared of him

    now i have moved to so many houses am only 27 years old i had to do this on my own i had my final hearing over my 2 younger children in manchester this year that was the worst day of my life i lost my best friends my babys i knew then i never get the chance to get them back the judge awarded the children service adoption i felt like i was burying my children that day i lost everything am no one cared 4 days later i let my dog out to go in my garden and my ex found out where i lived he beat me so much i had to go back to hospital again i knew drugs was takin over my life sefton police have been there and i do now get support now and police are looking for him

    i do get contact with my children only half an hour a month which is so sad but i have no choice my life seem to be getting back to normal i been clean for 4 weeks i see my older son on weekends he get me thought the heart ack i also waiting to give evidence again my ex i have so much support around me now with i had that help in this first place i am also going in to rehab for 6 months and i can apply to court to get my children back

    i hope and pray this happens i do believe in karma and i believe my life is mapped out for me i have my family back my sister is so helpful and my son got me a mother day card i was so happy i feel like a mum again !!!

    my son was removed from my mum and dads thay had him from when he was 15 months old my ex accused my dad of assaulting him which never happened now i have other fight on my hands with children services that took my son who is now 6 years old he was given to his dad who is on drugs an drinks alot he has a police record also an children sevices place him there i do still have parental over my son also he was brought to alder hey hospital and the doctor said my son has had a break down he’s crying out for help and children service will not help him

    ive been to ask for help from my solicitor and i think there all working together i really feel i can not trust noone i dont no what to do i am not in the posion to bring it back to court as i have to sort my sef out for my other to children who are still in foster care waiting for adoption family to come forward

    i have 6 months to sort my life out then i can fight to get all 3 back with me. i ask children service can they give my son back to my parents home were he was so happy and they said they will NOT!!! support this i am not happy with what children service have done to my life i have tryed to commit suicide so many times people do say am selfish but its not am crying out for help and i wasn’t well people who are not well need help an i never had any of it children service are liars and any judge will take children service world for everything they had reck my children i little girl has nightmares crying for her mummy fosters parents tell my mum and dad this

    i just pray that no one wont my children in the next 6 months i really dont know what i can do for the best !!!!

  9. my name is charlene tootle
    i have left that last comment thanks for takin the time to read this

    • Dear Charlene

      THANK YOU for your courage to tell your story and to reach out via the net – the only chance we seem to have.

      Firstly, please remember that you won’t help anybody if you take your life. You’ll just have to relive similar challenges next time round!…

      Secondly, decide to LIVE for your children!

      If you don’t have enough contact, use form C100 as an Application to the Court. http://bit.ly/13NmnMB

      You could only win an appeal against placement / adoption orders if you PROVE and DEMONSTRATE that

      a) you’ve kicked the habit
      b) you have no contact with your ex

      These would be ‘grounds for appeal’.

      See whether you can find yourself a voluntary if not paid job so that you have something meaningful to do with your time. The rehab will hopefully help you, too!

      I also feel that your parents should make a new Application to become Foster Parents in COURT. Use Form N244 http://bit.ly/XA56D8

      Hope that helps!

      Commitment to your children and perseverance for GOOD and against EVIL must become your mental, emotional and spiritual priorities, methinks.

      All the best!!!

  10. my parent are up against liverpool children sevices thay took my son becuse of lies what chance will she have also thank you so much for your time an i will take enythink on bored i cant get a job at this time as am goin to rehab in the next week or 2 and also children sevice will not surpport this thay did try and get all 3 of my children and the judge said no !! please do u no a good solitor in the liverpool area i will be appeling in 5 months thanks

    • ladyportia27 says:

      Liverpool is so corrupt.

      Even when judges, justice judges say NO, some social workers still take the children. Police do not believe you, even if you show them refusal of ICO, because do gooder child snatchers would never take children and disappear them, would they?

      Any wonder there was a shoot to kill policy on them in the 1950’s Ireland.

  11. does enyone no a good solitor i feel like mine was all working together !!

  12. with the liverpool children service

  13. WH says:

    “Until you feel it, see it, smell it, taste it, experience it, the person in the pub and in the high street has no idea as to how these power crazed second police force operate.
    No man, woman or child is safe in the country that was once called Great Britain.”

    This statement is so true. The only people who get it, understand it, are those who have had their children legally kidnapped by the state, has files full of false reports by kleptamanic social workers, meeting targets for money.

    My child was given to my alcoholic, abusive ex, and his gf (who herself had her own 5 children taken off her for serious long term neglect) And yet the SS didnt bat an eyelid at this. If they want your child, they will take your child and the rest is just twisted no matter how many positive reports / referrals / assessments you complete. How can another mother go after another mothers children out of spite, when she herself has suffered at the hands of the SS??

    I had some extremely concerning info on the social worker involved, and reported it, but nothing was done. I knew it wouldnt but I wanted the social worker to know I knew, and they were dumbfounded how I knew, but funny how the universe works. Shame it was not enough to stop this evil tyrant.

    I had a breakdown, and thought my baby had been adopted out, but find my ex had taken full custody, due to the lie that he promised he would cease relations with his gf. Of course he didnt and is still with her now (on and off many many times). Now my ex has set the CSA onto me so that I cannot even move on and forge a new life due to being unable to afford to pay my living costs AND the CSAs demands which leave me in deep debt. So I am back on benefits, having to give up my dream of becoming a trained nurse.

    These bastards in this system said I could not chose to adopt her if she was living with my ex (I would rather see her adopted than be in fear for her well being with her father and his gf, and have her used in my ex’s game with me) as I would always have parental responsibility, yet when they were dictating to me that they wanted to adopt my baby out, my parental responsibilities were never mentioned let alone acknowledged. Whatever suits them, the law will change to support them.

    I pray every day that all of these corrupt systems in this country (and world) ran by an evil few, come crumbling down and that justice prevails.

    To all those who have lost their babies in this way, our babies will never lose us. That bond can never ever be broken. They will come and find us.

    “Woe betide those who call evil good”

    • Dear WH

      MANY THANKS INDEED for your story and, above all, your trust and faith DESPITE these terrible experiences!!!

      I just wish I knew WHY SS ‘prefer’ the abusive parents to the caring ones… The only explanation I found so far, is that it may be a precursor to taking the child ‘for good’ later.

      And, yes: I also seriously hope that there will be a ‘jubilee’ or ‘amnesty’ and that all will be well, because too much is coming out on too many fronts.

      Let’s hope SOONER rather than later!…

      Keep the Faith!!!

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