THE DEATH OF JUSTICE for our Children is a head-hanging disgrace of which every Briton should be profoundly ashamed

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the Nation...

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the National Revival of Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The subject line is taken from PAEDOPHILIA: How one piece of news can kill a novel – one of the many posts highlighting and analysing paedophilia in the UK.

The author John Ward has studied the subject for some six years. He knows better than I do.

But we put our understanding of institutionalised child snatching into this letter to the Attorney General’s Office.

However, the death of justice does not only apply to our children. Fathers, mothers and business men have long been affected by it. Even veterans don’t get it: Norman Scarth fled to Ireland and War Veteran says more than you ever wanted to know!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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11 Responses to THE DEATH OF JUSTICE for our Children is a head-hanging disgrace of which every Briton should be profoundly ashamed

  1. forcedadoption says:

    Mostyn is NOT the President it is Munby !! ian

  2. Erik Strand says:

    The letter to the Attorney General is an important initiative, but unfortunately it contains some inaccurate statemants about UK’s uniqueness. For example, children are also removed by state authorities from parents who have committed no criminal offence, in countries like Norway and Sweden.

    More about the CPS in several countries here:

  3. Stanley Embling says:

    The subject line regards PAEDOPHILIA: How one piece of news can kill a novel……….
    This subject line is very very interesting to me ..because within the contents of this subject The LAMBETH COUNCIL gets mentioned…The reason My interest arises here is because PEDOPHILIA is Vile/abuse and perpetrators wants prosecuting for sure !! but also I have other Interest :-
    Because when I was visiting The Royal Courts of Justice in 2002 (seeking an Appeal against miscarriage of Justice perpetrated against me to my detriment ,) I discovered (directly outside Kings Cross Station. a Brass Key Fob (laying in a gutter,) .The Wording on this Brass Key Fob (of an oval shape 300 mm long and 150 wide [which I still retain,]) reads as follows :-
    GLC at the top, under this is an *, directly under this is;- LAMBETH BROTHEL, directly under this is SE1, then directly Under this [in an enclosed square] are the words; Room 96 ; directly under this square are the words:- “Regular users pass key”..
    To this day i’m left left me wondering about wording on this Key Fob, and of What significance do it have ?? Are The facts disclosed on this Brass Key worth checking out??
    Therefore regards the details I lay out above; the details of the Brass Key Fob maybe relevant to this Subject above; therefore I will send a photo copy of the Key Fob to Sabine; whom perhaps is in the appropriate position to get such facts checked out?

  4. On reading some of these revelations, only because I was too sickened to complete them, I am more and more convinced that the horrors depicted in Dante’s Inferno, and the images it has evoked in the minds of many, cannot be far from the truth when contemplating the evil perpetrated by these creatures from hell.

    I wish I could believe they will get the punishment they deserve, but current machinations lead me to conclude, they will not, since too many of the perpetrators are in positions of power, or have the powerful in their pockets.

    I, like so many contributors on the internet, hope that, in time, the sheer volume of words, and revelations, flowing through the airwaves will prove too powerful, so the filth will be flushed out with no hiding place for the guilty. We can all have our dreams of justice – one day.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    I was beaten badly by my husband broken eye socket punctured eardrum severe bruising i had a breakdown last year now my 3 children are up for adoption where do I turn

  8. mauricekirky says:

    whe are u in UK, please? xx

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