NATO SECURITY SPECIALIST Speaks Out on the UK Stealing Children for Profit

Once again: a tragic story behind a courageous victim turned starfighter

  • Nigel Cooper whose daughter Bailie Kate Cooper wants to live with him but…
  • Sunderland Social Services interfered AGAINST the interest of the child
  • the father doesn’t mince his words when he speaks of the UK stealing children
  • he obtained a major judgement from Belgium that he hopes will help not only him and his daughter, but the many other victims of institutionalised child snatching, as we described in our letter to the Attorney General
  • over 2 years, he collected 15,358 emails and documents that have fingerprinted the UK stealing children.

Normally, we refer to the following legal frameworks

The Belgian judgement that Nigel Cooper obtained is here (with my emphasis and highlights) and adds


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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15 Responses to NATO SECURITY SPECIALIST Speaks Out on the UK Stealing Children for Profit

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  2. JM says:

    wikileak ’em!

  3. Let the children speak how else do we know? a child old enough to speak and know right from wrong. good from bad will most often side with the trusted parent. They must be trusted to know what is best for themselves, they will choose to live in hell with loved parents than in a promised Heaven that may in fact be worse than hell.

    Open Courts and open justice with evidence exposed. All authorities accountable for children’s rights, Parent’s natural right to love and protect their child. Those children too young or otherwise unable to communicate has to have parents and where there is concern over possible harm to the proper care of the child, Allow grandparents aunts and uncles to vouch for the safety and security of the child.

    The public accept that parents are the natural guarantee of genuine love and care for the child. If children are taken from parents or parent into care it should only be after there is evidence of serious abuse against the child by a parent or parents, and if abuse of the child is alleged by one parent against the other, the case warrants a criminal investigation. Always in the first place wherever reasonably possible the view of the child is paramount.

    It may often be agreeable in appropriate cases for the child to be in the care of grandparents, aunts and uncles, rather than the state.

    Now I purposely did not read any other rules regulations law or anything else before writing this response. That was because I wanted to state my personal opinion.

    So readers may judge what qualifies me, I am able to state without breaking any duty of confidentiality that my father became a widower and left the RAF to care for me from the age of 2 years until I was seven, Then my father remarried. At the age of ten my stepmother had four children who stayed at home, and I spent three years in an orphanage until my return home at the age of thirteen, and then leaving home at sixteen to live with my aunt, (my mothers sister). I joined the army at 18. My opinion is formed from the intimate details that come to light from the eight step siblings and the views of other children in the orphanage, all with reasons for being in care. and my personal experience as a parent.

    The above is my personal opinion summed up the best answer is parents family and only then as a last resort local authority – what would most grandparents want? Justice is whats right for me is right for you. or put another way love you neighbor.

    • That’s the most OBVIOUS ‘clue’ for the fact that the whole system, supposedly running in the “interest of the child”, is the biggest hypocrisy, or “perfide Albion” a la E.M.Foster and others before him…

  4. hyelamada maspalma says:

    The world is coming to an end, new laws will always spring up that most be obeyed while God’s own laws suffers abuse.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi I’m just putting it out there I’m trying to find out if a social worker who used to work in the UK for child protective services was involved in the unlawful stealing of children she is now working in New Zealand and doing exactly what happened to Nigel Cooper I’m trying to establish if this is a pattern of behavior from this social worker or if she’s just doing it either way by the time I’m done with her she’s either going to want to leave New Zealand or she will be deported her name is Joanne Crawley if anyone has any information or knows a way I could track down information about this woman and her work behavior in the UK I’d appreciate it please reply here and we can find a way to communicate

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  11. Anonymous says:

    Is this true???????

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