SAMPLE LETTER to MPs about Child Abduction from Belgium Rubberstamped by UK Judiciary

Human Rights Defence

Human Rights Defence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This remarkable comment was written in response to this blog post on Punishment without Crime.

It appears that once they find they get shielded by closing ranks and keeping secrets and are able to use our taxpayers money to threaten and pressurize people into silence  they continue to get away with it. Each of us must keep repeating this concern. Stop them stealing our legal controls. The law is there and it is ours, our children have rights and we as parents have rights under the law. We must rescue our legal rights and use them against those who abuse human rights.

If we each wrote to our MP [] in the standard form, either email or letter I am sending:

Dear Rt Hon Fiona Mactaggart

I have seen a video on the internet which has caused alarm and I must bring this to your attention. I am convinced and I am certain that anyone seeing this recording is also convinced that Nigel Cooper and his daughter’s human rights have been abused by our British Authorities. Furthermore he claims to have a legal document that is recognized by International law that orders his child to be returned to him.

This video has gone international, on the internet: BANNED from the UK: NATO Security Consultant because the “UK has been caught red handed stealing children”.

He has made serious allegations against our judiciary who under our separation of powers system are only answerable to themselves and nothing is being done. The English Court have not appealed the Order or appealed for a stay. They are simply treating the order with contempt.

This harms our Nation’s reputation as a law abiding country, and makes me as a British citizen feel ashamed to be British. Furthermore, Nigel Cooper’s personal credentials are substantial and he has obtained the order through due process.

This brings our Judiciary and their honesty and integrity into question, and must be resolved before our nation is abused even further. Following so soon after the Jimmy Saville scandal, which has exposed the long standing conspiracy of silence at the highest levels, this tares us with the same brush.

Yours sincerely”


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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10 Responses to SAMPLE LETTER to MPs about Child Abduction from Belgium Rubberstamped by UK Judiciary

  1. JM says:

    talking and obtaining ‘magic bits of paper’ doesn’t achieve anything other than make yourself a target…has the author of this letter been atatcked yet? beaten up? home broken into? ass raped? cigareetes in the eye…? pushed in front of cars? blasted with DEW? slandering behind his/ her back?
    plenty to look forward to then…

    • John Love says:

      Thanks for the warning! If people do not stand up to “Bullies” threats and intimidation we become mere toys, playthings, slaves to the whims of the bully. This type of “Bully” has used all the tactics you describe under covert acts. We are aware of what has happened to Norman Scarth, and there are many others. The police are used in covert operations, and we have the best secret service in the world, When the powers that be begin to get worried they will use and abuse these powers at will.

      If we are aware of the facilities like the secret service, SAS, Police undercover, Inland Revenue, Honey traps, and “comrades” that give friendly warnings. We have a choice, exchange our integrity for the pain of shame and self loathing, to become; “mere toys, playthings, slaves to the whims of the bully”. Or we can hold on to our integrity, honour, and self respect, and assert our right to live in a true democracy free under law to exercise our right to dissent.

      Just to point out I am a cautious man, I hold my beliefs and will run away from danger, or face it if it becomes neccessary. I will do what I believe is right, and I will admit and apologise if I find I have done wrong. I believe that I have the right to act as I have, and have not breached any law. I make no secret of who I am and my photo is on my face book page.

      I have experienced many different threats from all sorts of sources, and most were phantom threats, mainly delivered as “friendly warnings”. I am curious why JM would comment “talking and obtaining ‘magic bits of paper’ doesn’t achieve anything other than make yourself a target.” because this runs contra to the very nature of “Victims Unite”. This website is set up to unite, speak out and take actions to make our concerns known.

      It seems to me that the comment JM made is counter productive, and only serves to put “frighteners on other people, and “warn them off” talking and making “magic” bits of paper, in other words, hinder or prevent dissent and letting our MP’s know our concerns because of the threat of various injuries. What is JM’s real motive?

      • Dear John

        There is a full spectrum of victims who wear their ‘legal abuse syndrome’ each in their own way.

        It takes a LONG time before victims become survivors, starfighters, campaigners, activists or public interest advocates.

        I’ve seen a LOT of JM here and elsewhere. To question his ‘real motive’ won’t help him, I don’t think.

        I feel he is just expressing the cynicism he had to acquire to cope with his own victimisation. He is not aware that he is not helping / empowering / inspiring the reader.

        Everybody does as best as they can. If we knew better, we would do better!

        • JM says:

          Thanks Sabine
          i know you know where I’m coming from….

          Think John is where I was ten years ago. That’s the curve….plenty that goes on that you’ll never even hear about, and I mean on the internet/ sites like this…not MSM. they been torturing me for 15 yearsor there abouts. i wnt go into details here, but they even murdered my dog….

          in the 80s there was the miner’s strike. pigyobs infiltraited, encouraged, set them up…they were the ringleaders….then kicked the shit out of them then prosecuted them for what tehy did. similar thing with 911 i think. moved on a lot since 80s. it was admitted 20 years ago that anybody who ever has been involved in a ‘protest’ mafia5 opened a file on them….logic being todays’ ‘protestor’ is tomorrow’s terorist/ freedom fighter…..they’ve gotten a lot more pre-emptive since then!

          i never lifted a finger to defend myself physically and to this day i still can’t find out who they are. can barely walk soemdays. everyday in consant pain. dleted off teh system seven years ago. no bank acc. no home, can’t work, can’t do anything totally isolated…killing me wd be kinder…..rather than slow death from i was suspect now is microwaves or related tech….google barry trower.

          right now it’s consant heat without sweat. pretty dehabiliating. very weird sensation in itself but you get used to it over the years.

          point being talking never achieves anything. you dnt wear a war without cracking some heads. people have every right to defend themselves. now if i wasn’t white i wd be extradited and tortured for saying that. because i’m white it’s mental prsion and worse kind in so many ways instead. no end date in sight.

          telling them that’s a bit racist just provokes them even more. least it gave them a good laugh though.

  2. I’ve used your format Sabine, and sent a letter to my MP, Jonathan Edwards.

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  5. meldrc says:

    Thank you so much for your work & activism on behalf of this issue. Solidarity from the US.

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