WHISTLEBLOWERS UNITE! Victims turning survivors, starfighters and human rights advocates

13 03 14 WhistleblowersVictims of white collar crimes come in all shades, colours and sizes – of amounts of damages, degrees of injustice and levels of cruelty. Once we’ve been hit or hurt, our challenges are a profound process of ‘waking up’ and being disillusioned:

  1. it’s NOT our fault – it’s the organisations covering up for themselves
  2. the ‘authorities’ do NOT deliver what they are supposed to
  3. most ombudsmen or other organisations of complaint are only there to fob us off.

What can we do?

  • to learn NOT to give in or up, but stand our ground and fight for our rights
  • to learn how to present our experience as a ‘case’: on paper, on video and in person
  • to learn how to live with our pain and to communicate it – possibly turning it into passion… 

With a bit of luck, we also meet people on our way who have had similar experiences and may be ahead of ourselves in terms of ‘learning by experience’. The web helps us enormously along that path.

Victims of legal abuse suffer from legal abuse syndrome. Victims of sexual abuse suffer from sexual abuse syndrome and hopefully become survivors, with the aid of others.

Whistleblowers have watched wrong-doing at their workplace – generally regarding sex or money or both – and may have suffered abuse as a consequence, or at least the loss of their salary and / or pension.

Making it a crime NOT to blow the whistle!?… “Whistleblowers UK will draft legislation to ‘encourage’ whistleblowers”.

But what good does legislation do in our times where the Rule of Law has been replaced by the Rule of Money???

Still, everybody has to keep trying! For what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger!!!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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21 Responses to WHISTLEBLOWERS UNITE! Victims turning survivors, starfighters and human rights advocates

  1. unlimitednow says:

    Sabine you are totally right. I have been thinking the same thing. We all need to stand together victims and whistleblowers and become a real pressure group. Yes they only care about control and money but they are afraid of big groups. Indiviually they can bully us and steal from us and use scare tactics. As a group we are invincible. We are many they are few. We need a simple way to contact each other and actually form into a group. Any suggestions please?


    RE:- NOTICE OF AMENDMENTS: 14th March 2013 Crime and Courts Bill
    1015. NS3 1018 NC22.

    The Prime Minister,

    Secretary of State Theresa May,

    Secretary William Hague

    Mr Chancellor of the Exchequer

    Secretary Chris Grayling

    Secretary Maria Miller

    (6) Exemplary Damages may be awarded under this Section Whether or Not another remedy is Granted.



    THE WORDINGS ARE SOMEHOW CONFUSING BUT Exemplary Damages may be awarded under this Section whether or not another remedy is granted.

    The Officers in the Home Office they had no Power to Issue a Deportation Order on my Grand Son Huzaifa Mohamed Bhamjee merely because My Son Had Committed Suicide in Leicester as He had no where to make his complaints.

    The High Court Judge Mr Justice Collins in the Administrative Court, He had refused to make an Order that Other Police Officers be appointed to carry out the Investigations when my Son Mohamed Bhamjee was Alive.

    I now have no alternative but to make a report to the Speaker of the Zambian Parliament in Lusaka Republic of Zambia,
    Section 1 of the Zambia Independence Act 1964- This is more than 48 Years, whilst the Information is not exempt information, but the Officers in the Treasury Solicitors and the Legal Services Commission, Barclays Bank PLC, Financial Ombudsman Services Ltd, The Parliamentary Ombudsman Commissioner will not admit the True Facts.

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

    • I am sorry and afraid that this is the way the UK seems to have become: a police state where the Rule of Money has replaced the Rule of Law…

      The culture is also one of cover-up AT ALL COSTS – no matter if crimes are committed in the process…

      You just have to keep fighting – so that you can look yourself in the mirror and have a clean conscience!

      Many thanks for your invaluable contributions!!!

  3. peter oakes says:

    Is Lord Ahmed a “victim” for saying he was the victim of a jewish conspiracy ?
    it is very strange in the UK that being jewish places you in the minority groups
    re-muslims, hindu,s tamils, etc. but if you say anything you are immediately
    branded anti- semitic !
    now Milliband is jewish, so are the majority of senior judges, Nueberger,
    Butler-Sloss and both of them are known to myself as serious criminals
    Butler-Sloss kidnapped Corey Raymond Bradley from Stoke on Trent

    She also perverted justice by falsifying court documents concerning the
    king of Saudi Arabia.

    And Nueberger concealed the theft of Mr. Eberts property ( a jewish man I
    greatly admire ) and Nueberger concealed the attempted theft of The Royal Masonic Hospital from Masonic Charities does this make me anti-semetic or a

    Seems to me certain minorities get greater rewards and influence than the
    majority. It,s a bit like the National Farmers Union who ran the government
    before the EU and Agricultural subsidies replaced them.

    My local paper addresses members of the Rotarians as Rtn. Jones. rather
    than Mr. Jones. Should all Victims be addressed Vtm. Oakes. rather than

    • We spoke yesterday about ‘victim badges’: wearing ‘gagging orders’ with pride, being labelled ‘vexatious’ or even ‘sectioned’!…

      Let’s not forget that any kind of ‘tribalism’ or ‘grouping’ is about spreading negativity and animosity.

  4. Jean McDonald says:

    There are many doctors on the UK who loose their jobs because of telling the truthful . They are then denied their rights to carry on working in their professions – this must be stopped. Not every doctor who blows the whistle can then go overseas to work as has been the case with the doctor who blew the whistle on Bristol Hospital with the high number of babies death many years ago. I think he now works in Australia. Doctors must be protected when they tell the truth and must keep their jobs, not be dismissed. I met a doctor last year who spent a week demonstrating outside the NHS offices in Whitehall due to telling the truth. He lost his job and no one would employ him. I think he worked in neurology at a hospital in Essex. I could be wrong on Essex. He was devastated in respect of what had happened to him for telling the truth. No longer are we a Country the World can respect when good honest people are treated like criminals. This must be corrected as the law of trust and respect is being devalued by dishonest people controlling our health service, our government and many other professions.

    Sent from my iPhone

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  11. https://www.facebook.com/groups/savingbailiekatecooper/permalink/465218566881974/

    From this judgement; where it includes the term “no one is supposed to ignore the Law” —- a British Court may have stated; “ignorance of the law excuses no man. Every man must be taken to know the law; to hold the contrary would be to confer a premium on ignorance, which would afford a defense to every possible transgression of the law.” SHELDON.

    A High Court judge of the High Court of Justice of England and Wales, as with all judges in England and Wales, hold office during good behaviour; this is laid down in the Bill of Rights 1689. A potential High Court Judge must satisfy the judicial-appointment eligibility condition on a seven-year basis.[Senior High Courts Act 1981] All candidates were to be judged on merit alone, this is measured by five core qualities:

    1) intellectual capacity;
    2) personal qualities (integrity, independence, judgment, decisiveness, objectivity, ability; willingness to learn);
    3) ability to understand and deal fairly;
    4) authority and communication skills;
    5) and efficiency.

    This the text of this judgement included evidence, that would cause any ordinary person of average intelligence to call into question, “all five of the “Core Qualities” of the merit of eligibility for judicial appointment of a British Judge.

    Because of my own experience and documented evidence I was already convinced that the British Judiciary had gone beyond their authority and breached their oath of office. I have been twice refused permission for Judicial Revue of decisions made by Judges that were outside the power of the Court. I had reviewed many other cases where Judges have breached human rights. When I saw that the International Court had made a judgement that the British Court have failed or refused to comply I decided to write to my MP Fiona Mactaggart and petition the PM David Cameron. A copy of my email 13th March 2012 re; BANNED from the UK: NATO Security Consultant because the “UK has been caught red handed stealing children”

    Dear Rt Hon Fiona Mactaggart
    I have seen a Video on the internet which has caused alarm and I must bring this to your attention. I am convinced and I am certain that anyone seeing this recording is also convinced that Nigel Cooper and his daughter’s human rights have been abused by our British Authorities. Furthermore he claims to have a legal document that is recognized by International law that orders his child to be returned to him.
    This video has gone international, on the internet; BANNED from the UK: NATO Security Consultant because the “UK has been caught red handed stealing children”
    He has made serious allegations against our judiciary who under our separation of powers system are only answerable to themselves and nothing is being done. The English Court have not appealed the Order or appealed for a stay. They are simply treating the order with contempt.
    This harms our Nations reputation as a law abiding country, and makes me as a British citizen feel ashamed to be British. Furthermore Nigel Cooper personal credentials are substantial and he has obtained the order through due process.
    This brings our Judiciary and their honesty and integrity into question, and must be resolved before our nation is abused even further. Following so soon after the Jimmy Saville scandal, which has exposed the long standing conspiracy of silence at the highest levels, this tares us with the same brush.
    Yours sincerely John Love QFSM
    By a reply 2nd April 2012

    Lord McNally, the Minister minister responsible, replied to me by stating;
    “As a Government Minister, I am unable to comment on or intervene in cases that are or have been before the courts, whether here or abroad. This is necessary both to maintain the key constitutional principle that the judiciary is independent of Government and to ensure that the UK respects the role of the courts in other countries.”

    This reply did in fact evade the question I asked, and the very fact that, in the words of this foreign Court; “That the British Judge should have, in view of all the elements which were given to his appreciation, ordered the evident return of the child in the country of her choice, i.e. the Kingdom of Belgium; We shall order this course of action, which also obviously meets the greater and objective interests of the child.”

    This proves the UK Judiciary had “full view of all the elements” yet had made decision against the rule of law and breaching the rights of the child and her parent, and was in contempt of the international law, means that aside from the Judge breaching his Oath of Office and allegiance to HM the Queen, he also lacked the five core qualities which appointment to his office demands.

    It may be appropriate to consider if the Judgement of the British Court and or the statement from Lord McNalley is misleading as determined by the Fraud Act 2006; A representation is false if— (a)it is untrue or misleading, and (b)the person making it knows that it is, or might be, untrue or misleading.

    A High Court judge can only be removed by the Queen upon an Address of both Houses of Parliament. (wikipedia)

    I am at this moment in time composing a letter to HM the Queen as she has the power to resolve these issues with the minimum of fuss. In this letter I intend to include the across all the broad categories that this Judicial Corruption which has infected the authorities to such an extent that trust is breaking down and destroying communities. The Social Securities forced adoption campaign is growing internationally. This “recent” taking of a child from her normal place of residence, while under the care of her legal guardian, and against her will, using forged documents, as described in the evidence stated in court, and the unlawful act of the UK. Is proof of the UK involvement in crime, and the unfitness of the Courts to be trusted to administer the law.

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  13. peter oakes says:

    Do not concern yourself with ” ignorance of the law is no defense ” our judges
    are perfectly capable of ” willful blindness ” and suffer ” habitual convenient
    deafness” on a regular basis !

    Or has the Big Judge said ” Dame Elizabeth ” misdirected herself ! after
    being caught perverting the course of justice by false court records

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  15. steve21aa says:

    Reblogged this on corporatepoliticalcriminalcorruption and commented:

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