FIRST SLOVAKIA, then France and Belgium on TV: outrage at the Kingdom’s “lost children” as ‘scandalous injustice’

It’s up to grandmothers to right the wrong-doings of younger people who are ‘just doing their job’. In the case of the two Slovak boys who were supposed to be adopted, she organised demos outside the UK Embassy in Bratislava which TV and press took up in Slovakia.

In France, CanalPlus showed a special documentary: England: the Kingdom of the Lost Children illustrating the plight of a number of families.

Now, Belgium TV has aired the story thanks to Nigel Cooper who is a Belgian resident since he came to work there as a NATO Security Specialist. However, he has since been banned from the UK as he explains in this video. His story was on Belgian news in June 2012, starting at 21:15 of this video. The program points out:

  • the secrecy surrounding family courts including the ban of media reporting
  • the claim that the father consented to what he calls abduction
  • John Hemming MP NOT having confidence in the judgements of Social Services: “they make a lot of mistakes.”

Reproducing footage of the French film, these Belgian videos are in support of his daughter – which is of course representative of many, many other ‘cases’: aired on 12th March 2013

Broadcast on 15th March 2013 but not visible in the UK


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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4 Responses to FIRST SLOVAKIA, then France and Belgium on TV: outrage at the Kingdom’s “lost children” as ‘scandalous injustice’

  1. ladyportia27 says:

    Its Patriarch Patrick day in Ireland and we had all the media illustrating the child snatchers of the olden times – Magdalene women deemed undesirable to raise their own children,too spirited, etc so these children were sold, adopted and many we do not not where they are as fake birth certs were issued and all kinds of unlawful acts took place.

    The Minister still refuses to open those files, using the lamest of excuses.

    Now we here are full circle bringing in forced adoption with motherhood on trial again and the children being a great commodity for profit.

    Its no different to the hundreds of years ago when the Vatican gave the land of Eire and all her people as slaves to the King of England to keep us under control- our spirituality and our love of justice and equality were a threat.

    And so the children were rounded up back then and sold off to USA, Caribbean as slaves.

    Families were separated just like now.

    Our genocide in 1845- same thing – separating the children from parents and feeding off the misery of all involved.

    Its Sickening .

    Yet still most people do not know because his story was altered to suit the predators.

    You get jail in Ireland if you try to go to Strasbourg re family courts.

    All rapes, torture, of children is kept hidden under the in camera rule- its not a law, just the old Inquisition rule.

    The psychic war as Dr Karin Huffer points out rages on relentlessly in secret courts

    So for wombmen- let us look at the 3 aspects of our divinity and what do we see.

    First the unmarried mother was demonised and punished for not being under the control of a male????

    Next the wise ,healer,witch crone was demonised and punished, burned and all property stolen, reducing the entire family to poverty all over Europe.

    And now the Mother Creator Herself is the target

    Phyllis is more articulate than I so I invite you all to read her truth.

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