WHEN DOES a CRUEL and VIOLENT Baby Snatching video become a ‘triumph’?

13 04 03 Uncomfortable truthsI’m afraid I didn’t volunteer to watch this video of the one-day old baby being taken. I can’t cope with this violence and hypocrisy any more. I have heard other children scream on video. I have heard about the 35 letters that the 12-year-old girl wrote to the judge, the 9-year-old one wanting to be with her father and the 4-year-old one with her mum, who was only given 20 minutes contact, before going away for 9 months, for rehabilitation. Her parents weep over the loss of their grandchildren and can’t trust either solicitors or anybody to help them…

One grandmother set up Children Screaming to be Heard to remedy the wounds afflicted by ruthless Social Services.

We’ve submitted this portfolio of nine cases to the Education Committee when it investigated child ‘protection’. John Hemming MP has over 1,700 cases on file for his Justice for Families campaign.

This is an account of the mainstream media reporting – so that the general public can believe the un-believable. I continue to visit and communicate with mums in prisons. Not enough to take their children. They then get criminalised and imprisoned fraudulently! And who can do anything about it? A whistleblower speaking on behalf girls being groomed for paedophiles got himself 28 days of prison!

We are currently helping a mum whose first daughter was taken at six months and adopted abroad – with the Local Authority not following guidelines and laws and the solicitor colluding. Her second daughter was taken six days after birth. But what can individuals do in the face of authorities colluding, committing crimes and more crimes to cover them up?

This grandfather sent me the link to the video. He keeps provoking Walsall Council who took his grandchildren against all reason and calls the video a ‘triumph’:

  • because he hopes that now people will believe us who KNOW how bad / criminal / heinous Social Services are, in collusion with the Police, sanctioned by the secrecy of family courts and non-caring judges?
  • because this visible wrongness CAN’T be tolerated by people who care?
  • because this video SHOWS what we all know and try to expose, while attempting to help individual families?

A triumph of cruelty, nastiness and perfidious Albion: the institutionalised hypocrisy of supposedly acting in “the interest of the child”… How often will #paedobritain have to trend on Twitter? Will the UK want to wait for the outcome of the Royal Commission into child abuse in Australia before tackling the same problems at home?

How often does history have to repeat itself? Please note this spotlight on historical abuse – with over 100,000 visits in 3 months…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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25 Responses to WHEN DOES a CRUEL and VIOLENT Baby Snatching video become a ‘triumph’?

  1. Kevin Sole says:

    Social services have stole my daughter and have made her the subject to adoption i really need some advice on how i can get my daudhter back from this money making scam so please any help offered i will be greatfull thank you


  2. GREAT THOUGHTS!!! Yes, add that to our agenda… Everyone has to do whatever they can do right now, until we make a “FEDERAL CASE” OUT OF THIS and get some international attention… join the group INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION and see what is going on, support appropriate actions, get to know the people, then soon we will ALL POST IN ONE DAY on the major groups that each of us are joining, so we can have a larger impact. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HAVE FB, WE JUST HAVE TO FIND THE LARGEST GROUPS, JOIN THEM AND INVITE THEM TO JOIN US… THIS IS THE BEST CHANCE WE HAVE OF WORLDWIDE ATTENTION, THE NORMAL MEDIA IGNORES US…


  3. Anonymous says:

    Beware of facebook irevolutiontree.
    The SS troll Facebook and use it against the parents in their Star Chambers.
    Useful when you want to name these possessed creatures though.

  4. So the father is supposed to have ‘Links to Far Right groups & the Criminal Fraternity’? They will be pussycats compared to this gang of vicious, sadistic thugs! To call them Fascists would be the understatement of the year: They are sub-human. Can we be told their names, numbers & addresses?
    Norman Scarth.

  5. Ref Kevin Sole
    Don’t shoot the messenger.
    Contact your local MP by email mark it urgent and use the email to “request receipt” Send copies of this email to Sabine and attach copies of the crucial all important documents directly and as soon as possible. don’t worry if you don’t find all of them immediately send COPIES of those you can find, and send them immediately to your MP and include Sabine as CC. Send the other documents s as soon as you can afterwards. Remember also to include the department and name of the person responsible for the decision and include them on the same email as CC….. SAVE the email as a document and print out the copy for including on your file.

    Make a short Urgent request to your MP to ask that she/he on you behalf writes for a more detailed and exact explanation for the decision,– because you are; “disputing the truth of a part of the reason / —were not given any explanation/– do not understand all or any part of the reasons/ –or were not given any reason/– or that the reason stated is unfair or unreasonable.

    Include carefully worded reasons why this action should not be taken Because of ………………………………. and point out. (After you have contacted Nigel cooper and downloaded a copy of his Court Order); that it has come to your attention on the Internet and first hand from Nigel Cooper that the International Court has made a Court Order against the UK demanding the return of his daughter Bailie Kate Cooper, and the UK is refusing to do so.

    And as this Court order has found the UK Guilty of removing a child from her legal Guardian and normal place of residence against International law.

    And that forced adoptions have been condemned by the Australian PM as being Unethical, Dishonest and probably Illegal.

    Therefore there can be no honest, ethical, or legal reason for the authority to persuade the Court to order my daughter (Name of Daughter) to be taken from her parents (Name s) and her normal home with (me us) (place of residence).

    Provide the names and address’s of persons who will sign documents (carefully worded) that verify;

    I have known etc, etc, for X years and throughout the time I have known (Name or names) who have lived at (address) and to the best of my knowledge, and belief have cared for (name of child) and all the time I have known the family the child has (seemed happy and contented /expressed her wish to remain with her (parent/ parents) Leave space for any further remarks dated signed and witnessed. Get as many refs as possible from family and friends, Doctors, Teachers, Priests or religious leaders.

    My heart goes out to you, and all the other victims but I think you must accept that you are not alone. I understand loss of a child on a personal basis but only through “natural causes”. I do know the anger and bitterness and sense of helplessness, and frustration, and that this can boil over to a bitter and natural overreaction.

    Keep faith that you will work diligently to put a strong case together and believe that you will you will be reunited. Then make sure you make a secure file of ALL relevant documents. Number Each sheet from the first to the last no1. to 100, or 1,000 all the way to the last. Keep them all in date order and duplicate the file. Get and include in a separate file birth certificates, and other official documents that confirm the child is your daughter, and any personal item of your daughter that has her fingerprint handwriting or drawing inc. DNA. Keep a file of photos, of your child together or separately.

    Never allow yourself whatever the provocation to use bad language, or appear threatening or behave irrationally. If you need time out to recover your emotions take time out- ask for it. If it is refused explain that this will be taking unfair advantage of you.

    Take each stage one step at a time, and prepare always assume that the other side is intelligent and practiced in court procedure, so get internet experience of court procedures of the Court website. Assume that you will get no help and will be left to work to your own devices.

    Keep this website informed. Never send or pass any original documents only copies. Examine with care every detail of the authority’s papers, and remember it is not always what is in the evidence that finds the truth it’s what is left out. I hope this helps – Note I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

    • Excellent!

      You just need to be aware of

      1. the LEGAL process / proceedings 2. the POLITICAL support 3. the PUBLICITY aspect.

      They must be treated in the above priority.

    • On a similar theme,
      Write to your solicitor and ask for an explanation:
      a) Why the Crown Prosecution Service did not bring a prosecution against you as a holder of parental responsibility for the child under section 1(1) Children and Young Peoples Act 1933.

      b) What cruelty has the child had suffered, as an offence under section 1(1) Children and Young People, that corresponds to the section 31(2) Children Act 1989 threshold, “suffer significant harm”. What exposure to physical or moral danger, also under section 1(1), corresponds to the section 31(2) threshold likely to suffer significant harm.

      c) in respect to section 1.6 of the Family Law Protocol (2010) how can the court could find that you lacked capability to care for the child (section 1(3)(g) Children Act 1989) but you were capable of instructing in litigation in respect to the care of a child.


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  7. peter oakes says:

    I am sick and tired ! of silly stupid clap trap. If your child has been stolen/ kidnapped then WRITE RECORDED DELIVERY a COMPLAINT re: Kidnap.

    You then need to confirm Royal Mail Track & Trace delivery of your letter.
    to the Officer Commanding your local police station.. after 24 hours
    go into your local police station talk to the divvy on the reception desk ! and report your COMPLAINT !

    Of course you will be treated like a dip stick. But then give a copy of your
    written complaint and ask for a receipt.

    Then you have started the paper chain ! and until you have documents !

    You will be treated with utter contempt !

    Even Banksy needed a wall to write graffiti !

    Forget facebook / linked in / and other internet clap trap, these services
    under other names are providing pornography etc. and links for
    drug trafficking.

    And please. please, please. post a copy of your COMPLAINT concerning
    Kidnap . child theft etc to ” victims Unite ” along with a copy of Proof of
    Posting and confirmation from Royal Mail Track & Trace !

    We cannot work without tools ! provide the ammunition

    And Norman Note. you referred to yourself as a ” silly old man ” in your recent
    multitude of correspondence to various Govnt. Depts.

    Now I know kye is not a place for keeping pigs. I also know a “fanny” has nout to do with a lady, there are silly buggers out there that think a ” buffer ” is
    on railway wagons, and a “killick” is a relative of Fred West and as one victim
    to another ! you should know I am just taking “soundings ” or swinging
    the lead to the unwashed

    We are riddled with agents, just fish a little bit.

    Do you get my drift ? or do I have to catch the last “trot” or
    stay in Aggie Westons.

    You have a shipmate Norman,

  8. The Coventry Telegraph link gives more info. That these child stealing monsters should accuse anyone else of being a Nazi is beyond words!
    TO THE PEOPLE OF COVENTRY: Remember the faces of these evil creatures, keep an eye open for them, hound them from their homes & out of your city!
    Norman Scarth.

    • I’m with you too Norman but my case started in Coventry with ss after my ex ran away with my two daughters after being found out for abusing my girlz (hitting them) again an cheating on me…then she ran to Sheffield to hide but I tracked her down thkx to a gr8 m8 with access to police computers …. In both cases an cities the social services lied threatened my ex with removal of my girlz but didn’t address the issues I was trying to point out I’ve even got video of her kicking my 2yr old in head for fun an laughing head off and ss said…quote…”it’s not directly a violent attack”….for God’s sake surely that’s massively wrong illegal an completely reprehensible for anyone to do that to a child never mind fact it was the mother….yet due to the lies she’s told I’ve not seen my girlz in nearly 4yrs no contact at all she keeps moving to stay hidden even to point court hadto demand her address off dwp to serve papers on then moved n hide again and in all the time I’ve kept my cool I’ve never harassed her or anything…..I’m waiting for another court date to see if can get access to my girlz BUT I’ve got no legal help now as can’t get legal aid an I’m on benefit due to breaking my back in car crash….I’m trying to learn the stuff I need to face the judge an present my case and stop my ex from using my girlz as a weapon without care for what’s right for the childrencaffcass

  9. This is a perfect example of drawing together in such a group as Victims United, where there are others that have the knowledge and experience we pooled together to form a standard template of progressive actions. This free and open opinion (is not “legal advice”, but it is well thought out knowledge gained from experience that has found a means of getting the information into the public domain where it works like a sort of “Wikipedia” with information added and errors and omissions noted and improved. If two heads are better than one all we need to watch out for is that Too many Cooks don’t go and spoil the broth. Is anyone prepared to set up a Q & A, tick box type form and Advice Template perhaps a task for FCF so that the case is presented in a clear and concise manner. Just a thought, I thought I may attempt a start on one but time is very limited for the next month or so. But someone else may like to have a go, and – with all that has been detailed on this page, I think it could make a first step …. form, this would make the case clear at the first notice, and simplify what is for the average legally aided person a difficult task.

  10. Richard Colborne says:

    Hello Sabine,

    I also decided not to watch it; such things make me so angry. I need to stop worrying about things I cannot change, and get on with my life.

    I’m 63, not in the best of health and unemployable; so I must try to restore my health a little and start my own business. I hope someone else can do something about it, but I don’t hold out much hope. You’ve been doing a grand job so far, but frankly I feel there have been far too few of us.

    Our only hope is that the Messiah will soon return in Glory and bring peace and justice to Earth.


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  15. Paul Roberts says:

    This is the outcome of the kangaroo court case leading from the kidnap. http://www.scribd.com/paul_roberts_39

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