SUICIDE as the most promising option? Crucified for doing the right thing!


ATOS PROTEST BY ECAP (Photo credit: Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty)

First, I got this 18-page long collection of press coverage regarding suicides due to ATOS and benefit cuts – from a courageous whistleblower, these wonderful people who get crucified for doing the right thing. See Whistleblowers UK – a coalition to support all those standing up to wrongdoing and corruption in the workplace – in the Care Home, Defence, Police, NHS, Banking.

It was followed by this collection of links:

Then I learned about Compassion in Care and the 300 cases of abuse of the elderly that Eileen Chubb is currently dealing with. She is a Trustee of Whistleblowers UK – a coalition

And then I read this personal account of an ATOS interview.

You come to your own conclusions!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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5 Responses to SUICIDE as the most promising option? Crucified for doing the right thing!

  1. Anonymous says:

    ATOS a private company where their Commercial Interests far outweigh human welfare. It is a simple Government “clean up squad” to demonise those on benefits and disguise their intent of the wilful slaughter of claimants by means of generated suicides.
    Strange that this discriminatory act seems only to apply to those that have paid into the British system and born on British soil.
    Is this part of Agenda 21?
    Or is this another chapter of Julia Middleton’s “Common Purpose?”

  2. peter oakes says:

    I don,t like the above comment ! nor stupid celebrations for the death
    of Magaret Thatcher ! There are plenty scroungers out there ! looting
    the charities, Phllpot. Derbyshire father of 17 children ! all getting child benefits,

    Please engage brain, and a little understanding of the truth otherwise
    we will all get a drone through the window.

    There can be no welfare without contributions “tax” currently the tax take in the UK is over 90 %. All to pay for communists, er, er, I mean socialist via. the back door on a common purpose ?

  3. John Allman says:

    Just terrible. The ATOS kills message, I mean. Heartbreaking stories.

    I’ve got a friend whose representative I am in an appeal against one of those decisions. He managed to find a job, accepted overtime. The more ill he got, the more convinced he was that he was well, and invincible, and, eventually, on a secret reality TV show. Schiz spectrum disorders can creep up on one like that. One week, he worked seventy hours, trying to keep in with the firm. I don’t know what happened to cause it, but, as I predicted, he lost the plot, and lost his job. He gave up his flat, went home to mum, and was still sectioned when I last checked. And he’d been doing so well, until they almost halved his benefits. He got off lightly compared to some though.

  4. JM says:

    Truly is a disgusting situation. I remember when i was a child a friend of my father’s hung himself in his garage….CSA after him, they stole all his befnits and was still after money from him…allegedly owed them twenty grand, abt to be evicted and starving to death….what other choice do you have?
    another case i was involved with…IR cocked up his tax code, he was on abt 60K a year, but they said he was on many times that…so they stole his entire wage packet for months and was still after him for money…his employer did what IR told them even they knew it was ridicuous and illegal…..kille dhimself and his family, is what i heard….these days of course they can empty your bank account as well…they have direct access t everything, no need for court order or anything…THE BANK CAN DO THAT AS WELL IF THEY DECIDE YOU OWE THEM MONEY- so nothing left for food or anything else….i did do a little bit of work on related cases/ matters when i was allowed to work, lifetime ago

    i came pretty close to it myself many times, unfortunately i am a coward….

    here’s another thing though, last i heard it’s still illegal for govt employees to give your personal, very perosnal details to private companies without your consent, and if you co-operate with them you also behaving illegally under joint enterprise law….so you can also be prosecuted for it!

    only legal option left is timetravel and nuke all the basterds….

    i was also only ever half joking when i suggested mass suicide outsid eparliament on the TI issue…even if i managed to get tehre betya i wd be the only one who wd go through it and i wd be left looking like a right lemon! 😉

    it’s only ever going to get worse

  5. ATOS National Demo. February 19th 2014

    (Sorry if repeated)

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