UK BORDER AGENCY criticised for separating parents from children

13 04 20 CYPNWell, we’re not alone after all: BID, Bail for Immigration, have studied the ‘cases’ they have to deal with and noticed the terrible effects the separation from parents has on their children:

  • emotional stress, 
  • adverse effects including weight loss, nightmares, insomnia and ‘extreme isolation’.

How can it be? After all, it’s “in the interest of the child!”

But, as one inmate has discovered from her own experiences: foreigners are among those being targeted by Social Services. Why? Presumably they think they can get away with deporting the parents, after fostering or adopting their kids, to keep the industry going…


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18 Responses to UK BORDER AGENCY criticised for separating parents from children

  1. We must not leave this legacy for future generations

    What are future generations going to say about us?

    Many of them may find that their DNA does not match up with that of their “parents”.

    The size of this problem now is already huge and many will never know their natural parents. This leaves children who grow up either believing false roots or never being able to find their true family history. This creates the concern for the child when grown up in a family, and given cause to wonder, and if they were of such a mind to believe they may have been taken for a forced adoption, to consider whether they should sue the authority for damages.

    It is natural for children when they grow up to notice their parent’s characteristics, they may notice significant differences, that make them wonder, like “my eyes are blue and both my parent’s have brown eyes? While that is little or no evidence, it may make them want to check, and with DNA being such a human identity “fingerprint” it is simple and easy to test.

    They will know from newspaper accounts and the many thousands of electronic records going right back to the 80’s, that many bloggers and whistleblowers had observed this scandal going on for decades. They would have seen these reports, and be able to identify those families who have lost their children.

    These bloggers, newspaper correspondents, had reported verifiable facts that proved this corrupt and shameful, taking of children from there families was going on. They wrote and campaigned, before and after the Australian government admitted forced adoption was going on in Australia. The Australian Prime Minister publicly confessed that it was unethical, dishonest, and illegal, and made a public apology for the shame.

    The governments in UK, Canada, the USA and others remained silent knowing it was going on in their own country, and at an ever increasing pace, regardless of the protests and them knowing it was wrong.

    Will future generations wonder why we let this evil continue?

    In England & Wales under the Children Act there is a statutory obligation on all professionals to report suspected child abuse. Child abuse in this context is; “significant harm” such as physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect. Then in the “interests of the child” it may be appropriate to take the child into care. But if such was the case the proportion of families affected would be relatively small, and spread across the whole “social class’s “.

    Better off families would pose more of a problem to the authorities as they would not need to rely on legal aid be better afford competent independent legal advice, and when they won their case they could claim costs and damages.

    Therefore it is no surprise to find that the children are taken from the most vulnerable families that would be disadvantaged in court proceedings against an adversary funded by the taxpayer. Is this discriminatory? Is it racism? The evidence shows cases of discrimination on both grounds.

    We know that the UK has been found guilty by the International Court of taking a child from her place of residence, away from her father and legal guardian, across international borders on false documents by a government authority. This by any name is human trafficking.

    The fact that the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the Home Office, set the National Crime Recording Standard to record crime in line with the Home Office Counting Rules, provides a structure which we should follow, to get our evidence prepared, in a clear and indisputable case, that can be supported if necessary with further overwhelming evidence. The case should include the most damming despite how difficult is is to pick the most damming they should be selected based on the NCRS and HOCR and supported by verifiable evidence. This must include the International Court Order served on the UK by Nigel Cooper, and any other Court Orders that may have been dismissed but in the true light of evidence should not have been dismissed.

    All reports past and current that come to us after the case against authorities including the judiciary and the executive, should be recorded, as ongoing and maintained until the case is resolved and the taking of children is stopped.

    So how are we the knowledgeable and motivated few going to answer the future generations?

    I feel ashamed and impotent, I must shout out for help, We can’t go on just simply gathering more and more evidence, and wait for things to change. We must act with urgency, we must seek support from all known sources.

    When the evidence has been collated and filed in preparation for what would normally be a Private Class Action Against the authorities, and the courts or judiciary.

    I believe we should notify the press Radio and TV and inform them that we have passed this information to trade unions, political parties, charities, local councilors, and MP’s. Prime Minister’s Office.

    • Your writing and speaking are always equally ‘eloquent’, dear Obesive Rights!

      Your comment enthused me to put up a new post.

      THANK YOU!!!

    • ladyportia27 says:
      Separating mother and child at birth was the way adoption was practiced in Australia in the latter half of last century. We have heard from other speakers about current knowledge regarding the mental health consequences of this separation. In this paper I look at adoption from a historical perspective, how adoption was practiced, what was known about the consequences of adoption, and what influence, if any, this knowledge had on adoption practice.

    • ladyportia27 says:

      The Ugly Side of the Multi-Billion Dollar Adoption Business
      “Movies are equally at fault for neglecting to show the pain of adoption from the perspective of an exiled mother or father, though children’s shows like “The Country Bears” and “Stuart Little” certainly promote what an adopted friend of mine refers to as, “the myth of the grateful adoptee.” What a demeaning thing to show an adopted child, who is quite possibly feeling anything but thankful to have been separated from his or her natural family!”

      • ladyportia27 says:

        “Despite the existence of myriad empirical and anecdotal evidence showing the harmful effects of adoption on surrendering mothers and their lost children, the industry continues to thrive. Because the media is so tightly controlled by pro-adoption special interests, it takes careful research to discover that adoptees are statistically more likely than their non-adopted counterparts to develop psychological disorders requiring residential treatment. Adopted children are also more likely to be convicted of juvenile felonies, and according to the Center for Adoptive Families, 20% of adolescents in drug rehabilitation and residential substance abuse treatment programs are adopted. That last statistic would be meaningless if adoptees made up 20 or even 15% of the population, but the government estimates that figure at only 2-3%.”

  2. tracey davies says:

    no one seems to care about the parents and children being seperated that are british , Social services all over the world steal children for one reason only MONEY, Child stealing is big far Palma social services has made over 1.4 million euros by kidnapping my children from a spanish school.

    • Not enough people care, Tracey. For not enough people know. And the hypocrisy is not that obvious to well meaning and trusting citizens! When it comes to visiting criminalised parents in prisons, you’ll find that it’s even harder to find people who care!…

      • ladyportia27 says:

        Most people do not want to believe sch things happen in their world.

        It was same under Hitler and people woke up when it was too late.

        This is just history repeating itself, for human children have been sold as slaves and trafficked for thousands of years under patriarchy where they are not deemed full human beings but spawn of Eve ill wombmen.

  3. yes you´re right! At least this is what happens in Canada :Immigration Canada separates the children from the parents so that they deport the parents and keep the children!Moreover they do have operationals worldwide kidnapping the kids throughout a series of fraud marriages that later on Canada Family Court does not recognize so the spouses risk deportation while the kids are captured by the Social Services to which the other spouse “volunteers” !They had a huge problem with me since as an European citizen they had to deport me and my kid and the “case” against me didn´t stand up in court!The marriage which is nothing but an hoax is going to be undone right here in Europe one way or another and I am charging the Canadian guy with :kidnapping, conspiracy to murther me and the ilegal adoption of my daughter(which failed) …Maria Robbins

    • The net widens, as the plot thickens across organisations and countries…

      Individuals need to stand up – against ALL the odds!

    • ladyportia27 says:

      Same in Ireland, then children are warehoused into white Catholic families for assimilation. Identical to Hitler regime.

    • ladyportia27 says:

      I am charging the Canadian guy with :kidnapping, conspiracy to murther me and the illegal adoption of my daughter(which failed) …Maria Robbin”

      I have heard of this pattern before- Australian mother and British/Indian man…..tried to poison her and had adoption all lined up and to sell the children once adopted.

      This is like a virus.? but it has a pattern.

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  5. David Henry says:

    I have been separated from my children that are now aged 3 and 7 respectively since 2009 UKBA deported me for working illegal while taking care of the same children there is a rumour from my friends now that a strange man is now fathering my two daughters – UKBA h is seriously destroying the life of my children and myself by betrothing them to a complete strange man, I dont even have access to them anymore and I do not have the right to come to UK to commence family battle as their legal and biological father who married their mother from court wedding due to deportation order impose on me after going to jail for 3months for working illegal
    Whoever can help my home office reference number is HOME OFFICE REF H1192539/3 and my email address is my name is Henry David

    • tracey davies says:

      i know exactly how you feel, i have 5 children i have been seperated from my children for 10 years all because social services get paid for kidnapping children,i have not done anything wrong neither has my husband
      i have made all the papers and internet sites all over the world, yet no social worker has any evidence against us , everything is all fabricated lies

      • John Love says:

        At this time Nigel Cooper has asked for people who have an issue with UK Family Courts and have had their children taken by the Social Services to contact him as he is taking witness statements to the International Court. if you send you may get further information. Get connected to groups and find support.

    • Dear Henry David

      I am terribly sorry to read about your ordeal and I know it is hardly a consolation for you to know that you are not alone!

      I know from an inmate in Holloway that foreigners are being targeted and Vicky Haigh established that in another prison. See

      Ideally, all victims of UKBA should get together and mount an action.

      I get the feeling that Facebook is the best tool for that.

      Have you seen S.C.O.T. UK? Stolen Children of UK?

      Have you spoken with Ian Josephs in Monaco who is more experienced than anybody? See

      We are thinking about renewing the petition to abolish the Secrecy of the Family Court into one to abolish forced adoption.

      But for the moment, I must tell you: Keep the Faith, Stand Your Ground, talk to other Victims and put a summary together that you can send to anybody.

      If you send me a draft, I’ll edit it for you, if you like.

      We each have to try all possible avenues to help ourselves and help each other!!!

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