STOP Forced Adoptions – stepping stones for criminal Social Services & #paedobritain

Stop Forced AdoptionsHow many children need to be taken from their parents, before the world says NO? 10,000 a year is not enough yet?

How many parents need to be gagged and threatened with prison, before other countries say NO to the UK? Here’s what’s unique in the UK to facilitate forced adoptions. If you have lost your child(ren), please consider filling in this form to let the online world know – anonymously of course.

How many more children need to go missing (currently an estimated 10,000 a year), before their parents make institutions accountable?

How many farces / charades and masquerades need to be staged as ‘court cases’, before Parliament takes responsibility for an ‘independent’ judiciary? ‘Not Open to the Media’ even – despite Camilla Cavendish’s campaign in The Times in 2008?

Parents are now expected to PAY to see their kids in ‘contact centres’. How Stalinesque does the UK want to be?

These are some of the questions that fuelled my ‘wrath of god’ to start the petition Stop Forced Adoptions in the UK

Only people who know parents and grandparents concerned appreciate what’s going on. Only people who have tried to help as McKenzie Friends realise that ‘family courts’ are cloaks of secrecy covering up criminality.

Until everybody knows, please do sign the petition. Non-UK MEPs are willing to take 2,000 signatures to Parliament in Brussels!

Christopher Booker’s latest article shows how Social Services do NOT act in the ‘best interest of the child’: Children pay a terrible price for ‘care’ and ends:

Most disturbing of all is the way this is covered up and ignored by politicians, the BBC and all those who continue to pretend that the system is working as intended.

I know from 3 children in one family how #childsnatchbritain leads to #paedobritain. Here’s the most complete story about the 31-year old cover up.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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23 Responses to STOP Forced Adoptions – stepping stones for criminal Social Services & #paedobritain

  1. Anonymous says:

    When the child snatchers go for 14 year old girls that do not go to school as a result of bullying. It brings home just what sinister dealings go on behind the scenes.
    Why do they want 14 year old girls?
    Is it for the Lodge initiation sacrifices or toys for the paedophile industry?
    It can’t be in the best interest of the child surely not.
    Damage limitation of the school that has encouraged the bullying. Perhaps?
    Blame the parent for a school not complying with their anti bullying policy may be another.
    But then, why would children that survive ordeals say that they remember being in a room full of men; and men with white gloves?
    Does the commercial value of a 14 year old girl be as much as a small child?
    I wonder?

    The logic behind this posting is – if your child is being bullied keep a diary.
    Remember this posting as it will be updated.
    The child snatchers are coming for a 14 year old whose only crime is being bullied. And, not going to school for that reason.
    When that child goes to school she is then bullied by the teachers who have a go at her about her absenteeism.
    But of course, its the parents fault. – All done by design.- You have been warned.

  2. JM says:

    it’s not institutions that need to be held accountable, it’s INDIVIDUALS, rule of law or no law at all, there is no middle ground….

    • ladyportia27 says:

      yes, I agree with making the individuals accountable and with assessing each child snatcher for sadistic schadenfreude disease and psychopathy- a simple brain scan to prove psychopathy is at our disposal already.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If that is the case, then every child snatcher needs to be scanned and categorised. Better still an additional compulsory assessment for personality disorders such as Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)

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  5. Anonymous says:

    The 14 year old child is earmarked for child snatching because her father exposed corruption involving the headteacher, governing body, local councillors, the Director of Education, planning officials and a local property developer working together with multi interests to favour a planning application.
    To cover up the skulduggery bullying of the offspring is nurtured, encouraged and fuelled. The father is targeted by the LEA as a bad parent.
    Years of bullying is slippery shouldered affecting the education of the child and her educational needs focused around the bullies.
    The child snatchers then move in to label the parent as a bad parent because the child does not go to school.
    This affects attendance figures and detrimental to the school’s image.
    As a damage limitation to the school image, the welfare officers move in with the child snatchers to take the child from what is now treating the parent as a pariah and causing emotional harm to the child.
    The child asks – why is the child snatchers interested in a 14 year old girl.
    If only the child knew why.
    Clearly lined up by a teacher a wife of a “Lewis” (a leading Freemason’s son)
    How often have we heard of young girls’ account of being in darkened rooms full of men. Men wearing aprons and white gloves.
    Strange how a teacher wearing a masonic tie picks on the child in the classroom. The child asks the teacher why are you wearing a masonic tie.
    Will be updated.

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  10. anon says:

    how is it going was it the petition in brussells today?

  11. anon says:

    i love my grandson so much yet i didnt have long with him my life will never be the same. he is in foster care with people who are two faced and liars all about the money i dont know how long i can go on like this.

  12. anon says:

    hi sabine i was writing out my letter to the eu commissioner due to the email i had from you my lap top went dead for 2 seconds and has wiped it could you re send me it please thankyou

  13. freedomtalkradio20132014 says:

    Stop The Abuse Of Power in the City of York.

    Listen to this show then attend the demo.

    Come on york residents lets make york happy again.

    Who is York city council or county council police officials abusing or covering up corruption for now These days ?
    GRANDMA B JIMMY SAVILLE ? certainly at least its alleged and can be proven I am told.


    CALL 347 677 0812 USA CANADA
    FROM THE UK 001 347 677 0812


    Abuse Cover Up Accomb Resident Grandma B & Jimmy Saville.

  14. Lea says:

    My grandson is to be forced adopted in less than 2 weeks,ss have lied,twisted and stolen him.wot can we do to get him back?lea

  15. mariusz says: protest in westminster 12:00 sunday

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