BUSINESSMAN shot solicitor dead because… But who are the real criminals? Who are the real policy makers?

13 06 06 Daily Mail“BUSINESSMAN shot solicitor dead because he blamed him for the repossession of his home and break down in his marriage” – this is the title of the article in the Daily Mail today.

God forbid a solicitor is a criminal! God forbid Solicitors from Hell is not ‘real’! God forbid there will be a judge who will acknowledge the criminality of a colleague! After all, they have to protect each other, while denying and lying and committing crimes to cover up crimes. That’s my bottom line analysis.

Here’s the article about a retired Scotland Yard Inspector who gets punished for his paedophile activities. You see, the covering up of crimes cuts across all institutions, from ‘the law’ to the ‘law enforcement’.

Shall I go further with my current understanding and analysis?

Well, by now, I feel there are enough people out there highlighting the ultimate crimes:

and the real people who are pulling the strings. Here are some links as a taster:

Sorry I don’t mince my words any more. My Slavic passion and German directness…

Annotated lists of attendees of this Bilderberg meeting are on

Online participation is possible thanks to Bilderberg 2013 Live Streaming.

And here are a few shocking articles from Video Rebel:

Yes, more and more people on the internet do!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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22 Responses to BUSINESSMAN shot solicitor dead because… But who are the real criminals? Who are the real policy makers?

  1. ‘All’s fair in love & war’ – & this IS War!

  2. Vidkun Quisling was shot: Nobody considered that to be a crime.

  3. peter oakes says:

    A religious fanatic killed by knife & machette ( axe cum chopper in the vernacular ) a soldier cum british citizen ( filth in their weird world) great out-pouring of grief and revulsion from the MEDIA ! ( all false crocodile tears )

    A man destroyed by the Legal Mafia judges and solicitors is now charged with
    murder by the police that ignored his “complaints” of theft & fraud ! The CPS
    in full knowledge their own director David Calvert Smith QC. mentioned
    the mafia in his letter to Geoffrey Scriven many years ago.

    This Case is similar, same, identical to Robert Ashman. who killed an
    MPs agent by mistake ! it should have been the bent MP ! who knew
    the thefts & fraud Robert was being subjected to. This MP was promoted
    to the house of lords ?

    For the real truth ! you know the one ! trust me er. er I am a doctor. solicitor

    Google : samuri swordsman kills mp.s agent. same paper daily mail ???

    • Living 200 mile away, knowing absolutely nothing of the case, as soon as I learned that a man who had attacked his MP with a Samurai sword was a Litigant In Person, I knew everything I needed to know. In due course I spent three days at what was going to be the trial of Robert Ashman, but turned into an examination of whether he was fit to stand trial. His own psychiatrist changed sides at the very last minute (it may have been from good motives). The local paper did a hatchet job on him before & during the trial, & SHOULD have been done for Contempt of Court.
      As I have already said (above), “Vidkun Quisling was shot: Nobody considered that to be a crime.” Tragically for the few good British people, ALL members of the legal profession (as with all those in positions of power & influence in Britain) are Quislings.

  4. Jean McDonald says:

    Sabine Carry on the good work. I’m not surprised a solicitor was ‘shot’ dead! The corruptness runs from the top – the cabal who are in control. Their aim is to take people’s property, steel their money -in huge legal fees, cancel the ‘targeted’ person out as a human being. It’s taking place World Wide. The de-humanisation of human beings is part of their plans. Jean

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  5. anonymous says:

    how much did this firm of solicitors earn from legal aid in this case? how much does the firm earn every year from legal aid? an FoI request should elicit.

  6. peter oakes says:

    The solicitors enjoy the spoils of bogus malicious bankrupcty assisted by
    legal mafia trustee etc. it,s pay-time all round, they get legal fee,s inflated
    costs, properties of the victim etc.

    Public money via the legal aid fund is a bonus ! now being cut – back
    because of vociferous victims, on Victims Unite. It has now reached the
    Lord Chancellors ears that the public are sick of being “robbed” by
    the “legal Mafia” even freemasons are sick of their charities being robbed

    Google : Gorsey Hey masonic home see how the Charity Commissioners
    assisted in this theft of property by “mafia like means”

  7. peter oakes says:

    Dear Sabine I object to your term “forced adoptions” it is KIDNAPPING
    and it carries a life sentence ! State sponsored organised crime Kidnapping
    for pecuniary gain and perverted rituals and pleasure of deviants and child abusers.

    It has nothing to do with CHILD CARE. and another child probably died in
    care this week from what cause we will never know, may be from pure
    fright and terror !

    • Well, Peter, I picked up what Ian Josephs established. He has been helping parents since the 60s. And he publishes

      You’re right though. I refer to it as ‘child snatching aka state kidnapping’.

      Regarding the petition to the EU Parliament, ‘forced adoption’ had been discussed by a foreign journalist with two non-UK MEPs.

      I see ‘child snatching’ as the first step, then comes foster ‘care’ and then come ‘forced adoptions’.

      All in all: institutionalised criminality – sanctioned by a corrupt judiciary that included all ‘law enforcement’ agencies.

  8. peter oakes says:

    Now you have it ! The first rule of frustration, causing confusion and doubt
    is to “change the name” ! It is Kidnapping as the criminal offence, organised
    by governmental groups police, courts, judiciary, social services.

    State sponsored organised crime ! child snatching to Joe Public. The
    simplicity of that is deadly accurate and does not leave any room for
    legalese, lawyer speak, time wasting court costs creating theft of public
    monies in the name of justice or any other b——-t!

    And from history the Romans practiced kidnapping to provide slaves and
    soldiers -cum fighters for the Roman armies and my fears are Civil
    Servants cum Govnt. Agents are recruited from these victims to provide
    a heartless de-humanized work force devoid of compassion, thought,
    or reason to do the govnts. dirty work !

    Any normal human being feels revulsion at the thought of a new born baby
    being snatched from the mother at birth ! not even drinking the milk of life
    from the breast nature provided ! It is Evil and it takes a certain type of
    moron to perform this loathsome deed ! no doubt getting some perverse
    pleasure kick similar to paedophiles violating children, they are sick !

  9. peter oakes says:

    Getting back to the main item ” Business man shoots solicitor”

    please google: world Socialist Robert Ashman for the reason
    this “legal mafia” member was dispatched.

  10. Shakespeare: “First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”. Henry VI, Part 2, Act 4, Scene II: p3.

  11. anon says:

    a small firm in swansea earned nearly £2 million pounds in legal aid last financial year. very active in the forced adoptions/kidnapping business – also involved in the Linda Lewis case with Neath ss.

  12. peter oakes says:

    Correction ! a small “legal mafia” firm obtained nearly £2million by deception
    & fraud they most certainly did not earn it !

  13. peter oakes says:

    Breaking News ! Surprise Surprise the Govnt. of the USA ” land of the free”
    has been spying on us via GCHQ Cheltenham. This of course confirms
    the dirty b——–s know full well the depths of depravity and corruption !

    Perhaps they are the controlling criminals via corrupted f—masons and
    control PIE the international paedophile exchange ???

  14. Anonymous says:

    Yes Peter, but lets not forget all those that completed their census forms gave their personal information to American weapon manufacturers and arms dealers who had the contract for collating details on consenting and participating UK residents.
    There are many that chose not to share confidential personal data with American arms dealers. I am sure many are so sorry now.

  15. This has been going on for so long, it appeared to the perpetrators that they were both safe from prosecution and immune from any repercussions since so many of them were in possession of great wealth and/or power.

    Now we see them for the predators they are; like most bullies, they are also craven cowards pleading their innocence in the face of mounting evidence. For those guilty of stealing children, whatever organisation they work for, however high they rose in that profession, they deserve to be imprisoned for the remainder of their natural lives by way of recompensing those whose lives they blighted and stole.

    I am generally against prison sentences as I think they do little good, but these child-thieves deserve to lose all of life’s privileges – including freedom.

    In this case, the Bible is right, and so was Our Lord when he said that for anyone who harmed a child, it would be better that a mill-stone be hung round his neck, and presumably – he be drowned in the deepest ocean. That’s not being bloodthirsty – that’s justice.

  16. peter oakes says:

    Dear Maureen. You missed the ” message” a millstone is a tool that grinds
    grain into flour to feed the many, it is a tool of creative mans invention ! once
    created other evil men used the millstone to grind the meek & mild into
    the ground er er I mean earth, ground is a product of a millstone.

    Later in life man created money ! rather then eggs, milk, flour, etc. as a means
    of barter or trade, I only grow wheat but I need a steel plough etc. to grow my
    wheat-corn. so man invented money ! then the jews thought if we control the
    money we control the flour, steel, etc. Then man discovered oil and the arabs
    er er muslims control the oil and we will hold ALL to ransom. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the pope and his buddies thought we are looseing control of the masses our influence is disappearing !

    So they invent Westminster Parliamentary democracy to convince the masses
    they are in control and have a vote ! in the meantime Tim Yeo, MP Edward Timpson MP use their office to steal children ( cattle dealing) Yeo uses Office
    to obtain mineral-oil- extraction rights etc. to enrich themselves !

    Now they reallise the Yanks have been spying on all of us, know our bank
    details, name of mistress,s. boy friend ( er er queer bugger I love ) no no
    you dont understand I really love him we want to get married ! but it,s
    got to be in a church, chapel, synagouge, ( thats the one that won,t happen )

    Now please note ! when I say man I mean Mankind I do not need a feminist
    crying foul, but if you have doubts I am a male chauvinistic pig that respects
    and cherishes,s our female friends and honesty- decency in fact ! I am a
    good egg. And we need to let our so-called superiors know
    we are not the idiots they take us for.

    “Hows about that then” Jimmy Savile

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