BEN FELLOWS starts Walk of Corruption 2013 today: Plymouth to London

An orthographic projection of the world, highl...There’s more to Ben Fellows than meets the eye when you google and click a little. Anybody biased against him should maybe ask: why would he bother, if he didn’t have ‘an axe to grind’? In my observation of victims of ‘the system’, it is always a web of individuals who tend to have done far worse to the individual than any individual could have done to them.

Does money influence this ‘axe grinding’, especially in our age of attention seeking, that is often the question – for both victims and perpetrators. Especially as perpetrators tend to be neither accountable nor prosecutable! In my view the worst is that children are dying in care without any prosecution. “Why?” is one of the key questions, methinks on this Sunday morning, when Ben Fellows sets out on his march against corruption.

Speaking for himself – as an actor and investigative journalist:

  1. Paedophile Politicians are Above the Law, says EU! – getting ready for his walk
  2. At the Bilderberg Fringe Festival – a video of him addressing the some 2,000 people
  3. His revelations as a child actor – rather an extensive account of accusations
  4. The Ben Fellows Radio Show – for a free and independent media.

Other bloggers – by way of example – so that readers question motivations and intentions of stories: are they ‘truth‘ or mis-information and dis-creditation? There’s always the person with a reputation and then there are stories or events as news. And there are the story-tellers and spin-doctors. The gap is wide between knowing and believing. Regarding child snatching, forced adoptions, secret family courts and paedophilia, it tends to be a shock therapy to move from believing to knowing. But we are all learning, as we read and think and associate our thoughts and feelings about what is ‘truth’ and what is ‘reality’:

  1. THE TAP: Ben Fellows finds out why Ken Clarke is Immune from Prosecution – his love for the European Union and its immunity laws
  2. THE NEEDLEBLOG: The Ben Fellows Allegations – an excellent blog and an excellent discussion regarding his credibility and the possibility of mis-information
  3. JUSTICE DENIEDWhat links Dolphin Square, Ben Fellows, Stringfellows, David Cameron, Max Clifford, Stephen Less and paedophiles – more accusatory links than you may want to know about…
  4. AANGIRFAN: Jimmy Savile, Child Murderers, Top People – the most comprehensive blog and a very disturbing article about the cover-ups of paedophilia that go as far as child murders
  5. SPOTLIGHT on ABUSE: Start digging… we fear more kiddies are buried outside (29.2.08) – one of the many extraordinary historic press clippings.

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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11 Responses to BEN FELLOWS starts Walk of Corruption 2013 today: Plymouth to London

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  8. Sarah says:

    What do genuine victims of abuse think of someone not reporting alleged abuse to the police at the time, when the person was an adult,and not even reporting it to the police almost 20 years later after the Savile story breaks, but going to the media and reporting it there? Then when the police turn up for a statement, the person gives a statement, but subsequently complains publicly about being “interrogated” for hours and asked detailed questions, like the colour of the carpet, and declines to give the police detailed statements about other alleged abusers. Do genuine abuse victims generally resent the police taking an interest?

  9. Mary Williams says:

    It’s a pity that he is so self-centered and abusive towards women:

    He lied about his dialogue with Kenneth Clarke, regarding ‘G4S’ (security company)- it didn’t exist in 1994! It was formed in 2004…

  10. Good luck to to Ben Fellows always!!
    Plymouth Social Services are corrupt!!
    All SS are and so are the councils.
    Look at the Ian Josephs website for more info.
    Plymouth is run by the common purpose (freemasons) new world order.

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