THE BIGGEST GANG in Britain – Shining a light on the culture of police corruption

This book has 3 raving reviews so far. For it describes that and how the Hillsborough, Savile and ‘Plebgate’ investigations are NOT exceptions, but the symptom of

a culture of dishonesty, lies and often stupidity which has been accepted by the Government of the day, the judiciary and the public at large for many years

born so long ago, but allowed to fester and grow with the many examples and revelations which have continued until today with Hillsborough as only one shocking example.

So who are we with

Our websites of

With thanks to victim Grandma B who published the announcement of this book. 


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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35 Responses to THE BIGGEST GANG in Britain – Shining a light on the culture of police corruption

  1. Tad Davison says:

    I’m going to get a copy, but I could have written it myself!

    Having had my own privacy invaded by this filthy low-down scum for most of the period, I have been trying to get the politicians to look into this matter for nigh on twenty years. Yet it has taken a very courageous man from the USA, and lots of others who have been wronged, to bring this corrupt police state out into the open. That the scale of the problem is only now beginning to dawn on the politicians, is incredible. By their reluctance to deal with this earlier, it casts doubt upon the credibility and the integrity of the British political system, to work in an honest way for the good of the British people, and not to preserve a corrupt elite.

    I don’t have a criminal record, and I am not involved in any criminal activity. Indeed, I despise criminals so much, I actually campaigned on law and order, calling for tougher sentences for wrong-doers, so there never was any justification for their snooping and intercepting my phone calls. And let us not forget, telephone tapping of a phone used by numerous people, is indiscriminate. So they even listened in to the calls my kids made! Pubescent girls, talking to their friends about the most private of subjects that not even their parents are privy to!

    Here’s just one of many examples: A friend who owned a small one-man haulage business rang me one evening, and we happened to talk about his van. My friend said he’d had a small problem with the steering drop-arm that he had managed to fix. I was the only person he told. The very next day, a police motorcyclist pulled him over on the M1 motorway, he was then escorted to a service area, a jack was thrust beneath his vehicle, and you have guessed it…………….they checked his steering drop arm! So how did they know he’d had a small problem with his steering drop-arm unless they were bugging my telephone?

    But they continued to deny it, despite my complaints. I even caught the Cambridgeshire police in a lie. After one of many complaints about their unwarranted intrusion, I decided to get my local MP, Anne Campbell involved. The police subsequently wrote to Anne Campbell to say they had been to see me, they had discussed my concerns, and didn’t need to take any further action. What they didn’t tell Mrs. Campbell, was at the time the officer called, I was actually having lunch in the House of Commons with Sir Teddy Taylor, so no meeting ever took place. Yet faced with the evidence, Mrs Campbell wouldn’t even reply to my further correspondence, thus revealing that despite the impression she would like to give t the public, she was just as bad as all the rest – especially the ones she said she condemned.

    And did anyone see this weeks Dispatches on Channel 4, where under-cover policemen took up with female activist and even got them pregnant as part of the subterfuge?

    My conscience will not allow me to have anything to do with dishonest people. For that reason, I wouldn’t give a copper a drink of water if they were dying in the gutter, and I don’t care who knows it! Corruption is institutionalised. The police cover for their errant colleagues. The days of Dixon of Dock Green, where one could trust a copper, is in the dim and distant past. In my case, it is irredeemable. And I am not alone!

    So what is the nett effect of all this snooping upon the people, are the police and the security services likely to get more people to help them?

    Quite the reverse, it makes people belligerent and resentful, so it’s counter-productive, but you can’t get that through to thick, stupid, and corrupt people. At least I can breathe clean air, content in the knowledge that I am far better than they are. The police are not fit to lick dog shit off my shoes!

    Tad Davison

    Cambridge UK

    • Quite a story, Tad!!! Especially regarding your MP!!!

      I was told today by a mum who is fighting for the return home of her daughter that her MP said “I have more important people to help than you!”…

    • JM says:

      I wanted to reply properly in detail…but really struggling to concentrate on anyhting at the minute, lot of physical pain to recently….but you want to know how tech has progressed somewhat you should read this

      Many years ago i used to hear the clicks on the phone as well. Up until about 2005ish… dnt hear the clicks anymore now that it’s all been digitised. After that…some of my emails got greyed out before i clciked on them (i.e. already read) I think fifth columnbist letting me know what i already know, or them just rubbing my nose in it.
      Couple of notable examples in similar vein to yours….i had vans parked across the street (homeless for seven years now, but dossing down with so called family) been there for months…mentioned it in emails to other TIs…few days later they’re gone and they moved into the bungalows instead. It really was laughable…snow on the ground…..footprints going up to the house but none coming away—frsh snow on the drive as well, windows wide pen and what sounded like pigyob radios. could have been taxi drivers i suppose.
      one opf them got a little dog (I walk the boy here evryday, so i guess to start up convo….) been suffering from really bad/ consatnt headache for years…thought it was possibly brain tumour for a long while…day after i mention in an email this woman is telling me the story ant the dog that got a brain tumour, really old then promptly ripped owners face off.
      One has to wonder though. The dog….it ate another’s dog shit right in front of her then jumped into her arms and stuck it’s tongue in her face and mouth…she seemed to enjoy it. never understood why people dnt understand why that is so disgusting without the shit…..but i was pissing myself whilst trying to resist the urge to vommit at same time. not a good combo
      but point being maybe they actually are too stupid to comprehend what is right in front of them….i doubt it though, regardless same dif between murder and manslaugter….

      i also dnt understand why people keep thinking it’s just one or two corrupt individuals- IT’S NOT THAT. Nazis are what nazis are- there’s no corruption there—–these one’s like to pretend otherwise as I’m sure the nazi’s did in their day….

      sounds to me like u were targetted by the criminals because you were against them—-can you not get your head around that one? Then you’re left with the Raoull Moat option.
      Keep telling them what they are is only going to make things worse, not better. They’re laughing at you as I’m sure they are at me.

      As you acknowledge, pigyobs even rape people and get paid for it. Consenting to have sex with one person is not the same as shagging a completely different person. obviously. in other news spades really are spades.

      incidentally they did same to me but with violence. repeatedly. also with the cameras they also repeatedly raped the woman who would have most likely have been my wife by now…if it weren’t for all this, althogh i never did get around to asking her.

      • Tad Davison says:

        I’ve said it myself many times JM. This snooper surveillance isn’t just done by a few errant individuals, it’s institutionalised. It’s not just one rotten apple, its the whole damned barrel that’s rotten! But what are the politicians doing about it?

        Already, there are signs this problem will be merely contained, rather than fully investigated. The politicians want it to go away, and of course, it will, if the rest of us sit on our hands and do nothing. Yet the politicians who haven’t the guts to put their heads above the parapet and call for a full and widespread public enquiry, are really part of the problem. That fact needs to be remembered the next time we have the chance to get rid of them by legitimate means via the ballot box.

        Doesn’t it make you sick, when these politicians all talk about freedom and liberty when they want to get themselves elected, then cower away in their corner the moment they have to do something about it. They are just as contemptible as the soldiers who talked tough before going into battle, but ran away with the first shot. Is it any wonder then, the political classes are thought of with such distain?

        I have an interesting link to show you. Please read it to see what nice, thoroughly decent people the British police are! Always there to help the public! Yeah, right! To keep the elite in clover maybe, but they ceased to be a forced for good years ago! Yet as a kid, I wanted to be one of them. I cannot even begin to tell you how glad I am that I never did!

        Britain: Spying network exposed targeting organisations critical of police By Barry Mason and Robert Stevens

        Tad Davison


        • JM says:

          Thanks for the link, but tells us what we already know….or i thought you did, but i guess you’re like most people in believeing what you want to believe.
          It’s not even just the barrel. It’s time to construct a time tavel device and nuke the whole orchard! Probably isn’t legal to say that either but what does it matter? There is no rule of law.

          There is no democracy. Just an illusion of. I’ve never been allowed to vote— even tried taking them to Court over it. They even tested this electronic voting thing in Sheffield several years back. When I tried to vote it told me I had already voted. Refused to tell me who I voted for!
          Gave up on that seven years back—-electroal role isn’t an electoral role, it’s just a population register they sell and trade to whoever they like. Like the sex offender’s regsiter- it’s a risk being on it! People get murdered because ofit as well, not just by the state—–if u can’t find your victim it stands to reason you can’t murder them.
          Bizarrely I’m on it even thoguh they wnt let me vote and I’m technically homeless….

          Read what they did to Norman Scarth when he stoof for election—you guesse dit on platform of police corruption. See the photo of the poor man legs….he has had to flee the country now. There’s a reason why you can’t get your hands on a white poppy for love or money these days….Tipp ex may still be legal though, i dnt know.

          next time my mother tries to force me to where a red one i’m going to burn it and drop molten plastic on her carpet….

          but just think what you saying there. in order to get elected you have to be hard/ people need to know who youa re. if you’re not allowed on the form or prevented from speaking you can’t be elcted. they also have control over who can vote. even those who do how can you have any faith that they’re all being counted correctly? and the real power in theory is the cabinet. you can’t get there unless you’re allowedin and the real PTB have soemthing over you, like being a pedo for example.
          Furthermore—-any decisions the cabinets make in theory is based on information and OPTIONS given to them—-therefore it is those people that have the real power.

          Prime example ’98 Billy Clinton given 2 options…..just been a bombing in africa, US embassy, only dozen americans died… and that was in retaliation to numerours other attrocities…but 1. full on invasion of afghanistan 2. whack off 70 odd cruise missiles into Kabul and killed tens of thousand of innocent men women and children. totally fucked up the economy as well—so no food/ medicine—-lot more than that died. 3 years later some of the children that managed to survive that attack some how managed to overturn the laws of physics when they crashed a few aeroplanes into buildings—-millions of deaths followed, but necessary price as they weren’t going to willingly hand over their natural resources… they had to create a pretex…..(doubt if anybody even bothered to ask them). at least with a standard level mugger you have the option to hand over wallet usually before he shoots you/ then probably doesn’t….
          Micro and macro, it’s the same.

          Politicains aren’t the one really in charge…never were…democracy isn’t actually going to work when you relaise the power is in the decision making nd that depends on who has control over teh info and the military hardware….

          I actually have far more contempt for the soldiers taking the shots than those that refuse.

          The real heros are the one’s you dnt hear abt on MSM- like start of the Iraq war…..the guy that went grenade posting in the tents just before they went in….took quite a few out before they shot him….and the guy that opened up with the machine gun on his ‘comrades’ in the speed boat….well, he wa sin a boat out at sea but i preume they kille dhim eventually….. a trial wd have meant publicity.
          To knowingly give up your life, go against your natural urges/ the people you actually knew— knowing no chance you wd survive…..because it was the right thing to do. True heros. Can’t even find out there names. History wnt remeber them—that’s written by some cunt called Victor. Raoull Moat is a name I’ll always remember. But u have to wonder….might also be a false falg….but gut tells me he was a man of principle that when faced with worse than certain death decided to fight. His friends are serving life in jail now for giving the man soemthing to eat. Worse than death….Nazis treated people better. Death by firing squad wd be far more than prerferable to what they’re being subjceted to.

          Decent pigyobs were forced out or resigned in disgust a decade and a haf ago—only got worse since then.

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  3. JM says:

    glad it got publsihed…only trouble being most of the traget market can’t afford to buy it being left destitute by those that the book is about!!!

  4. JM says:

    hang…on the author admits to a ‘sustained hate campaign’ an dthe rest….so obviously no fear of prosecution….and now he’s making money off it? how fucked up is that? and you’re promoting this guy Sabine….? oh dear….think that’s called an own goal

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  6. JM says:

    You say you won’t co-operate with them now? who ever they actually are? u should try reading what they did to me…
    but…some yob in a mask and a machine gun breaks into your home threatening to murder youa nd your family….wd yous tand perfectly still? or try to defend? if they demand to see your bus ticket? when you refuse wd you co-operate with their attempts to beat you up and abduct you….or would you defend yourself? if yobs in masks and guns were keeping your kids prsioner or soembody else’s in a school for example, wd you just sit there and watch or wd you hijack a car and drive it into them….? try and do soemthing, damn the consequnces?
    you need to think abt this stuff….

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  8. Yisraels Redeemer says:

    Reblogged this on The Voice Of Australians.

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  10. Amelia says:

    I’m an American of mixed ethnic background married to an English man. We unfortunately made the decision to move to Norfolk. It was a nightmare experience from beginning to end including police neighbours who decided to make my life a living hell try to have me arrested and eventually forced me out of my home. The first day I moved in one of the white locals came up to me and said “I hear your American” and I said “yes” and she said too bad since we don’t like foreigners here but “at least your not black!” My story is long and complicated but very shocking and ends with me fearing for my life and running from my home because of the police. So far I’ve had no justice and I don’t know what to do.

    • How do you think anybody could help?

      Have you written a chronology of events?

      • Anonymous says:

        At the very least there must be someone in the UK government I could turn to.

        I kept a detailed journal and wrote a 25 page complaint to the IPCC that was eventually decided against me because I was alone when most of the incidents occurred (my husband at the time was away a lot on business and conveniently things often happened when he wasn’t home but even incidents that occurred that he too witnessed were tossed out by the IPCC because a spouse cannot be your witness even though the cops that were tormenting us were husband and wife and they were allowed to corroborate each others stories because they are cops). I was told repeatedly that cops don’t lie and that since I had no witnesses therefore I’m lying. So, anyone living alone in the UK is in serious danger I suppose. My story is so unbelievable in a way I myself still can’t believe everything that happened to me.

        • Have you thought of turning your story into a blog?

          Do you want me to help you do that with WordPress?

          • Amelia says:

            Yes I have often thought about a blog or submitting an article as a freelance writer (I studied writing, literature, and history at university) but when I contacted a couple of news agencies I (not surprisingly) never heard back. I think a blog would be effective in relaying my story but I also hope that someone in the legal or political field would read it and offer some help or advice…but at the very least my story could stand as a warning to others and spread the news about racism and corruption in the police in the UK. But I think for a blog to be effective it must be linked or attached someway to a website or forum or such….,I think if I offered my meager blog to the Internet it would certainly get lost in cyberspace if that makes any sense.

            • Well, my dear ‘learned writer’,

              you’re right: writing is one thing, promoting it is another. But then that’s what I’ve fairly finely tuned. After all, I’ve had 240,000 hits since August 2010.

              Getting started is the first step. One step at a time. It’s empowering to say the least.

              Look at our two volumes ‘Forensics of Legal Fraud’ which we published on Lulu – as an e-book. See

              Google for ‘turning a blog into a book’.

              And think about registering with Try your name.

              Open an account with Skype if you don’t have one already, and I’ll help!

              There’s a good ‘professional McKenzie Friend’ on But you always must have a ‘forensic chronology’ as an introduction.

              Happy Writing!

              • Amelia says:

                Thank you so much Sabine! Maybe you’re that first crucial person I’ve been hoping for to offer professional advice! I really appreciate it. I will check out everything you’ve suggested and leave you another message tomorrow. Yes please I would greatly appreciate further help and advice if you can spare any time as Ive never utilised WordPress (lol I guess I’m not that learned really). Hopefully this is the first step for me…for some resolution, answers and maybe just maybe some justice.

              • Amelia says:

                Hi Sabine sorry it took a couple of days to reply again but I checked out everything you suggested and I started an even more detailed chronology than I had written before. I think I will organise the material as much as possible first before starting the blog in the next couple of weeks. But I did have one question….where exactly do I publish the blog? I understand how to do it through WordPress but how do I link it to something like victims unite? Or do I do that at all? Thanks for your help!

            • jake says:

              just waiting and hoping… the very least you wd have thought a solicitor wd have picked my case up, even if only for the benefiots issue….(easy money for them?) never mind the ‘right to work’ i.e. a bank account…but to no avail….
              mine is here, but lost access to it as soon as i published it…not even sure that’s the right ‘version’, it’s lost all it’s formatting…



              yes, and Sabine gets some pretty big numbers…..but so what? still the same old same old….knowing or number of people knowing doesn’t change anything….action is the only thing that changes things i.e. violence

              • Amelia says:

                I read all your posts and what you’ve been through is horrendous….Im shocked. And I hope for you justice some day but I’m sorry I will not and cannot advocate violence. I have to continue to believe that the “pen is mightier than the sword.” And obviously you still believe in using the pen since you are posting replies here. Don’t give up. None of us should ever give up to the point of resorting to violence because that’s exactly what the police want us to do so they can then instantly discredit us and worse. If we obey the law then we are always in the right against the corrupt and dishonest racist police.

                • jake says:

                  Joint Enterprise Law.
                  If you don’t defend yourself then you have co-operated with them and can be prosecuted for anything and everyhting they decide to do to you. If you cooperate with them in anyway then you can prosecuted for everything theyhave ever done to anybody as well, including numerous murders….

                  How is it even possible to put my own penis inside my own bottom? law is bloody absurd….

  11. Amelia says:

    Sorry Sabine I accidentally posted that reply as anonymous

    • jake says:

      wish i could offer some constructive advice, but I’ve had similar happen to me as well and there is no real solution….the response I got from the IPCC was violent psycopaths kicking the door in and beating me up again, dislocated my back that time! Still have trouble walking some days even now….
      I used to try and keep a diary as well…no good though, they just came down the wire and delted it, backups to….they have master keys for all the locks in the UK anyway.
      Legally not a thing you can do- I don’t even have papers now, seven years + so no home bank account, able tow ork or the rest…..hope you can find a way out, sincerely.

  12. John Harker says:

    I currently involved in a very serious case of a continual battle to expose the corrupt criminal offences committed by a Pub Company – its official – their solicitors – our own solicitors, in corrupt collusion, who did unlawfully accept a Consent Order and a late statement by the Pub Co official deviously done in order to subject my unsuspecting ex partner to DURESS to sign that Consent Order or be evicted from the Hotel we ran by that weekend if not signed! What we discovered much later after my ex partner was led like a lamb to their slaughter and consequently had her home and property possessed: was that the late statement by the Pub Company official (freemason) wherein he accused my ex partner of breaking the clauses of a lease, and required possession of the Hotel! We were NOT shown this statement at that fatal time nor the Consent Order which my ex partner signed without any advice but was put in a panic attack with tears streaming down her cheeks and ran out of that deceiving solicitors office!

    We discovered much later when I tried to take the Pub Co solicitors to court on receiving their papers, we found a lease that we had NOT ever seen before, which was a blank bog standard lease that had an A4 page inserted at the rear with the signature of the Pub Co official and a signature opposite purporting to be a signature of my ex partner! Also with a statement above the Pub Co official’s signature that stated the lease was signed in his presence by my ex partner??? This was totally FALSE – my ex partner had NOT signed that A4 page of that lease! It was a FORGED and FABRICATED lease! The Consent Order was based on this FORGED and FABRICATED lease that my ex partner was subjected to a criminal DURESS to sign by our so called solicitor that fatal morning!

    We have been battling for our lawful human rights for the past 3 years after having submitted the documentary evidence to the North Yorkshire Police making very serious complaints of very serious criminal offences having been committed against us! The North Yorkshire Police did renege on their written promises to interview me with my ex partner at her home! Why? Because they knew I am a former police officer, also an ex Mason (Who knows how they use people and destroy lives for their corrupt benefit and how police lawyers judges civil servants et al do protect their “brothers” HEED I would have made sure that ALL of the material evidence that we had submitted would have been produced and discussed! But instead they carried out a mere cosmetic exercise and produced an irrelevant untrue unsigned 9 months late C.I.D. Police Report! Our further complaints to the so called IPCC were compounded and when we made further complaints when we obtained expert witness evidence that confirms that the lease is a FORGERY and FABRICATION supported by our joint signed and sworn Statutory Declarations, the North Yorkshire Police did merely respond by their “GET OUT” excuse by stating the complaints would not be recorded as they were “REPETITIOUS”??? Obviously we Appealed to the IPCC who merely responded by them UPHOLDING what the North Yorks Police said and refused our Appeal??? LAW points IGNORED – material legal evidence IGNORED – NEW expert witness evidence IGNORED – ALL CORRUPTLY COVERED UP!

    So now we sworn and jointly signed a legal Affidavit witnessed by a Commissioner for Oaths that have detailed every criminal offence that has been committed against us, knowing that if we do not proclaim the TRUTH we are liable to up to 7 years in prison! So what will the North Yorks Police and the IPCC do next, just once more IGNORE and COVER UP this legal Affidavit in protection of their corrupt “free”mason brothers?! JUSTICE ONCE AGAIN BEING CORRUPTED! All the LAW and their Public statements of how they are champions to see the LAW upheld and to see JUSTICE be done, does NOT count for the paper it is written on! And neither does these so called Police and Crime Commissioners, against whom also we have our complaints to the Panel for NEGLIGENCE in Public Office, NOT even an acknowledgement from the North Yks Police Commissioner and our M.P. is precisely the same NOT an acknowledgement in THREE years! Then once the complaints against the Police and Crime Commissioner are refused, who do we Appeal to? The IPCC!
    Who are exactly the same as the so called Criminal Cases Review Commission PURE Govt PATSIES infiltrated by forked tongued “free”masons, who know they are protected! If anyone can help in any way we would be much obliged!

    John Harker

    • JM says:

      you’re a fromer pigyob? no sympathy for you then….glad to hear you getting some of what is due to you

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