THE FORENSICS of Legal Fraud – across Bankruptcies, Poisoning, Child Snatching and Court of Protection

Too Big to Fail

It takes bad intentions to commit a crime. And it takes ‘people in high places’ to cover it up.

In David Fabb’s case it was Deloittes. In Chris Coomber’s case it is Ernst & Young, or rather the Global Head of Business Restructuring aka ‘theft by insolvencies’. Kenneth Clarke‘s Insolvency Department couldn’t be convinced of our arguments and evidence at the time. In any case, they don’t ‘deal with individual cases’…

Deloittes and Ernst & Young are two of the ‘big four’ accountancy firms that are ‘too big to fail’. Prem Sikka, professor of accountancy at the University of Essex, writes regularly in The Guardian about their shortcomings. For they are not too big to steal and to commit fraud! Because they can always hide behind ‘corporate firewalls’, i.e. nobody is responsible, until directors of companies are taken to account.

  • David Fabb was one of the four bankruptcies which I ‘put on the map’ by grouping cases on the web.
  • Another one was Mr Ebert whose story became Volume 1 of The Forensics of Legal Fraud.
  • The late Paulette Cooper’s drama became Volume 2.
  • Raymond Fox, the fourth case deals with radiation covered up by the Government.
  • George Wescott’s poisoning was due to organophosphates – imposed by the Government for sheep dipping – and covered up, too.
  • Pilot Len Lawrence suffers from the same poison – but due to a genetic predisposition and the exhausts from aeroplanes. He describes here on 22 pages how the Court of Protection as part of the Family Courts are abusing psychiatry for criminal ends, i.e. assets being stolen.

In summary: 

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity has formulated the following demands:

  1. stop cuts and halt privatisation
  2. tax the millionaires and big business
  3. drop the debt and put banks under democratic control
  4. invest in jobs, homes, public services and the environment.

In a nutshell:

That way the historic Rule of Law would replace the current Rule of Money. But the anger of the people may want to see some heads rolling… Or else we allow Corporations to Rule the World

middle class too big to fail

middle class too big to fail (Photo credit: Vince_Lamb)


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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26 Responses to THE FORENSICS of Legal Fraud – across Bankruptcies, Poisoning, Child Snatching and Court of Protection

  1. Tad Davison says:

    Does anyone else get the feeling that the words ‘honesty’ and integrity’ do not apply to politicians, the police, the security services, and the legal profession, and that we desperately need wholesale reform of our institutions and ways of working?

    I do not advocate violence to bring it about, but that is their main weapon. It is what they are depending upon. They can use whatever means they like, to subjugate us, and to cheat us, but we who are affected by their corruption are bound by the law and must remain within it. Otherwise, we fall into their trap. So what chance do we have?

    Yesterday, and very much out of character, I actually found myself thanking Vladimir Putin for not returning a notable whistle-blower to the United States. Effectively, the actions of the state spies, have turned me against them, when we actually should be affording them every assistance. They just don’t get it. They just don’t understand that their duplicitous and underhanded methods will only bring about their own ruin in the end. The same applies to all the other categories listed above.

    I wouldn’t help a foreign power hurt the country of my birth, but I have grave misgivings about the methods and the motives of those we are supposed to trust with our rights and our security. When they treat the ordinary citizen as if they were criminals to be watched and spied upon, just in case, they have moved from protector to pariah, and that cannot be right in a country which used to pride itself on fair play and justice.

    We’ve got to get rid of these self-interested people somehow, and replace them with those who know the meaning of those two vitally important words – honesty and integrity, but I fear we are all too late. The cancer is inoperable.

    Tad Davison

    Cambridge UK

    • Hypocrisy seems to replace honesty and integrity. And ‘perfidious Albion’. It actually gets to me, Tad.

      All the letters sound so good and proper!…

      But the assets and the kids are not where they belong!!!

    • JM says:

      well, if you’re not prepared to sink to their level you have already lost…it’s a war and pacifists dnt win wars, they just get massacred….which is a better option than what is currently being inflcited on some of us

      you been away for a while thoguh….hope u haven’t been locked up?

  2. peter oakes says:

    All is not lost ! for the USA to admit it uses a corrupted UK GCHQ to spy
    on ALL british citizens to circumvent it,s own domestic laws is absolute proof
    of criminal intent by un-elected govnt. employees duped into secret societies
    or is it societies with secrets ? and a clandestine attempt to control the world.

    All this means of course is that: the USA and british authorities know who
    the paedophiles are, all jimmy saviles accomplices, all drug traffickers, dealers
    etc. in fact they are in full knowledge of all the criminal activity they are
    accomplices in, millions upon millions of phone calls e-mails are conveniently
    spied on to suit the purpose of the biggest criminals Obama, Cameron, and other so-called leaders MPs etc. When these are exposed in their criminal
    activities they shout about their human right to ” privacy ” as a device to
    conceal their thefts & frauds, kidnappings , child abuses etc. etc.

    These imbeciles have shot themselves in the foot ! and it hurts that much their brains have,nt realised it at the moment ! Doh ! the public has always known
    govnts. are corrupt ! Now they have just confirmed it !

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  4. peter oakes says:

    It is summed up in a few words Arrogance & Contempt. That is their
    outlook on Joe Public ! but Joe Public will have his day! especially when
    good coppers discover they are obtaining kids for paedophiles via the courts
    and Social Services ! Even the Australian Paedo. Fraudster MPs have just
    ditched Julia Gillard no doubt for ordering an inquiry into child abuse etc.

  5. Roger Gough says:

    I went to the Commons yesterday for a meeting of The Open Rights Group. I asked the following question (and admitted my naivety in asking it). Mr Snowden has been charged (in absentia) by the USA Government with theft of data. The Guardian has received that information and used it for their own purposes. Why has no criminal investigation been initiated against The Guardian for what appear to be blatant criminal offences? 2 MPs, a QC and a privacy expert all decilned to even acknowledge the question. Please help.

  6. peter oakes says:

    Were Mr.Snowden. real & bad he would be removed ! allegorically, symbolic
    type murder re: gods banker ! P2 Lodge Blackfriar member, Vatican mafia
    gangsters ! He would be hanged on his own CT. in a place where the tide
    ref2 in a day, his pockets stuffed with masonary !

    He is no better off in Moscow seeking sanctuary the mafia,s masonic
    reach is worldwide time for good bretheren to uphold their oaths and to
    restore the reputation of G. maybe mr.snowden will be rendered and
    disapeared ?

    Signed. R.Calvi.
    Blackfriars Bridge.

  7. The picture is grim, and the prospects of the honest and honourable winning a victory over perfidious bureaucrats and politicians remains a dream, but the fact that names and cases are being put up for all who have eyes to see – must be a step in the right direction. Remember, and take heart, the merest crack in a dam can cause the whole structure to collapse; those words in print are the first cracks. The wall of secrecy will give way – eventually.

  8. With your permission Sabine, I’m reblogging this to Musings of a Penpusher.

  9. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    Words in print, and the opened eyes of those who may have been ignorant, may be the opening cracks that bring down the wall of secrecy surrounding these cases of injustice.

  10. peter oakes says:

    Hi Maureen. Do not forget Gericho. Oh and they could,nt read in those
    days, may be it is sound that breaks through ? of course this has been
    polluted in the House Of Consmens plenty of noise ! No substance.

  11. peter oakes says:

    Un-doubtedly ! but up whose rectum ? The palace of westminster is a
    cess pit, not one mp in recent times has gained the respect of joe public !

    I am not totally bereft of respect ! Thanks to Your efforts Sabine I have
    met Vince Cable, Austin Mitchell, and sorry to say I would,nt pee on
    the rest if they were on fire !

    Dire Straits comes to mind, now they have admitted discovering enough gas
    to supply our needs for 400 years, ( something they knew about in 1974 )
    it has taken them 30 years plus to get hold of the stocks & shares, to steal
    a natural asset that belongs to the people of Britain.

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  16. David says:

    What has occurred to Len Lawrence and many more is a travesty of Justice, made even worse Legal and medical professionals not keeping to their oaths and fitness to practice. All of us must now know what has been occurring by many unscrupulous persons above because of the fully committed actions of the likes of Len Lawrence to expose them. It is interesting to observe not one individual has taken action against Len et al (and others). The reason is simple. To instigate action through the courts, allows Len, George, Michelle, Christine, and more to force these individuals into producing documentation they would rather keep secret, and expose their unprofessional conduct, even criminal offences where committed!. . These documents will be alleged lost, stolen or destroyed UNLESS it suits the other party. It is about time the Peoples Courts started acting for the PEOPLE not the privileged few like Barristers, Judges Ministers and a few medical personnel who seem protected and immune from misdoings commonly termed criminal activity. By asset stripping individuals alleging they lack mental capacity. As one can certainly see of of Leonard Lawrence he was and still is a highly intelligent man with a former sterling Military Service career and highly qualified Commercial Pilot. Quite frankly a serious investigation needs to be undertaken at a criminal level into what occurred to Leonard Lawrence, and STILL IS with so many inaccuracies surfacing about statements from the Courts, the Lawyers and medical records where constant contradictions seem to be an everyday occurrence!. You have one Court official making a statement and another totally contradicting the first. One court stating they have lost the files, and when a Judge and Police are called in to search for those files they are located in minutes? The question is simple had these actions been undertaken by a civilian member of the public or a business company the result would BE a criminal investigation for perverting the course of Justice!. There I rest my case.

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