KENNETH CLARKE and the Bilderberg “charity” under Scrutiny by Civil Society

Map of NATO countries.png Editiert

Map of NATO countries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the purposes of obtaining charitable status, the “Bilderberg Association” call it

Public education in international affairs, economics and the social sciences with reference in particular to political, economic and social problems affecting the democratic countries of North America and Western Europe and the effects of industrialisation upon the social structures and environments of such countries.

You might think about re-phrasing this as

  • educating ‘special public service officials’ rather than ‘public’
  • with reference to ‘problems affecting North America and Western Europe’ meaning “let’s ensure NATO countries remain the superpower”
  • social structures and environments – maybe meaning “only allowing the financial elite to live there”? Everybody else might as well be financially and thus physically starved…

Here’s the full article by Civil Society – an interesting organisation that complained to the Charities Commission!

And here’s the most comprehensive Bilderberg site in the UK by former BBC reporter Tony Gosling who shared the news.


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3 Responses to KENNETH CLARKE and the Bilderberg “charity” under Scrutiny by Civil Society

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  2. vomituk says:

    Keep up the good work

    J M Todd

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