OFFICIAL SOLICITOR at Court of Protection uses false documents to steal assets

Len Lawrence is a retired air pilot who made this video to bring to the attention of the President of the Family Courts and the Court of Protection what is occurring ‘under his radar’:

  1.  Many people are ‘certified’, i.e. declared not to have ‘mental capacity’, without medical assessments, under the jurisdiction of the Official Solicitor, Alastair Pitbardo and his Deputy, May Maughan;
  2. Certificates of Incapacity bear no serial number. They cannot be tracked.
  3. This is of great concern as Frances Gibb wrote on 4 April 2013 in The Times Life or death: man who helps courts decide, i.e. how the Official Solicitor acts as ‘litigation friend’ for the vulnerable in the Court of Protection.
  4. Len is particularly concerned for the number of parents who are declared not to have capacity so that the Official Solicitor can decide that their children can be adopted away from them:
  • without informing the Court of Protection and making medical and financial decisions as in Len’s case.

A High Court Judge said these documents are not to be disclosed to the Family Division. But Len is a victim of white collar crimes who has become a ‘public interest advocate’ like many others.

His first document is from the Legal Services Commission

“It is not in the public interest that the public is given sight of parts of Len’s Legal Aid file.”

Why? Because he was £300,000 over the limit of Legal Aid. His signature was gained when he lacked mental capacity due to poisoning from fumes by aeroplanes and subsequent false diagnosis and false medication. Two attempts were made to have Len ‘sectioned’.

The essence of this 15-minute video is what we have observed ever since we followed Lord Sudeley‘s recommendation to ‘group cases to change the law’:

  • official documents are being falsified
  • people in official positions are abusing their positions
  • victims are being dispossessed by fraud and any other crime.

In Len’s case, the Court of Protection was abused by its officials so that his house that was valued at £725,000 could be sold under value, without Len knowing or benefiting.

Just as in the four biggest bankruptcies known to us at the time, solicitors, barristers, accountants and the judiciary are all part of  ‘white collar crime gangs‘.

A court hearing will take place next Wednesday for a victim of Insolvency Practitioners.

And thus we are back full circle, except we now have it on video, addressed to Sir James Munby, President of the Family Courts. At the same time John Hemming MP has tabled Early Day Motions relating to these issues:

Our petition to the EU Parliament is asking to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent

On Independence Day, Gerald Celente called for a Second Revolution in the US to restore America: a revolution of the heart, mind, spirit and MORALITY!

Wouldn’t it be nice, if the UK were to benefit, thanks to its ‘special relationship’ with the US!?… But dishonest money breeds dishonest people and dishonest behaviour, also or maybe even especially in the higher echelons…


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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13 Responses to OFFICIAL SOLICITOR at Court of Protection uses false documents to steal assets

  1. Jean McDonald says:

    Sabine What a corrupt society we are living in. I’m surrounded by the kind of people who operate within the ‘corruption’ which exist today. I discovered yesterday my sewage drain has been tampered with causing a back flow ! Typical mafia property operators in Barnes SW London. Slowly – over years – they render your property ‘unsaleable’ Jean

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. peter oakes says:

    Dear Jean McDonald. call the Enviromental – Agency tell them you fear your
    drains have been tampered with for ulterior purposes, you feel this could be
    a pollution, and health hazard,

    Please think -on if you are certain of your claims, if not the enviro. will insist
    you carry out remedial work, if there has been sabotage call in the police
    after obtaining an enviro. report. confirming the facts !

  3. tracey davies says:

    this is happenning the world over, certainly going on in uk and mallorca

  4. Tony Butler says:

    These are criminal acts, and the perpertraters are being protected by fake, High Court Judges.
    The Judiciary believes, that the Courts are their fiefdoms, in which they can do whatever they will, without any fear of repercussions. They are mistaken. No one is above the Law of the Land, and no Judge be should be accepted as such, unless they confirm they act within their oaths of office. The Courts do not belong to the Judge, prosecution, or government, but to the defendant and their defenders, the Jury.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Chk John Harris 1/5 Lectures also Remedy link on Page 1, Kent Freedom Movement ‘ Habeas ‘

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  8. K.MacMillan says:

    All my sympathies are with Len Lawrence – did he ever get redress ?

    • Not yet. He’s still working on it and I need to expose much more of the materials he sent!

      But I have soo many cases on board. Helping individually, especially mums in prison, is very exhausting.

      Exposing is another ‘job’!…

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  10. anon says:

    I don’t believe everything Len Lawrence says. He let a family down he promised to meet without even informing them- that doesn’t show concern. He never contacted them and it caused many problems.

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