SHE WINS in Court but gets beaten up in Prison: Email to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe

At the demo outside Downing StreetDear Sir Bernard

This is to ask you to appoint an investigator into SIX members of staff who assaulted Ms Melissa Laird A8904CJ last Saturday.

Together with Ms Rooney, whom I Cc, I visited her this morning as McKenzie Friends and heard what amounts to violence, cruelty and torture of the utmost degrading kind. It has been suggested to us that it is prison ‘culture’ to punish inmates when they succeed in court: I had told Ms Laird on Friday that her deportation was stayed. She has still not been told officially though!

Instead, she was put on ’segregation’, i.e. in total isolation, even though she is severely disabled due to arthritis in both knees.

Besides the assault that broke her right arm and left big bruises on her left leg and hand, she was treated in the most degrading and humiliating manner:

  • Her clothes, religious books, legal papers and photos of her son were taken from her.
  • Her wheelchair was taken away and she had to use the floor as the toilet since she could not reach the toilet.
    • At some stage she had a wheelchair that she could not move herself.
    • Her glasses were taken away so she couldn’t even fill in her ‘canteen sheet’.
    • She was shouted at that she was a fraud and should get up and walk.
    • She was stripped and eventually given shoes that were 2 sizes too big, because her feet were so bruised and swollen.
  • In terms of hygiene her ‘segregation’ cell is beyond description.

She will tell your investigator more incredible things herself, as it’s too difficult to believe. You’d think we’re living in Dickensian times.

Whilst writing, let me point out to you that similar treatment has been endured by Gloria Musa A2967CJ. Both are victims of ‘child snatching’, i.e. parents are fraudulently imprisoned and receive punishment without crime, whilst crimes are committed without punishment and children are made to suffer unbearably – without any contact with their children since December 2011.

They are two of some 80 foreign nationals in HMP Holloway whose children were taken into ‘care’. Edward Timpson MP admitted in Parliament that 50 of them die a year and 10,000 go missing from ’care’. A Ukrainian child was recently drugged to death because it cried for its parents.

A demo is currently being held outside Downing Street by Stolen Children of the UK that was reported by Slovakian TV.

Christopher Booker’s latest article is Our ‘child protection’ system is an international scandalChildren of foreign families resident in the UK are being seized by social workers at an astonishing scale. Research estimates 6,500 of them!

While we can’t expect you to solve all these problems, I trust that you will make sure that Melissa Laird will be treated like a human being, according to at least some of the Human Rights enshrined in Law and that staff will be charged and punished.

I understand that it is totally up to the Governors Amy Dickson or Julia Killick to transfer Ms Laird to Bronzefield. But neither have responded to our letters since February this year.

I Cc John Hemming MP, Ms Laird’s Prison Lawyer as well as our Chairperson Belinda McKenzie who has booked our next visit for Thursday, in case a transfer cannot be organised promptly.

Trusting that you will ensure that law and order still have some kind of meaning,

Yours most gratefully in advance,

Sabine K McNeill


Co-Founder, Association of McKenzie Friends

Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy while assisting Litigants in Person

21a Goldhurst Terrace – London NW6 3HB

T: 020 7328 3701 – M: 07968 039 141 – Skype: sabine.kurjo.mcneill


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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18 Responses to SHE WINS in Court but gets beaten up in Prison: Email to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe

  1. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to UKazigstan. Where no proud man, woman or child is safe.

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  3. Absolutely shocking – As well as running the NSPSCA: National Society for the Prevention of Social Care Abuses – Which covers all aspects of the Social Care principle, from health and well being to benefits and the law… I am also a member of SCOT UK and was there on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th. I shall be returning to the brothers tomorrow…

    I am going to highlight this post on my own page…


  4. butlincat1 says:

    Since Gloria Musas’ imprisonment in Holloway prison London on Nov. 28 2011`I, with others, have written numerous letters of complaint regarding the atrocious victimisation Gloria Musa has been receiving there. These letters, sent by email and Royal Mail recorded delivery have been sent to Ms. Killick, the prison governor, to MPs and many other prison authority representatives including the Independant Monitoring Board, Prison Welfares Ms. E. Tysoe, and Lord McNally himself, the justice minister along with 4 other parliamentary undersecretaries at the MoJ. – and others. Hardly any letters sent have received replies – when a letter is replied to its the standard rhetoric that all is well and the correct procedures are in place, when they most certainly aren’t – the situation with Gloria Musa has worsened and not got any better at all since Nov. 2011 despite Glorias unchanging serious medical condition and our protests. Below are just a couple of sample letters sent to be ignored by these authorities – their salaries paid by us, the taxpayer. This is a true sworn statement and many more letters telling of the barbaric situation can be shown
    “to admin, mayt, lammyd, ruffleyd, lynne.feathers., andersonda, blunkettd, camerond, picklese, pickles, clarkek, coopery, president, president,, emma.finch, cleggn, milibande, haguew, bellinghamh, nigel.farage, hoeyk, loughtont, info, brian.farmer [press assoc.]
    Weds 13 Feb 2012
    From: ——- [address removed]
    13 Feb. 2013
    Ms. Killick,
    Regarding the mistreatment you are meting out, and have always meted out regarding prisoner no A2767CJ Gloria Musa, I see things have gone from bad to worse. I will not go into all the many descriptions of how Gloria Musa has been outrageously bullied and victimised by your staff, but the letters attatched that I have already sent you bear testimony to the illegal treatment you are making her suffer. You are therefore very much aware of this illtreatment of one of Her Majesty prisoners yet you do nothing whatsoever to correct the situation – preferring to sit in your cosy office while your minions run riot in the cell blocks dishing out varying forms of unjust torture to those they deem fit for such barbaric practices. We visitors have been told personally of numerous different events Gloria has had to suffer, where, for example, whilst in hopital in March 2011 she was chained to a bed – to the great enjoyment of the warders – for she was then under their – and your – jurisdiction still even though she was in hospital. Weve been told how other prisoners are punished if they have anything to do with her. Weve also been told of Gloria falling down due to her injuries and your staffs refusal to help her in any way, such that after falling down due to her ailments a short while back she was left on the floor FOR A MATTER OF HOURS unable to get up because prison warders refused to help her up again.
    Another complaint I wrote to you which you have failed to answer is when Gloria was dragged off of the toilet bleeding and not allowed to stem the said bleeding but rather she was rushed off for some meeting with somebody or other. My letter attatched to you explains the sickening event and how we came to know about it. You did not reply, which speaks for itself. I dread to think what other things we dont know about that has gone on regarding the appalling treatment Gloria Musa has had to suffer whilst under your supervision.
    Regarding the wheelchair which now you have refused us getting Gloria Musa I would ask how is it other disabled prisoners are allowed a comfortable proper wheelchair obtained for them by family / supporters yet Gloria Musa is not, but is made to use a prison chair only when one is available, and that chair is usually broken down, uncomfortable and decrepit. Indeed, when i tried to call in about making arrangements for a chair to be delivered, which is every prisoners right, and when I tried to find out what the score was about the chair being delivered I knew the minute the phone operator asked for the name of the prisoner that the chair was for and that my enquiries were about – as in the recording I sent you of this event – that I would get nowhere – and we havent. A couple of days later a prison employee called me and told me that we supporters were not allowed to get her a working non-damaged chair [for she is having to use a pathetically broken-down wreck of a chair no animal, let alone human should be made to use] and that the prison would be “taking care of Ms. Musa’s needs” – which is a blatant lie in itelf as never have you ever offered Gloria Musa the treatment she is supposed to get as a resident of Holloway prison. Here is that call =
    Since day one of her being in yor prison your staff – and ultimately you Ms. Killick have seen to it that her life is made unbearable – even putting her on various drugs at one point you refused to give the names of. We can only assume why you gave her drugs refusing to tell her what those drugs were but if anything was against her Human Rights that event was.
    Why has Gloria Musa been denied medical treatment still after being on your premises since November 2011?
    All in all I find your position as governor of anywhere absolutely outrageous as youi cannot treat the prisoners how they are supposed to be treated.
    Finally to finish please can you tell me about the 15 alleged deaths that we hever been told about by a reputable source that have occurred in your prison recently? I am aware of Rachael Patriarch’s alleged death in your prison, which so far I have not seen or heard one word about anywhere. Why did this woman lose her life? Perhaps you would like to make public the circumstances of why she was in your prison at all and how she came to pass on. I think the public and Ms. Patriarch next-of-kin have a right to know, and also something needs to be done about the 15 deaths of Holloway women prisoners that we were told about recently.
    To: Whom it may concern in Parliament / the media

    Dear Ms. Killick, Governor of Holloway prison,
    Concerning Ms. GLORIA MUSA, a resident in Holloway prison, no. A2767CJ.

    I received this disturbing message today from a fellow supporter, and am disgusted that you could allow such outrageous behaviour to happen to a prisoner in one of Her Majesty’s prisons, in this case HOLLOWAY prison.

    “Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2012 07:44:30 +0000
    Subject: Hi Folks
    I got a call from Gloria and she was upset, this is why:
    She was in the toilet and was changing her pad (because of the bleeding) some prison workers came in and said she had to come as there was an appointment for the doctor. They pulled her off the toilet, when she asked if she could put underwear on they said no and proceeded to take her for her appointment without knickers on. Of course she was bleeding, as she has been since the birth of Nasara, March 2012.
    Kind regards
    — ” [name supplied upon request].
    As the Governor of Holloway prison it is your responsibility for the welfare of prisoners at all times. What is your explanation for this described in the above message received regarding the appalling treatment meted out to Gloria Musa?
    You have been told over and over about her serious medical condition yet you do nothing! This is an outrage!
    This is no joke or hoax, and I have complained many times about the appalling and I may add ILLEGAL behaviour towards the Nigerian persons serving sentences CHIWAR and GLORIA MUSA in their respective prisons, those being HOLLOWAY and PENTONVILLE prisons, London.

    One reply I received back was that I was “making serious allegations” towards certain government personnel {pls. see atmt.}. Well, as long as things descrbed in the message I have received continue to happen I will continue to make SERIOUS ALLEGATIONS!!
    I am making a TRUTHFUL STATEMENT and demand that action is taken against the perpetrators of such animalistic behaviour towards another human being as has happened as described in the message received regarding GLORIA MUSA!
    I look forward to your reply.
    —- concerned citizen.

    Sent via Royal Mail Recorded Delivery on the 24th Nov. 2012 to:
    H.M. Chief Inspector of Prisons NICK HARDWICK
    1st floor
    2 Monck St.
    SW1P 2BQ

    Independant Monitoring Board – Business Support Officer Mr. BILLY PRENDERGAST {who has replied on occasion to my complaints regarding both Gloria + Chiwar}

    2nd floor
    SW1P 2BQ

    Nigeria High Commission
    Consular Affairs Section
    9 Northumberland Ave.,
    WC2N 5BK

    N7 ONU

    THE MP IS:


    House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
    Tel: 020 7219 3545
    Fax: 020 7219 2328

    86 Durham Road, London, N7 7DU
    Tel: 020 7561 7488
    + many more MPs.

  5. this is my daughter and i do not have money to get there to help her

    • butlincat1 says:

      I and others have been writing to so-called authority figures, in and out of the prison system for over 2 years about the victimisation etc of female prisoners and got precisely nowhere – yet. Subjects such as are being spoken of are carefully ignored and closely guarded because of the disrepute and bad feeling they would cause in general. Also, I believe this is the very same woman that Gloria spoke with us about on a visit a few months ago, which will be followed up asap, – a story that needs to be told and will be.

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  16. T Birks says:

    Absolutely disgraceful treatment of prisoners at Holloway.

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