THE PEOPLE PROCESSING Industry: Dishonest Money in, Victimised Victims Out

13 08 11 The Slog

Take Power, Be Heard!

I can’t help it: I’m a systems analyst. I don’t just view ‘subroutines’ in a system of programs. I look at the complete deck of cards. At the time of my ‘formative years’, we were dealing with punched cards at CERN in Geneva!

Living in London since 1981 has exposed me not only to our system of creating dishonest money from thin air and charging interest for it, but also to very sad systems of people who are paid with this dishonest money to victimise innocent victims.

The degree of victimisation is such that it is surprising that not more is commonly known. Of course, victims are gagged and intimidated with threats of imprisonment. They are also likely to feel ashamed and think it’s their own fault rather the one of ‘the system’.

But whatever ‘the systems’ are, whether Prison, Police, Courts, Lawyers, other Professionals, Parliament, Government, Whitehall, House of Lords, The City – it is likely to be an institution that benefits from its Royal Charter. They process us, the people, and turn us from ‘victim’ into ‘super victim’ – IF you let them! It may be a long and slow process to wake up to the fact that it doesn’t have to be that way. Joining the blogosphere helps! Uniting with other victims is vital! Becoming McKenzie Friend is ‘learning by doing’.

First I was shocked by the four worst bankruptcies. Then I got shocked by the poisoning cases and everything surrounding child snatching. Now I am shocked that Len Lawrence was judged on behalf of the Court of Protection six times, without the judges being on the list of 95 approved judges.

However, it seems that the time has come where ‘justice’ is passe. The only thing that matters is survival – besides SOLIDARITY and MUTUALITY. That’s when you read the remarkable and admirable John Ward, the Slogger‘s invitations to wake up to global looting via our bank accounts!

Of course, the Bradbury Pound is the sane alternative to ‘Rothschild money’. But so far, everybody prefers to fall for this eminently dishonest money – only used to control and exploit people as well as resources.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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11 Responses to THE PEOPLE PROCESSING Industry: Dishonest Money in, Victimised Victims Out

  1. John Ward says:

    A very sincere thank you for this moving expression of support. But I am not admirable, just normal. This is how depraved the western world has become.
    Very best
    JW x

    • There’s always a strange but noticeable difference between ‘self-awareness’ and ‘other-perception’, John!

      And in the sea of poppies one doesn’t know whether one suffers from the tall poppy syndrome or is below the radar. We are our own ‘norm’, methinks. What is ‘normal’ for you, is bound not to be normal for lots of others.

      Glad you found ‘it’ moving! I sort of feel you’re dancing on one side of the blogging coin and me on the other: as rescuers, we move between victims and persecutors.

      Keep slogging along – as if nobody is watching – as if nobody was commenting and as if you’ve never been hurt before!…

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  3. llamohoy says:


    Congratulations on this success of your blog in raising awareness and pursing justice. I have a closer to home fight that I would like to share with you which also involves the military and in which they are less than forthcoming. Children have been abused and continue to be so (at least until July 2013) at a school run by them and they have done everything imaginable to dismiss allegations. Furthermore they and all of the associated agencies refuse to properly investigate preferring to dismiss us like privates and expect us to just go away. They have closed off every possible avenue of redress and we need some help, perhaps your experience might give us some ideas?

    Please contact me if you can think of anything that we can do.

    Kind regards

    Georgina Halford-Hall

    • I think we each have to find our own way of ‘standing our ground’, Georgina.

      Sorry, I can’t help, but maybe others?

      It seems that NOT going away is key!

      In fact, regular vigils and campaigning may wear them down?!

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