EXCEPTIONAL and extreme cases of maladministration and mismanagement?

How do you compare injustice, fraud, failures of ‘the system’ and explain the width of the gap between the Rule of Law (and correctness) and the Rule of Money (and corruption)?

Victims Unite started in August 2010 by publishing individual cases that were begun on Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694. Since then I

  • accompanied some 50 general and another 50 or so cases in family courts
  • posted 474 articles
  • and 815 followers are reading regularly about ‘us’, the victims turning into starfighters, campaigners, online activists and McKenzie Friends and ‘them’, the ‘public service’ organisations ranging from police, prison, courts, the House of Commons and House of Lords to the Government in Downing Street.

13 08 31 statsToday, the 250,000 mark of visitors will be passed. And I am sorry to say that the only thing that has improved is my ability to ‘see through’ what’s happening more and more:

  • public officials commit white collar crimes
  • they deny and lie
  • they cover each other
  • they commit more crimes to cover up.

No matter which ‘case’ comes before courts, no matter which story I try to publish, no matter who tries to get justice and compensation, it’s never a level playing field, for there is always one individual that is being victimised by many officials who are ‘just doing their job’. 

A combination of incompetence, maladministration, mismanagement and policy failures and an ever widening gap between the Rule of Law, guidelines and other practice orders and the reality of the Rule of Money create an extreme challenge for the individuals concerned.

Extreme – due to his commitment to exposure:

  • Len Lawrence, the retired pilot who suffers from having inhaled poisonous exhausts and exposes six judges acting on behalf of the Court of Protection without being on the list of approved judges.

Extreme – due to her excessive and torturous detention in HMP Holloway – besides  lack of contact with her then 4-year-old son since December 2011:

  • Melissa Laird, the US mother who is threatened with deportation, whilst her son is kept for adoption; after having been assaulted by some six prison officers on 20 July, 2 police officers interviewed her finally on 27 August.

Extreme – due to seventeen imprisonments since February 2009 when corrupt solicitors drafted a false affidavit for the then Chief Constable of South Wales Police:

  • Maurice J Kirk BVSc, the flying veterinary doctor who has dared to challenge South Wales Police and alongside the CPS, HM Court Services at all levels, solicitors, HMP Cardiff;
  • as McKenzie Friend, he acted on behalf of the Nigerian couple whose then six children were taken by Haringey Council;
  • as experienced inmate, he visited Melissa in HMP Holloway and made her day – before being imprisoned again.
Merlin Hanbury-Tracy, 7th Baron Sudeley, 1987

Merlin Hanbury-Tracy, 7th Baron Sudeley, 1987 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Extreme – due to their duration over decades:

  1. Lord Sudeley, thanks to whom we organised the Forum for Stable Currencies at the House of Lords; his great-grandfather was already bankrupted along the same ‘formula’ as other victims nowadays and whose grandmother’s estate was NOT administered in the best interest of her heirs;
  2. Norman Scarth, the WWII veteran who had to flee to Ireland to escape further incarceration and ‘legalised victimisation’;
  3. Mr Ebert, the real estate agent whose house was taken by some 30 police based on a fabricated bankruptcy;
  4. The late Paulette Cooper who could at least write about her ordeal before she passed away;
  5. Raymond Fox whose victimisation by nuclear radiation was covered up by officials;
  6. Caul Grant who lost his 2-year-old son due to the NHS failings and subsequent victimisation by solicitors and judges;
  7. Charles Seven whose intellectual property theft became the subject of a 240-page report by former intelligence analyst Tony Farrell and related to 7/7 as a false flag operation;
  8. Colin Peters  – failed by lawyers and judges – as soo many victims, especially in family courts and the Court of ‘Protection’;
  9. Paul Talbot-Jenkins whose Force 4 Justice demonstrates how he overcame his victimisation by bankruptcy;
  10. Peter Bellett the financial whistleblower who stopped taking his medicines and became ‘normal’ again.

But by now, States are being used to steal not just assets and children, also directly from bank accounts.

Or, in a historic perspective: first ‘they’ wanted the blood of our fathers, brothers and husbands for wars. Then they wanted our time for ’employment’. Now it’s about children and mothers in secret family courts – for sex, money or both – especially paedophiles – here investigated by the Police in Australia. And, while corporations rule the world, ‘they’ are after our ideas, creativity and innovations.

May the light win the battle between good and evil – sooner rather than later!

Meanwhile: All Wars are Bankers’ Wars and It’s amazing how one common denominator in the Middle East wars is ignored: the only nations left there with their own Central Banks are Syria and Iran.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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22 Responses to EXCEPTIONAL and extreme cases of maladministration and mismanagement?

  1. Alice Moore says:

    Congratulations on reaching over 250,000 hits.

  2. What is the Law when those who are subject to it refuse or fail to obey it?

    It is only on the occasions when the citizen finds that the authority has given cause for concern and the matter is so serious that it becomes necessary to complain. Many ordinary citizens fall at this first hurdle because although they realise it is wrong and should not have happened they lack the will (for too many reasons to mention) to even protest, let alone, ask why or complain. They may even believe that the authority was entitled to do the thing that was worrying or caused injury.

    Then the citizen who does complain decides to go through the “complaints procedure” at this point the authorities close ranks. All the authorities realise that the longer the complaint remains stuck in the system, the more likely it is for the complainant to give up. They also realise that all the other authorities will close ranks and even if it went to court, they would hold the advantage and experience has shown that few citizens can afford the legal costs of taking the matter to court.

    The authorities employ legal professionals who act in the interests of their employer and follow the authorities directions and make statements, that the authorities have decided will support the case. The Judges accept these statements because the solicitor is bound by his rules of conduct never to deceive the court. The Judge assumes that the litigant in person would be confused and not expected to know the legislation and CPR.

    Knowing all this the authorities guard their insurance premiums and rather than admit the wrong and learn lessons put matters right, they make the work of the complainant hard by complicating the issue so that they can misunderstand and answer by providing prepared responses that have been created from previous complaints that avoid any possible responsibility.

    The complaint then goes to the next hurdle where it is dealt with by the ombudsman who has too few staff to deal with the volume of complaints that have been referred, (and if the ombudsman refers the complaint back to the authority, he must be prepared to go over the matter again, so there is an attempt to close the matter at that point.

    It should be remembered that the complaint may have originated through a solicitor’s theft, or other serious crime, and could involve a number of different authorities. Or it could have originated from the failure or refusal of a High Court Judge complying with international law. The abuse of law by Officers sworn to obey the Law have been described as tyranny.

    The often quoted maxim; “There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of Law and in the name of justice” – Montesquieu. has been quoted by judges internationally giving a clear determination in Law that when any person acts in a cruel or oppressive way without the authority of law is a tyrant and has betrayed the law. It is an act that fraudulently misrepresents the administration of law by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, and acts as a traitor to abuse the rights of all citizens. It is the duty of all citizens to protect our rights in law. “He who is silent and bows his head dies every time he does so. He who speaks aloud and walks with his head held high dies only once”. —Giovanni Falcone. The elected representatives MPs must do their duty and speak up. If they fail to do so they side with the tyrant and must be held responsible for any action or inaction that allows this tyranny to continue. The Law is there for all citizens, or it can serve no useful purpose.

  3. Derek says:

    public officials commit white collar crimes
    they deny and lie
    they cover each other
    they commit more crimes to cover up.

    So very, very true, and it gets worse as each year passes.

  4. onevoicegroup says:

    Well said/
    The British Establishment has become a giant parasite, predating on the life, assets, privacy, rights, and homes of its People.
    Once fraud is proved, “it vitiates judgments, contracts and all transactions whatsoever”.
    Lord Denning said: “No Court in this land will allow a person to keep an advantage he has obtained by fraud. No judgment of a court, no order of a Minister, can be allowed to stand if it has been obtained by fraud. Fraud unravels everything. The court is careful not to find fraud unless it is distinctly pleaded and proved; but once it is proved it vitiates judgments, contracts and all transactions whatsoever; see, as to deeds, Collins v Blantern (1767) (2 Wils. KB 342), as to judgments, Duchess of Kington’s Case (1776) (1 Leach 146), and, as to contracts, Master v Miller (1791) (4 Term Rep 320)
    Here is a good link:

    Fraud unravels everything
    27 Jul 2011 – Fraud unravels everything. The famous words of Lord Denning: “fraud unravels everything” may be applicable to the situation which has arisen …

  5. one huge problem we have in Britain is that some of our police – the supposed ‘defenders of the realm’ are doing dirty deals behind the scenes with banks and others – hence the financial corruption abounds. In the same way that criminals tend to defend /protect each other – so do the police & if Masonic influences are involved its much much worse. This has a huge bearing on what goes on in the Family courts, too – a certain relative of a suspected paedophile got off purely becuase his brother pulled strings as a police officer.
    If its their turn to ‘win’, they’ll win – regardless of what they’ve done.

  6. As many of the more astute and intelligent people who are living in Britain, know, the corruption in Britain is at an all time high, is even worse than Nigeria I expect, as Sabine’s excellent topic, illustrtrates, in no uncertain terms.

    We have criminals who have infiltrated our System and are running it under the guise of officialdom, having sanitised things through the collapsing British courts which they control through an inside track, all driven by greed and filthy lucre – we have evidence of ‘shadow courts’ and now new evidence even of shadow banks!
    An inside track of operators / infiltrators / interlopers in both is crushing British Justice and torturing families, children, businesses, innocent people, anyone with any assets, and property owners: parasites who are living off others, parading as “officials” (including policemen, judges et al) are that ‘inside track’ – we have hard evidence of that now. They rule by fear, because they are pirates and bullies. It is only a matter of time before this is all exposed – like the telephone hacking, the MP’s expenses scandal, Hillsborough, Enron, the paedophile rings and Jimmie Saville scandal etc etc – Britain is not known for doing things efficiently or speedily when its rotten-to-the-core economy depends on something!

    The ‘weapons’ they use are gagging, threats of imprisonment (ignoring the Rule of Law and crushing human rights or a fair trial),illegal imprisonment (countless cases are logged with Sabine) to protect the income of these vermin. Keep watching, and see what happens next….

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  12. Bethsider Tavares says:

    Sabine the stories in these articles are heart breaking. Its so sad am praying for all the victims here. I hope these children will be united with their parents one day. Children needs warmth and this only comes from parents. I doubt very much if these beautiful children will ever feel secured again. The LORD bless their heart and protect them.

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