VICTIMS Unite and Occupy Zebra Xings – with Empty Pushchairs!

IMG_3993The idea to occupy zebra crossings was born in 2002, when Caul Grant, founder of the Campaign for Truth and Justice, and his supporters stood still on the one outside the Royal Courts of Justice. A Police Inspector told them “Just keep moving and you’re alright.”

For ‘empowerment activists‘ to stop the traffic again in Central London was quite an achievement on the first Empowerment Monday.

But even better: Scotland Yard have invited Caul to negotiate future plans!

This is therefore to invite you

  • to add ‘Occupy Zebra Crossings‘ to your portfolio of direct actions
  • to operate as support networks for empowering activities
  •  to organise yourselves into ’empowerment networks’.

With Commitment sheets – to spell out what kind of support you are able to give:

  • e.g. number of hours during demo time – on Empowerment Mondays – outside the Royal Courts of Justice – or wherever
  • as regular speaker – or as occasional guest
  • as an online or offline activist.

With Empowerment Mottos and Slogans such as

re the justice system:

  • Judiciary Guilty of Criminal Acts
  • Shifting the Blame is the Name of the Game
  • White Collar Criminals get away with Murder

re victimisation

re child snatching aka state kidnapping

re online petitions and activities

re general repression and suppression

and anything anybody can think of. I can’t for the moment. Just want to get this good news out!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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38 Responses to VICTIMS Unite and Occupy Zebra Xings – with Empty Pushchairs!

  1. Francine Stover says:

    Send sabine mcneil to jail for interfering in other people lives .Not a good person. She likes to meddle where its not wanted. Aiding &abedding a fugitive from justice.

  2. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:

    I, Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee of 196 Tiptree Crescent, Ilford, Essex IG5 OST, Tell 0203-6010-417 refer to the Comment by Francine Stover dated 18th September 2013.

    1. Section 151 of the Supreme Court Act 1981 which is now the Senior Courts Act 1981 is and has been in the Public Domain for a considerable number of years. There is Article 10 of the Convention Treaties.

    2. Section 6 of the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985: It is open for any Person to bring Private Criminal Prosecutions.
    If Mr Francine Stover does have sufficient evidence, than this doesn’t stop him or his legal representatives to lay an information before the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court.
    The DPP for the Crown Prosecution Services does have the Power to take over Private Criminal Prosecutions.

    3. I believe that Francine Stover has been withholding information to the Courts whilst preventing the lawful arrest of offenders or suspected offenders who are or may be at large.
    Since there is a Statutory Instrument 1995 No 297
    Class B1C
    Class B2
    Class B8 Storage.
    and Section 14A of the Industrial Development Act 1982.

    The Former Prime Minister the Late Baroness Thatcher was one of the Best Prime Minister in this world-
    Since Section 30 of the Senior Courts Act 1981 is self-Explanatory In English Language.

    4. The Constitutional Reform Act 2005-
    The Courts Act 2003-
    This had made some changes to the Civil Procedure Rules, Criminal Procedure Rules and Family Procedure Rules-
    As those Rules has to be approved by the Lord Chancellor Secretary of State for the Ministry of Justice and a Statutory Instrument laid before the Parliament.

    5. What is the meaning of the words in Section 52 (1) (b) (4) (5) of the Family Law Act 1986-
    and Section 12 to 24 of the M.F. P. A. 1984 Part 3. AFTER OVERSEAS DIVORCE.

    6. Blackburn Versus The Attorney General which was decided in the Court of Appeal-
    This is in the Public Domain Document, It does state clearly that Once Independence given, that Independence can’t be taken away.

    On the 24th October 1964 by an Order in Council, that is Section 1 of the Zambia Independence Act 1964, Her Majesty’s Government of the United Kingdom had ceased to have Jurisdiction and Legislation Power over the Land of the Republic of Zambia. This is now more than 49 years, whilst there has been Harassment, Victimisation and Discrimination because I am not a White European Person.

    7. Decisions-Judgments given in Private Chambers as there is no fair hearing under Article 6 of the Convention Treaties-

    Cameras should be brought before the County Courts, The High Courts and The Magistrates Courts that members of the Public can see and view.

    From the versus in the Holy Quran under the Muslim Religion-
    and also from the Missionary School Teachers in Africa-
    What ever a person does, the All-Mighty God is aware of all the events and incidents where Judgment shall be reserved.

    8. Human Being Persons does make mistakes, but those mistakes doesn’t have to be covered up.
    I believe that Sabine McNeil is providing a service to the members of the Public without charging any amount of money, where she has done nothing wrong, since there are many Statutory Instruments that are issued in the United Kingdom nearly every week, which even the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales shall not have all the Statutory Instruments which has been repealed.

    I thank you in advance and wait to hear from you

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail ABDULHAI Bhamjee

  3. peter oakes says:

    Keep up the good work Sabine, in the Public Interest although the public
    do not understand ! Yet

  4. Phil Thompson says:

    Dear Sabine McNeill, you are in company with another person that I RESPECT. His name is John Hemming MP. In case either of you think that I am a SYNCHOPHANT. GET STUFFED. PLEASE KEEP on doing all your good WORK. Old Phil.

  5. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:

    Dear Sabine McNeill,

    I, Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee refer to your Email September 19, 2013 where you say that you had Blocked Francine before you had seen my comments.

    I however request that you should unblock the Emails from her, whilst I request that Francine should provide me with her address, Tell Number, Fax Number and Email Address, since Disclosure is allowed for the purpose of any Legal Proceedings.

    I had my Son Mohamed Ismail Bhamjee who had committed Suicide in Leicester as He had no where to make his complaints, Since Fathers don’t divorce their Children when having terminated the marriage by Other Proceedings in Lusaka, Republic of Zambia.

    JACK STRAW MP when He was the Secretary of State for the Home Department, He had made a speech at the Law Society, that there are other Lawyers-Solicitors who does want to milk their Client and make more amount of Money.

    The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 is a Parliament Act, whilst The Serious Crime Act 2007 does make some changes to the Legislation-
    As Francine is knowingly withholding information whilst she is assisting and aiding the Offenders or Suspected Offenders who are or may be at large, and causing other Police Constables to behave in a way there are not suppose to be, but have only acted as such on the instructions and orders of their Superiors.

    Since I shall be making an Application for Permission of the High Court Judge to Bring Contempt of Court Proceedings for interference with the administration of Justice under the CPR Part 81 Rules against the Bar Standards Board, where I would like to include Francine as I don’t have to pay the Court Fees two or three times.

    Francine should give the grounds and reasons why the Deputy High Court Judge Her Hon Miss C. A. Calvert QC was wrong in granting me leave of the Court to file a Petition for Foreign Decree (Talaq) in the year 1988.

    I understand that the time limit to challenge the Deputy High Court Judge’s Order had expired some years ago, but I am not going to raise objections for Extension of time to any Person, but shall request the Court to dismiss their defence, and be ordered to pay a fine as they will continue to victimise and Discriminate me. Whilst the CPR 34-13 Rules does also apply for a Letter of request to the Judicial Authorities abroad in an Overseas Country.

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

    • Francine is in the US, Ismail.

      She’s the mother of Melissa Laird who has been traumatised, tortured, criminalised and victimised by the UK institutions.

      Francine does not understand this.

      I have begun to report Melissa’s case on

      So far, I have seen and received soo much negativity from Francine that I blocked her on that site.

      Since Melissa’s boy was born in Ireland, and since she left the UK to relocate to Spain, JURISDICTION is a major issue.

      But we need to ascertain survival for Melissa who was dumped in Dulles Airport by UKBA.

      Sighs and hopes with thanks for your continued most valuable input!

      • Rena Ostertag says:

        Sabine, I, like Melissa Laird, was dumped at Pearson Airport, Toronto, Canada.
        This was several years ago. Nobody waited for me as the law prescribes.
        No committee and no rehabilitation. My son was unlawfully held in ‘care’ in despite of having been past 18 years old at the time. He did not know where I was and I did not know where he was.
        I am still here with no help whatsoever and I am pension age.I am registered disabled since 1990. Here means Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
        They deprived me of my German citizenship and thus of my EU treaty rights.

        Can you help Sabine? Please.

        • Rena Ostertag says:

          I forgot Sabine – I was put on a plane at Heathrow airport without any papers whatsoever by the same charlatans as Melissa it seems.

        • What do you want to get done now, Rena?

          It’s ‘interesting’ that what happened to Melissa was NOT a one off!…

          I really think that, above all else, it teaches victims to fight for themselves and to realise that the State with its institutions does NOT work in the interest of its citizens.

          Whether it’s worth fighting for anything is up to you: compensation? Via which court?

          Has your son been fighting?

          Have you approached the German Embassy?

          • rena says:

            Can’t find the reply you wrote to me on here Sabine.
            You said “what do you want to do? Sue for compensation ….
            Of course I want to sue them but where is one to start? The “action” took place in the High Court on the Strand.
            I want them all to “hang” for their crimes. The whole lot. Beginning with this psychopath Kevin Amey of LBC, then Wes Cuell, Phil Sullivan (guardian ad litem), Yvonne Crawford, Patricia Mitchell (Bedford), Richard Cheesley (Tip Staff High Court), the fosterers, the tutor in Dartford, Kent, and, and, and…
            Then, last, not least – Elizabeth Butler-Sloss.

            They came to our house for no reason. Nothing to do with us, but a teenager
            from a Jamaican family. He was 16 or so and a lot of trouble and his mother was glad to “get rid of him” temporarily, meaning when somebody took him along for holidays. We took him once along to Germany which he really enjoyed.
            When Sascha opened the door and did not like their questions they seemed to forget all about this other lad, but asked intrusive questions about our family.
            They left and we heard nothing further, then months later they came again.
            Being German and not used to such outrageous intrusiveness into private lives, we did not react well and when they came a third time, we said that we do not want to see them ever again on our doorstep.
            Mind you we owned an unemcumbered home and were not a “council house family”, yet, they still bothered us.
            To cut matters short (I am getting palpitations writing this because of the flashbacks), the next time they came, they took Sascha by force (I fought them physically as did Sascha) under a 72-hours kind of thing. I cannot remember what this was called. He was dragged to a nearby group home in Marsh Farm (!) – we lived on Oakley Road – in which the workers could not believe their eyes.
            They said “these types on Stuart Street do not seem to know what they are doing” when I picked him up. They said that they insantly saw that this was a real nice lad and when they saw me they were even more aghast.
            “Such a nice lad and now this lady, his mother…” Their own words.
            “are they crazy?” and more we were told.
            However, this was only a break. From there on they pestered and pestered us by constantly appearing at our door unannounced. Finally, Sascha (many months later) was seized in the High Court on the order of the psychopath Butler-Sloss and dragged to Bexleyheath, Kent. Our screams were heard outside the court and in the Strand. People stopped and by then Metropolitan officers were on the scene as well – outside the Tip Staff and their posse.
            A group from Luton – a pressure group – had come along with us and they were in utter disbelief. In any event, Sascha was kept with an older couple, uncouth people that made a lot of money with teenage boys. They bought a house on the Costa del sol and live there now Sascha tells me.
            After about 5 weeks Sascha ran away and went by Eurotrain to France and stayed with relatives in Germany. Several days it was totally calm (the calm before the storm), I was in our house on Oakley Road. Then, one night between 2:00 to 3:00 a.m. the whole house was rattling. I thought a few big lorries must have gone down the road. I looked down into the street when I saw dark-clad figures all over our property. They screamed “open the door” or we bash the door in”. I ran down as fast as I could (I am an arthritis cripple)
            and they pushed me aside, rummaged around in some drawers and then told me to come along. they took me to the local police station for many hours.
            A lawyer then got me released the next day. And this in despite of Sascha having called them (or because of Sascha having called them) that he in was in Germany and that he would not return because he did not want his life violated.
            They did not stop bothering me and I joined Sascha in Germany where we went to the Supreme Court in Hamburg. Judge Walk issued a judgment making it clear that Sascha had declared he wanted to be with me, his mother and that his mother never abused him in any way or form.
            This judgment was like gold and Sascha always kept it on him.
            I then returned to England, Sascha stayed in Germany, because of the house and in order to go to the appeal court (judge Thorpe) to file against the outrageous human rights violations and make sure that Sascha never will be bothered should he appear in England before he is 18 (like for a visit).
            Mr. Thorpe said there is no appeal necessary because of Sascha’s age and because we won the court case in Germany. I did not like it, but did not have the means to press ahead with an appeal on my own.
            I told Sascha this and also that I don’t trust them and that he should stay in Germany a bit longer.
            To cut things short – after a few months Sascha booked a return ticket HH-London-HH with Lufthansa to spend some time with me and also to pick up some of his computer equipment. HE NEVER USED HIS RETURN.
            The rest is history as they say. The details of his barbaric kidnap I am not going to outline tonight, for it is late (11:00 p.m. Alberta time) and I am sitting in the University down the road from me, typing these lines (have no computer in my tiny apartment), but the shock waves of the attack can still be felt.

            This criminal Cheeseley was saying to Sascha “You will never be free because of this German judgment of yours. And I tell you why – because we will all hang and this must never happen.” All the while he stabbed Sascha with his fat sausage fingers into the chest. I was flung against the hallway wall in our own house Sabine.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Maureen’s MP is my MP but selects who is allowed to meet with him.
    He is fully aware of widespread non accidental injuries and widespread abuses of children in care but choses a blind eye. He has to protect his stalwart Dr Mengele of South Wales namely Dr Dewi Evans.
    Dewi Evans was a paediatrician in Singleton Hospital that prescribed enough morphine to kill a horse let alone to a 12 year old child. A protected doctor; by the infamous Elias brothers (yes the same Gerald Elias in the North Wales child abuse cover up) that had the power within the judiciary and NHS to cover up blunders and dispose of victims by shifting blame on to parents.
    He is loose on the streets of Carmarthen as a Town Councillor and has access to children of that town.

  7. Hello Anonymous, here’s a copy of my reply:

    This is a new one on me, but I have noted that Jonathan Edwards is not as forthcoming as Adam Price was, and that he failed to respond to email messages during his second term at Westminster.

    The fact that he has answered my more recent emails with a detailed mailed (snail post) response, could be because a) I stated I would not be voting for him in any forthcoming election as he was opting to uphold the badger cull and b) he had not responded to messages I left for him since his re-election and the next general election is already being discussed at various political party meetings.

    That said, I have been disappointed with the general attitude of hopelessness displayed by many politicians when asked to intervene – their stock answer being ‘I can’t get involved because…’ which seems to render most elected members as more akin to toothless clawless kittens caught up in a big-game hunt where the predators are those with money and influence.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Maureen,
    The child in question that I used as one example was Natasha Lewis. Dr Mengele acca Dr Evans was a Paedatrician as well as being a Plaid Cymru Councillor at Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council.
    Can you now see the ring of steel.
    If Adam Price had acted as he should have in the public interests following that infamous meeting of the people in Carmarthen. The situation may not be as bad as it is today. So many suicides, corruption, child abuse, paedophilia, sexploitation, people losing their homes and businesses and persecution of those that speak out.
    That is the legacy that Adam Price left behind for Jonathan Edwards MP to cover up. It is not in his interest to resolve it.
    Not giving the people oxygen and treating them with contempt and pariahs is the new politics Maureen. We can wait for the next clown to join the circus but multi interests far outweigh public duty Maureen.

    • I do remember that meeting and have stayed in touch with several of those there. Sadly, many have slipped out of sight although others have appeared. I have to admit, I have become quite disenchanted and sceptical about all things, and beings, associated with the political scene.

      I have witnessed the anguish, and the frustration, of those I’ve tried to help. I’ve experienced similar feelings of anger – even rage – when I was unable to make any impression on those in power to look at the unnecessary death of my late husband. I failed, and swore I’d do all I could to help others achieve some
      form of justice.

      Well, you win some and you lose some, but in a real democracy where truth is paramount, none of those whose cases appear on the list of Victims Unite deserve to lose their plea for justice, but we all know we don’t live in a true democracy. Instead, we have to contend with the degenerates who wield power because they have bigger cheque-books.

      • ‘Unmitigated hypocrisy’ is a term I came across that could also be used.

        I keep talking about ‘institutionalise hypocrisy’…

        It’s all about our conscience: which and whose side are we on???

        • You are right about institutionalised hypocrisy, but justice is a two-edged sword that can wound the innocent though, in theory, it should not, as well as smite the evil-doer, which is why institutionalised hypocrisy flourishes..

  9. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:

    I, Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee refer to Maureen Jenner September 19, 2013 @ 19-17. 42 and say as follows:-

    1. I am a Person of the Muslim Religion, whilst My Grand Father the Late Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Bhamjee who had told me when I was young, whilst He had paid for my School Fees in Nyasaland which is now Republic of Malawi. Since His words were true and may His Soul Rest in Peace.

    2. There are several Members of Parliament who had been tried before the Crown Courts whilst some of them had been sent to Prison for an Offence under Section 17 of the Theft Act 1968 False Accounting Statements.
    There is a Case Law Attorney General’s reference Number 1 of 1980 which has been published in the Law Reports, and also on the Law Commission Reports.

    3. I Believe that No Person on this Earth is Superior than the All-Mighty Allah (God), whilst I don’t have the Power to amend the Versus in the Holy Quran
    as in the Christian Religion this is called as the Holy Bible.

    There are Ten Commandments where it does state also that a Person must not Lie. This is an Offence under the Perjury Act 1911.

    A Person must not steal.
    This is an Offence under the Fraud Act 2006, Theft Act 1968, The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, and The Criminal ATTEMPT ACT 1981.

    4. There is an English Word IGNORANCE OF LAW HAS NO DEFENCE.

    Deliberate Concealment, Mistake or Omission.

    5. Persons who does want to have the Legislation amended or changed, should either refer to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street, or the Lord Chancellor SS Ministry of Justice Office.

    6. The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal on their Web Site, they do have the decisions which has been published where the Solicitors have been strike out from the Roll of Solicitors-
    Whilst Section 50 and 55 of the Solicitors Act 1974, this does allow to make a complaint against the Solicitor, that the High Court can make an Order.

    Since The Bar Standards Board which deals with complaints against Barristers

    As this bodies needs to be made into One Body where a complaint can be dealt with against the Solicitor and Barrister at the same time, instead of going to two or Three Different Bodies which does cause unnecessary expenses on the Citizens, whilst the Law Society doesn’t take into the Interests of all the Citizens in the United Kingdom.

    I hope and trust that you shall take the above into consideration, whilst the Parliament can make any Legislation, and repeal any other Statutory Act or Statutory Instrument. There are new rules which shall come into force in the month of October 2013 so you should be prepared to take into consideration of the new rules.


    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

  10. Phil Thompson says:

    I want to explain my thoughts. When a child is taken from their Family even though the Judiciary know that the “taking” is UNJUST. It is the ENTIRE FAMILY who is being ABUSED. I pray for the day when the EYES and EARS of PARLIAMENT are opened to the grief that has been done by social services. Consider this. Murderers, Lords, MPs, Police, Lawyers, rapists serve their time and are let out into the community having paid their debt to society. A FAMILY who has had their child taken can NEVER be absolved of their SUPPOSED CRIME. Where is the JUSTICE for what has been done by the SS in their actions.
    Sir James Munby states this in his SIXTY OR SEVENTY YEAR quote.

  11. Have you read about the absolutely horrendous torture an american woman suffered at the hands of Barnet SS after being reported by a charity for turning down speech therapy for her child. She escaped to Spain but was dragged back to UK with an internation arrest warrant for abducting her own child. Now deported and child stolen by Barnet Council for adoption and profit.

  12. jake says:

    would point again it’s illegal to ‘negotiate’ with those terrorists, so i wd urge you not accept the invitation….+ why would you do that? does Sony go around telling their competitors what their marketing/ business plans are going to be for the next year or whateevr? please do not be so damn stupid…..

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  17. Renata Ostertag says:

    I wanted to mention this a while ago Sabine. Peter Tatchell should not be allowed on the list of those who are against child abuse. Why? He actually is and has been for decades an “ardent” activist for sexual activities with children as young as two years old. His only demand for this is that the children must “agree” to sex. It must be “consensual”. Sex between children and adults consensual ??????????????? !!!!!!!!!! Has one got words. This says it all. I am just mentioning this because you may not be aware of this. He has not changed. He is pretending that he has. Do not believe him please. Just thought you should know Sabine. Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2014 04:08:29 +0000 To:

  18. Renata Ostertag says:

    What has changed in those 12 years ? Still the same horror – still the wrong kids get kidnapped. Those kids that suffer are forced to stay with their abusers. Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2014 06:57:25 +0000 To:

  19. Muscle Farm says:

    Howdy! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content.
    Please let me know. Many thanks

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