POINT 25 on the Illuminati Agenda: create and use national and international laws to Destroy Civilisation

Instead of ‘conspiracy theory’, we’ve been talking for some time about ‘conspiracy realism‘. For the Illuminati who are pulling the strings of national governments by manipulating their central banks are very real indeed. So are the Bilderbergers as one of their key organisations. Equally the Freemasons who are so often blamed for what’s going on against all common sense.

However, only when I read the 25-point agenda that was outlined on 01 May 1776 I realised that and how the world has been duped by the originator of the Rothschild banking empire and a smart Jesuit who planned a world government – by creating and using national and international laws to destroy civilisation. That’s what the last agenda point no 25 says.

The history of the Illuminati covers all major world events and is laid out beautifully here in 2 pages – in a journal that advocates economic democracy (!!!).

As victims of white collar crimes in the UK, we are but victims of everybody who pays governments who pay ‘public servants’ with salaries and pensions. Too bad that these tend to be soo greedy that often enough they act as criminals. And they are immune from prosecution thanks to Royal Charters. And judges are not weighing up the sins of the victim against the sins of the culprit to find justice. No, they are the umpire between players of ‘ping pong’, where the balls are ‘points in law’. No wonder Litigants in Person don’t stand a chance. No wonder that those who do try, often enough are labelled as ‘vexatious’: for they vex the judge. 191 of them since 1950. How many have given up before being given that label???

No wonder Evan Whitton published Our Corrupt Legal System – Why we are All Victims – except rich criminals… 

The Illuminati began as a pan-European conspiracy that spread to the USA and set up the Bank of Japan in 1882 – before the Federal Reserve in 1913. What is soo disgusting to me is the utter perversion of knowledge and the kind of enlightenment that had spread in the 14th – 17th century in Europe as ‘renaissance’. The Illuminati objectives and agenda are here.

But just as any tool, so can any mind be used for good or for evil. Let’s make sure we remain on the right side! And do click a few times, if this topic is new to you!

For me, the ‘shock therapy’ developed along these ‘milestones of disillusionment‘:



About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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11 Responses to POINT 25 on the Illuminati Agenda: create and use national and international laws to Destroy Civilisation

  1. david@ukfamilylawreform.co.uk says:

    What do you think he will say?

  2. Anonymous says:

    You should read some Guido Preparata “Conjuring Hitler”, perhaps this will help you to get over your obsession with the “Illuminati” and deal finally with the actual complexities of real politics.


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  4. I think we have been duped for most of our lives. It came as a shock to me some ten years ago, at sixty-seven, to realise that the whole of my life had been lived while cocooned in the belief that my country – right or wrong – was the best place to be, and had the best system of government in the world.

    Reality has been a long time in coming, and it has been very painful. I have been forced to become aware of those suffering great injustice. I have learned that legal judgments do not mean that justice has been dispensed. I have learned that the promises made by the sovereign, her ministers, her judges, and her legal enforcers, have about as much substance as soap bubbles.

    At the age of seventy-seven, I admit to being disillusioned, sceptical, and cynical. In fact, I am in accord with my maternal grandfather who was often heard to say, ‘The more I see of human nature; the more i love my horses and my dogs.’.

  5. Phil Thompson says:

    Dear Sabine. Is it possible to ask Mr. Edward Timpson MP and Childrens Minister this question.
    In ALL the cases within the last seven years and considering the amount of children that were taken into Care or placed for Adoption. SABINE. Do the MATH for seven years..
    HOW MANY OF THE EXTENDED FAMILIES WERE ALLOWED TO HAVE THE CHILDREN PLACED INTO THEIR CARE. During this time. MY estimate is NONE. To give children into an extended Family was NON PROFIT.
    I REPEAT. How many EXTENDED Families in the last seven years were EVER given the chance to have their Family given into their care instead of STRANGERS.


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  8. belvarians lord says:

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  9. illuminati says:


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