ROUTINE Violations of Art 6 (Fair Trial) and Art 8 (Family Life) by UK State

Whether it’s the bible or other spiritual law books, national laws or international treaties, e.g.

what matters is whether individuals, especially as civil servants in public institutions, follow them.

Here, John Hemming MP exposes the Child ‘Protection’ System in the UK in the House of Commons – for 10 minutes:

Here he speaks for 23 minutes at a conference and thus in more detail:

In my observation, white collar criminals operate across the full spectrum of public institutions. My question is whether they are just a few rotten apples or whether everybody knows that everybody is colluding in a ‘class war’ and following the agenda of the Illuminati that was set up in 1776: to use national and international laws to destroy civilisation.

In particular, institutionalised child snatching is so heinous, as it takes place behind the facade of ‘justice’ where no trial is fair – behind the secrecy of family courts and everything else that is unique in the UK.

Furthermore, Social Services are accompanied by Police and supported by ‘experts’, all paid by local councils, to justify the stealing of children – supposedly in the ‘best interest of the child’.

The fact is that children are more abused in ‘care’ than in their biological families and statistics demonstrate that children in ‘care’ end up much worse than non ‘protected’ children.

What’s worst: an unaccounted number of children die in ‘care’ and nobody seems to get prosecuted. 

Will this global conversation on human rights make a difference?

Maybe you could start by signing some of our petitions?


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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12 Responses to ROUTINE Violations of Art 6 (Fair Trial) and Art 8 (Family Life) by UK State

  1. Sofia says:

    There is a hidden issu related with children dissapearances and with those taken from their parents. It has to do with raping them. There is a technic freatly developed trauma based, by which a child creates a memory wall to forget a traumatic experience. So what the paedophile satanist are doing around the World is raping those children institutionalised and afterwards to torture them with electromagnetic weapons just enough pain to create the wall in their memories. The whole technic is well explained in the book trance-formation of America. In that one they create specific sexual slaves. The same technic is being done in children, of course, none of them children of millionairs or elite. It may also be possible that the trigger they leave inside od the memory wall can be triggered in the future… Important to check, when the children are finally recovered by their families if they have been raped… Also important hypnosis by good professionals to check this and other experiences… Sofia

  2. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:


    CASE NUMBER B6/2012/3098


    When I requested the Lord Chancellor to intervene in the Proceedings, the reply was no from the Department of Constitutional Affairs.

    Section 47 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009: “Interested Person”

    (2) “Interested Person” in relation to a deceased person or an Investigation or Inquest under this part into a person’s death, means
    (a) a Spouse, Civil Partner, Partner, Parent, Child, Brother, Sister, GrandParent, Grandchild, Child of a Brother or Sister, Step Father, Step Mother, Half-Brother or Half-Sister.

    Section 151 of the Senior Courts Act 1981 is on the Public Domain, whilst there are many Statutory Acts and Statutory Instruments that have been issued whilst there are others which has been repealed.

    There is a Judgment given in Griffin V Squires (1958) 1 WLR 1106
    A Car Park was held not to be a road.

    The Road Traffic (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2002

    Valeting Means:–

    This has been printed and Published in English Language,
    The Barristers are Professional Persons who have an overriding duty to assist the Court for the Purpose of the Administration of Justice and Rule of Law, but the Bar Standards Board are concealing, suppressing, fabricating evidence for a purpose by way of Entrapment for a purpose.

    Yours Faithfully

    Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee

  3. Stanley Embling says:

    Double Standards in our rotten to the core Judicial system!…a fact recently shown again by Lord Justice Mance, is a High flying Judge in the Supreme Court, whom recently complained about Veterans and members of the armed forces who dare make claims against The Ministry of Defense, (whom in many cases are compelled to do so after sustaining injuries whilst on active service not able to get a decent living after being dismissed or made redundant from the Armed Services) ….
    This in my opinion is a typical example of double standards when this Lord Justice from his high paid lucrative position in the Supreme Court makes such comments !..

    But what I did notice once again was the fact that there was NO mention whatsoever by Lord Justice Mance of his own Parents, (possibly himself?,) holding very high position with Insurers, Lloyd’s of London;; which was also a fact also not revealed when “hearing” my own insurance case in 2002/3 against My former “corporate” Employer and their conspiring Agents of a certain corrupt Trade Union, (which all knew had I won [as I should have done,] would have blown wide open the criminally concealed/ suppressed progressing “Corporate” Scams and Pension fraud of former corporate Employer and their certain Trade Union Agents (aided by a certain Political Party who were benefiting financially from ill gained proceeds of the Scams.)

    Therefore it’s my belief that Lord Justice made sure I wasn’t allowed to win my good insurance case!…. had I done so I know as Fact it would have opened-up for many thousands previously duped/deceived deprived unwary Employees Trade Union members one huge “Can of Worms”,..(a).. against my former corporate Employer,of 29 yrs,.. (b)..also against my former Trade union to whom I was a paying member for 30 yrs. also against a certain Political Party (whom were knowingly benefiting financially; possibly to this day!.. from certain ill gained financial proceeds, got illegally off myself also off the many many other duped/deceived, deprived, displaced unwary employees, Trade Union members of a certain Trade Union ; unwary Victims, (denied a Union Rule Book, that should have informed each deprived Union member of his/her rights to OPT -OUT paying those Political levies to that certain Political Party if so desired,) also caught-up in the criminally concealed/suppressed corporate Scams and Pension Fraud; operated by the conspiring fraudsters!. (Which thereafter being reported from January 2000 got Ignored “Swept under the carpet” by certain other Judges also then by HMCS,; by The Police, by The Serious Fraud Office, also by IPCC, and many other Public Authorities (also Part of THE COMMON PURPOSE,) similarly Informed,

    That’s why I was not allowed to Win my good insurance CASE..and what sticks in my mind is the fact that:-…It wasn’t until 2012 (from The Hutton Inquiry,into The phone Hacking Scandal did I manage to unearth the fact that Lord Justice Mances had hidden his parental ties (possibly his own ties?,) To Insurers Lloyd’s of London;…..which in my opinion is Utterly disgraceful to learn how these People in such High Positions of Power are being allowed ( BY COMMON PURPOSE, or by a “MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN VARIOUS cloaked GROUPS” ) to conceal/suppress such relevant matters from Victims, and the General Public whom may try to get “Fair Hearings” “A Level Playing Field” Finality and JUSTICE! …
    In my opinion It’s utter disgraceful that Lord Justice Mance is not made to reveal such facts when he complains of such Victims making claims …..surely?? .,

  4. The rotten apples remain snug in the knowledge that too many people will turn a blind eye, comforting themselves by repeating ‘ Someone will take surely care of it.’ This mantra has ensured that those in power will remain immune from punishment even if their guilt, or complicity, is revealed.

    I have to confess I was, unwittingly, one of those duped into the belief that I lived in a country to be proud of. There’s still nothing wrong with the country; it’s the people who have governance that are at fault.

    Until the scales were blasted from my eyes, I had no idea what injustices were being perpetrated in the name of ‘the law of the land’. These days, so much of what I hear or read is happening in Britain, makes me ashamed.

    Soon, we will again have the high and the mighty parading with suitably solemn faces as they carry their wreaths of poppies, and take their places in due order of precedence for the official ceremonies that are held each year to honour those who made the supreme sacrifice for this, their country.

    These are the parading hypocrites who make me ashamed. They wear their solemnity briefly; then return to their smug world of easy living; assured that their power will keep them insulated from the consequences of the vicissitudes their rules, regulations, laws, and injustices impose on others.

    Don’t get me wrong. The sacrifice must be remembered. We must never forget. The concept of remembrance was sound – to ensure it doesn’t happen again – but it has, and it is.

    Those who decree there will be retaliation against some perceived transgression, do so in the belief that they will never have to suffer as a consequence. Sometimes they do get what they deserve, but only when thousands of lives may have been lost.

    We have to ask ourselves, ‘Is this what our loved ones gave their lives for? Were the wars, instigated by the world’s leaders, worth the physical and mental scars that will remain embedded in the memory of all who survived? Was it for this constant outpouring of injustice against the many by the few that a nation suffered so much? There is till too much – ‘Don’t do as we do, but do as we tell you.’; implying that we must know our place, and stay there – unless we join their ranks and accept their many shades of grey.

    • One consolation, Maureen: I recently read how one former night watchman is now watching over refugees who seeking refuge in a church in Hamburg because he is ashamed of what is happening to them…

      Any my other consolation is that, spiritually speaking, everybody will be shown their life when they leave this planet behind. And with the greater justice that re-balances all, they will get another chance…

      That’s at least how I explain to myself what I hear, see, read and observe…

      Many thanks once again for your deep thoughts!

  5. Sabine as always ur singing my song xx

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