LEARNING by DOING: Small Money Claims on-line or off-line? For a fixed fee plus a variable court fee? On this or that website?

13 11 08 MoneyClaimsUKI distinctly prefer to communicate online than use paper and ‘snail mail’. So when my main McKenzie Friend (lay legal 13 11 08 Money Claim Onlineadvisor) told me to submit a ‘counterclaim’ to Salford, I found this Money Claims UK site which is supposed to serve the litigant in person, i.e. let people settle claims without lawyers. It is supposedly the central repository for claims since March 2012. But now I can’t find the page any more where I read the exact date. I think it said 19.

First, I was wondering why I should become a ‘member’.

Then the software was highly unusable when I tried to upload files that were too long. No proper messages told me so and I wasted a lot of time before I figured it out.

Then my membership was recorded twice and I was sent a link to something that didn’t work.

Then the language was un-understandable to appreciate what was going on: a friendly person emailed that I had not paid the £54 fee required (a fixed fee of £45 plus VAT). Well, as a senior citizen and poor inventor I knew that I was below the limit of the permissible £13,000 income. Hence I should have been ‘fee exempt’. I had learned that as as my McKenzie Friend is helping me to appeal in a court battle with my landlord.

But that option was not foreseen by the website designer and developer. However, non-payment did not result in a message that invited me to pay or submit a ‘fee exemption form’. The helpful person sent me this link about court fees and I discover

  1. the fee exemption form
  2. that the court fee depends on the amount you’re claiming!

Figure that logic! Are court staff paid depending on the size of the claim? Which costs go up or down with the size of the claim, i.e. the number on a cheque? Oh well, logic does NOT apply, does it. Why should it???

I then tried to find out how the £54 compare with ‘normal’ court fees and found this link to make a court claim for money on GOV.UK and actually find the same table of costs – with a fairly reduced fee every time to encourage the ONLINE way – not using Money Claims – but Money Claim Online!

So I thought I’d try that website for the same purpose. But after a very convoluted registration procedure I got logged out because I was on the phone and then fell into the same ‘pay trap’: no room for a ‘fee exemption’ form. Hence I sent the claim form and the fee exemption form by post to Salford.

Is it worth asking the Secretary of State for Justice for an explanation? It’s Conservative Chris Grayling MP, the first non-lawyer in this post. I guess it’s just part of When Corporations Rule the World, i.e. the Rule of Law having been replaced by the Rule of Money and the power of software.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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5 Responses to LEARNING by DOING: Small Money Claims on-line or off-line? For a fixed fee plus a variable court fee? On this or that website?

  1. peter oakes says:

    Know the feeling ! A young lady informed me a few days ago that her
    divorce costs were now at £ 14,000 for her solicitor, who is refusing to shew
    her all the papers on file.

    She knows her ex. has submitted dishonest information to the court ( making
    a false declaration ) a criminal offence sectn. 5 1911 perjury act.

    Suggestions please

  2. Stanley Embling says:

    Hi all, …Hi Peter,…regards Papers being revealed, well i’ll explain my case:- Which from 2002 my property, i.e. my court files and documents fully paid for paid for by me, many of which were my originals, just loaned to a firm of solicitors (Hett Stubbs & Kemp of Scunthorpe,) whom I then trusted paid to handling my case against The GMB Union/British Steel , instead they lied to me (hid their true identity also cloaked Conflicts of Interests to the other side,) then allowed primary evidence I instructed them to secure by court orders if need be, (instead they allowed that vital evidence remain willfully concealed and suppressed/from courts and me to this day thus allowing my good case be sabotaged and scuttled,) When I tried to get My documents back because it was to be destroyed after six years and I knew there was evidence in there that would confirm utter negligence/ dishonest dealings against me by of Hett Stubbs & Kemp! Be cause I tried to get My Files back the matter was referred to The SRA and they got involved Joined ranks with those corrupt solicitors (their fellow brethren H.S &K ,) Hence My files and documents to this day remain wilfully withheld from me to this day; iv’e made in secure Keeping’s by another Firm of Solicitors Burton’s and C/o of Lincoln..because I refused to allow them be destroyed.
    I know For me to get My own Files and documents back will cost me and Arm and a Leg and with me not being able to get around due to my disabilities getting much worse therefore have not been able to launch an attack to get them Back………
    ..Has anyone got any Ideas how I can get My own paid for Property released back into my possession please without it costing an arm and a leg please??? Kind regards Stan

  3. This is similar to the cases of two other people whose histories I have been made privy to. There seems to be no depths to which these dishonest quasi- representatives of the legal system in UK will not stoop.

    The appalling truth seems to be that the gulf between the law and what passes for justice in this country is deeper than the Grand Canyon, and more treacherous than quicksands. There appears to be little hope of gaining the ear or the attention of anyone with integrity who has the power, or courage, to help those most in need.

    I have to confess, I have ever been the optimist, but since returning to the UK after some years abroad, and over the last thirteen years in particular, I have heard the stories of lives ruined because of our deplorable legal system in Britain which seems to favour the dishonest and delivers judgments that unjustly penalise the weak while exonerating the dishonest. I’m coming to the conclusion I may have lived too long, because remembering the past looks better that I know it was.

    • It’s sad to read you confirming what I wish I never had to observe, let along report about.

      The automatic email I got from that MoneyClaimsUK said they are a small company so they’d like me to promote them!…

      I had heard by another fierce victim turned starfighter that courts are virtual in ‘call centres’!

      “What passes for justice is deeper than the Grand Canyon.” In fact, I wonder whether anybody ever does get ‘justice’!??? I bet it’s all just about this lot of big boys winning over that lot of big boys. To hell with the ‘little people’…

      Long live the public school system that breeds it all…

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