UK COPS bungle sex ring probe – no investigation for 18 months: #paedobritain leads to #childsnatchuk or the other way round?

13 11 17 UK Cops bungle sex ring probeThis article in The Sun on Saturday 16th November 2013 refers to Project Spade that the Daily Mail had reported as 76 Americans busted in massive global child porn ring including police officers, teachers and doctors as nearly 400 children are rescued

The Sun points out that the UK had not plaid ball: neither Police nor the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) or the National Crime Agency that took over. The agency’s Phil Gormley now wants to be a ‘good boy’…

Here’s how The Mirror reports: Police probe as HUNDREDS of suspected paedophiles still free – 18 months after being named

The Toronto Star: Child porn bust: How police worldwide worked together to bring down a child porn ring – mentioning two British nationals with ‘hands-on abuse’.

And here’s how Phil Thompson comments. His 3 greatgrandchildren were stolen by Walsall Council and adopted without court judgement. He sent the paper clipping:

Here is another Fob-Off.  The Police have KNOWN for many years about the SEXUAL CHILD ABUSE.  I cannot help but think that the DOSSIER has gone “missing”…

Could it be that the names in the dossier are prominent people in the upper echelon of society.  I am glad to say that enquiries are under way while being carefully”sifted”.  We cannot have PERVERTS in the Upper Crust can we. Its only the PLEBS.

As said in a certain Good Book,  There is a STINK in mine eyes. Notice that this is on Page 12 of the Sun.  They can fool the people all of the time.  I cannot help it there is a THOMAS within me.

Old Phil.

Who joins the dots between #childsnatchuk and #paedobritain? Certainly not the mainstream media. At least we know that Child Snatching is one of the Seven Deadly Syndromes and Media Cover-Ups.

And Wales Online reports that Hundreds of children in care reported missing. Really good reasons for taking children away from birth parents!!! Only perfidious Albion, institutionalised hypocrisy and lots of stiff upper lips in the wrong places seem to be the explanation…

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14 Responses to UK COPS bungle sex ring probe – no investigation for 18 months: #paedobritain leads to #childsnatchuk or the other way round?

  1. peter oakes says:

    Given the recent “whistle-blowing” that the USA & GCHQ have been monitoring
    and recording all citizens e-mails and telephone calls the authorities must
    KNOW who these disgusting individuals are, and that decent honest police
    officers with their own children at risk, have been prevented from arresting
    these vile criminals.

    The police preventing the investigations are senior officers members of
    ACPO. that corrupt group with the ” Memorandum of understanding” with
    the legal mafia ( law society) This begs the question who else? do they
    have “memorandum of understanding ” with PIE paedo. international
    exchange. as exposed by the Royal Commission Inquiry NSW police
    paedophiles in 1996.

    The Home secretary has “ordered” the disbanding, scrapping, of this ACPO
    forthwith ! It,s about time and long overdue .. Obviously GCHQ is watching this comment and Victims Unite.

    Would they please get there arse off the cushions and inform the police who
    these perverts are ! in order to protect innocent childrens arses from these
    vile creatures, or are they VIPs re. judges, MPs, ACPO members ??

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    Time to wake up UK.

  3. Stanley Embling says:


  4. Tad Davison says:

    The BIG problem we decent people have, is that the entire system is rotten to the core, and I will not disguise the fact that it is going to take a mammoth almost super-human effort to put it right.

    Thankfully, the internet that GCHQ likes to monitor so closely, along with our private telephone calls, does for the moment allow the free movement of information outside their control, and that of the mainstream media. That has given rise to a better informed public, and their belated realisation of the extent of the corruption, which self-evidently is becoming more widely accepted.

    But for how long?

    To the criminally perverted elite in high public office, honest people are to be subverted and put down in order to preserve their exclusive and acquisitive way of life. To deny the ordinary citizen their entitlement to free information, and then be spoon-fed just the bits they want us to know about, is to enslave us. Occasionally though, bits like this get through, thanks in this instance to a foreign government. How else would we have known that so many had not been arrested, despite being named?

    Proof, if it were ever needed, that the elite will always look after their own, and we who espouse the values of honesty, integrity, and decency, will be left out in the cold. It is time we finished the work that John F. Kennedy wanted to start in his 1961 speech about the dangers of secret societies, and alluded to by his predecessor, Dwight D. Eisenhower (Kennedy’s speech is still freely available to view on YouTube is one cares to listen).

    When the gods wish to destroy someone, first, they make them mad.

    To each and every one who believes in honesty, justice, and equality under the law, I say this: To win, we must ALWAYS put our principles first, and our personal safety last. It is because others who have gone before us have taken their thirty pieces of silver, and see the benchmark of their personal achievement as the acquisition of material wealth, that this whole sorry mess has come about.

    If just one of us complains, that individual person has a problem. If EVERYONE complains, it is THEY, the corrupt elite, who have the problem!

    Tad Davison


  5. peter oakes says:

    For all the ” ramblings ” ” red herrings ” trolls etc. Victims Unite has achieved
    great results since, I was invited by Sabine to the House of Consmen.
    For instance, The Attorney General is now a Non Lawyer ( mafia member ) the first time in our countries history ! . Next week barristers and other mafia members are going on strike for a few hours ! because their “legal aid” frauds have been exposed! This will keep the Appeal Cases in cells for the overtime
    of private screws ! the under-paid plonkers duped by the authorities.

    May-be they ain,t totally stupid ? someone has to get phones & drugs to prisoners at a price of course.

    And ACPO the ” accessories and conspiring police club” is being abolished !
    it was disguised as the Association of Senior Police Officers. re: masonic job
    ” hidden in full view ” just like the Washington obelisk stolen from Luxor Egypt
    and called the Washington Monument ! There are NO Sky scrapers in
    Washington USA. the Masonic Mafia will not allow any building higher than
    the monument in full view ! it,s in your face ! but the gullible cannot see !

    The sisters or is it brothers of this monument are in London on the thames embankment and in Paris ! Adolph Hitler had no chance, a complete
    dupe for the worlds secret controllers, fortunately these b——ds are now
    at war amongst themselves recruiting Chinese members etc. they have
    already seduced the Russians !

    This of course is a summation, lies & spoof, so Google: George Robertson
    of Dunblane fame and look at SCUM. something about Scottish masons

    The Tactless Truth ! Rudyard Kipling. British agent and a great author
    better than Asimov. Kipling was real, not sky fy dreams ! the truth ! Re:
    George Orwell 1984. is now here ! What do they hope to do with-it ?

    They are on self destruct ! like moles in a bucket, once the lions have
    killed all the animals Where- next/ .

  6. I am always stunned when I read blogs like these. This is a desperate situation for those poor children and their parents. I have never seen anything anywhere in the media linking paedophilia with the Talmud, the Jewish rabbinic law, that advocates sex with children, boys and girls. This is a published document in many volumes copies of which can be found in every synagogue and most Jewish homes. This document is so vile it suggests that having sex with a girl of 3 years and less is like poking a finger in the eye, tears come to the eye but after a while the eye recovers, so does the virginity of the little girl.
    How is this associated with non Jews? The answer is quite simple, the Freemasons. And before you go off on a rant about mason bashing, how much do you know about freemasonry? These dupes have no idea what they are getting into when they join as entered apprentices. They progress through the first 3 degrees of fellow craft and master mason. To claim to be “masons” is a deception, but further on when questioned, even senior members of the fraternity tell lies with impunity about the organisation. Is it a religion? Yes, no. Is there a priesthood? Yes, no. Do they have a sacrament? Yes, no. Do they have a god? Yes, no. And so on. It is only when a mason is invited to to go above the degree of master mason to join the “elite” in the Holy Royal Arch that he becomes initiated into the Jewish temple, for the Royal Arch chapter (the blue degrees meet in lodges, the RA meet in chapters) is lined on either side with the banners of the twelve tribes of Israel. The candidate is initiated in a ceremony involving anointing with oil and being told that he is descended from a long line of kings and princes, he is now a citizen of the world and a worshipper of God! The candidate now becomes a “companion” of the order, is presented with a medallion representing a crown.
    Freemasonry IS the Secret Service of the Zionist Jews whose published ambition is the Domination of the Whole World. BE WARNED – however plausible their case may seem it is certainly not for the good of the non-Jews who will be reduced to the status of slaves, at least those who are left alive after the genocide they have planned is carried out. They have always practiced blood sacrifices of children, for which they were expelled from Britain by king Edward the first evinced by the martyrdom of St. William of Norwich by Talmudists Jews in 1144 ad.
    A private school in Leicestershire was shut down because boys and girls were being groomed to provide sexual gratification for judges, police senior officers, teachers, lawyers, doctors etc. This scandal has been covered up by police and media. A short article appeared a local,paper after one of the masters at the school hanged himself in a wood close to the school when police went to interview him. Until the root of the rot is cut out our children will never be safe.

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