BROKEN BRITAIN: 17th on the Transparency International Corruption Index while falsifying statistics on rape and child abuse…

13 11 23 Broken Britain

This illustration and blog post come from Political Cleanup. The excellent editor writes:

A ‘favour culture’ must be restricted to those at the top
and includes the link to the Transparency International world corruption index.

No 1 is the least corrupt country: New Zealand, followed by Denmark, Finland and Sweden. The USA are no 18 after the UK in place 17, sharing the score with Japan. The question is, of course, how do you measure corruption?

E.g. is the falsification of crime statistics taken into account? The number of women raped and children abused? The number of children dying in ‘care’?

13 11 22 Crime Statistics_0002Here is a report on the falsification of crime statistics that Maurice J Kirk BVSc sent from HMP Cardiff. He’s been held ‘on remand’ – among ‘lifers’ who burgle his cell regularly – all to cover up:

  1. oodles of incidents by South Wales Police – denied and lied about
  2. culminating in striking him off the Register of Veterinary Surgeons – only possible with the aid of corrupt lawyers
  3. and getting him locked up in Caswell Clinic for some seven months – only possible with the aid of a corrupt clinic director
  4. who produced a false medical report to get him locked away for good in the High Security Prison Ashworth.

Maurice continues to strive to be ‘put right’. His latest attempt is the request for a transfer to English prison, English court and an English police force. 

The paper clipping refers to a statement by Mick Creedon, Head of Derbyshire Police on the occasion of a conference of the Association of Police Officers – a day after the Public Administration Committee took evidence from a whistleblower, a retired Chief Inspector and others, including Police Commissioners.

Does the internet help us to become more conscientious? Can we aim for an Ethical Parliament in 2015???


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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8 Responses to BROKEN BRITAIN: 17th on the Transparency International Corruption Index while falsifying statistics on rape and child abuse…


    Iain Duncan Smith admits ‘crisis’ over immigrants claiming benefits

    Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary, has said the Government is facing a crisis in its attempts to stop EU foreign nationals coming to the UK to claim benefits.

    Mr Duncan Smith said it is too easy for migrants from the European Economic Area to pass a habitual residency test to prove they live in the UK and enable them to claim benefits.

    He said the Government has met with stiff opposition from Brussels as ministers attempt to make it harder for so-called benefits tourists to abuse the system in the UK.

    Ministers are currently exploring ways of limiting migrants’ access to social housing, healthcare and legal aid.

    Responding to an urgent question from Labour MP Frank Field in the Commons, Mr Duncan Smith said: “I agree with you, there is somewhat of a crisis over this. I absolutely agree with you. For the last two years I have been fighting a rearguard action over what was left to me by the last government.

    “The reality is that it is all right for [Labour] to moan but let’s put the facts as they are – I inherited a habitual residency test which simply isn’t fit for purpose. We are trying to tighten that up dramatically and I am being infracted at the moment by the European Union for doing that.

    “But you are absolutely right, and I am with you on this, to describe this as a crisis.”

    Mr Duncan Smith said that at present EU migrants must pass a habitual residency test but to do so they do not need to prove that they plan to stay here for any period of time.

    It was also possible for EU migrants to claim child benefits from the UK, even if their offspring lived in their native country.

    By claiming self-employed status, migrant workers could claim tax credits from the UK, he told MPs, adding that, under the Labour government, net migration stood at 2.2 million people, which is larger than the population of Birmingham.

    Mr Duncan Smith said the system was “falling down” in some areas but other EU countries were angry about the problem, including Germany, which had “woken up at last” to the issue.

    But the European Commission was contesting the UK’s habitual residency test, Mr Duncan Smith told MPs, adding that the Government was looking at the length of leases some migrants take out in rented housing.

    The Government was trying to “lock people out” who came to the UK “solely” for the purpose of claiming benefits.

    He added: “I don’t believe that this is acceptable, that we go on. I have told the European Commission that and we are going to resist it.

    “What we are trying to do is to figure out the rules that allow us to prevent individuals from staying in the UK for only a short time before claiming benefits, a rule which existed under the last government.”

    Mr Field said the current situation was the result of a crisis which successive governments had failed to deal with properly.

    Further restrictions needed to be placed on universal credits to stop EU migrants claiming benefits, he said, telling the Commons that GPs were still taking on migrants even if they had been here for only 24 hours.

    Meanwhile, local councils had a duty to publish data on whether social housing was being offered to non-British citizens, he said.

    Many Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants had already come to the UK ahead of transitional arrangements being relaxed on January 1 next year, which will allow them to freely work in the country under their membership of the EU.

    Mr Field said: “As there are already 150,000 Romanians and Bulgarians here quite legally, and they are arriving here at 25,000 a month or more, do you not accept that the answer you have just given us will somewhat prove ineffective against the movement that might well come after January 1?”

    Shadow minister Stephen Timms said: “The system needs to be fair and to be seen to be fair. Over many decades people have come to the UK and made a huge contribution to our economy and to our society, and the Government does now need to look at the benefits and the services that will be given, given the prospect of future European migration.

    “We need sensible and serious debate about credible changes. What you seem to be doing is floating some vague ideas without any sense of whether they can be delivered.”

  2. If the public thinks this issue should be debated by our politicians they will make themselves heard.

  3. peter oakes says:

    The comment by davidmortimer is beyond belief ! Dave must be a lawyer
    working for the media or similar ?? the public have been demanding investigation after investigation, time and time again. Our politicians
    are only concerned with their own self interests ! The banking scandal
    and the Co-Op in particular illustrate homo-sexuals and other abnormals
    in positions of trust in the Labor Party etc. drugged out of their minds !

    We need a Royal Commission Inquiry into the House of Consmen, Police,
    Judiciary and other public offices the same as the Royal Commission
    Inquiry NSW police pedophiles Vol.4 final report 1996, just Google it!

    This corruption is endemic as Dominic Grieve says, but not just in the
    immigrant community, our home bred politicians are the worlds worst!
    and most experienced on earth that is why the carpets in the House of
    Consmen has snow-capped peaks in all four corners ! The enviro-
    agency has no-where to hide these toxic tips of drivel,

    In the meantime we have the usual diversionary tactic of beating up the
    NHS especially Stafford Hospital ! Get real Dave. the Public are treated
    with utter contempt by our politicians of all parties, that is why Victims Unite

    Why was,nt Jimmy Savile debated ? Hillsborough,? Dunblane and George
    Robertson ? Ted Heath + Savile Jersey ? get real Dave. or was the MPs
    husband watching child porn on the internet or was it football ?

    Politicians in glass houses do not throw stones ! they clean out their moats
    and build duck houses with the monies they have stolen from the Public

    When are they going to debate that Dave ????

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