#unethical #wombscandal ESSEX COUNCIL’s criminal collusion: Social Workers, Police, Doctors, Judges and Mental Health Staff

13 12 02 Womb ScandalThey thought they would get away with it, once again:

Even journalists and professional investigators can’t believe it!…

But I shall talk about the US mother to Sonia Poulton on the PeoplesVoiceTV today. Melissa was deported on 12 September in a wheelchair and has been homeless since, so that her only son could be adopted – courtesy of Barnet Council.


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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16 Responses to #unethical #wombscandal ESSEX COUNCIL’s criminal collusion: Social Workers, Police, Doctors, Judges and Mental Health Staff

  1. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps butchers is another apt adjective against these abnormal specimen of human beings paid by the state (our money) to steal our unborn and living children.
    Who is “normal” here. Is it not time to have the people who collude and carry out these acts as well as those making such callous decisions upon our children to be mentally assessed as being a risk to society.
    Is becoming a Social Worker a protection for those that would otherwise be permanently hospitalised as criminaly insane in secured Mental Health Wards but are freely on our streets stealing our children and willfully turning a blind eye to non accidental abuse and injury within circles of affiliation and associateship.

  2. Stanley Embling says:

    There is a possibility the Video in the site detailed below will help explain precisely how these virmin keep getting away with it…
    Regards Stan

    World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes reveals how the “Global Elite” rules the world and the involvement of the UK Parliament…..


  3. wakemanclare says:

    there is not one social worker i have come across yet who is not corrupt and the police are liars and wont assist in children because i think they cover up and are scared of the system///and the rest well they am all the same who can you trust ..you can only trust ur self sometimes

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  5. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    Professional criminals need catching.

  6. I just can’t believe how weak we are to allow all of this abuse and corruption to go on, we must be worse than sheets.

    I think all this ranting on their behavior is not getting us anywhere in fact it is probably exposing us on how weak we are, it does not seem to change their behavior in any way. I believe this guy is trying to give us a message. http://youtu.be/ITWu7eq57h8

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  12. frederick leonard turnbull 287a kentish town rd london nw5 2js says:

    they are all members of common purpose most of the government ,police ,judges ,social workers probation prison staff .they used to move abused children back in with their abuser parents and set up a murder suicide all the while recording everything for their studies check out probation website .they allowed baby p to be tortured to death and have recordings of it .because they thought he would grow up to be a serial killer.quotes from police (under the identities of dead kids above my flat kentish town rd for 5 years hidden cameras mics.
    hes destroyed common purpose with thousands of people in it.Woman:how did he know about baby p noone was allowed to talk about it there was no record of anyone breaking in anywhere how could they do that to him.
    Male:he wouldve grown up to be a serial killer
    W:why didnt they just kill him or,put him down?
    M:no one wanted to take them blamefor it
    W:were gonna get lynched for it
    how did he know about the oyster cards no one knew everyones gonna go beserk when they find out theyll refuse to use them
    (oyster cards are trackable through all the streets maybe detectors in lamposts}

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