NOW IS NOT THE TIME to give up. Your kids will be looking for you. Be there when they come!

THANK YOU, Aimee, for speaking up and out for soo many children who are screaming to be heard!

It’s a battle between RIGHT and WRONG.

Message for those in the Government and Social Services and Family Law:

You’re out of touch. You have no public support and you will become extinct.

The best interests of the child are NOT served by being split from either parent or grandparent.

Tony Ashby is on hunger strike outside David Cameron’s house.

2013 – My story on what’s wrong with family law:

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2012 – YouGov research on fathers and shared parenting:…

2012 – My Christmas message from last year:

2011 – My dad and Matt O’Connor’s hunger strike:



About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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28 Responses to NOW IS NOT THE TIME to give up. Your kids will be looking for you. Be there when they come!

  1. Mo says:

    Thank you for this courageous video. It has given me strength. My childrens’ father died as a result. Families who are affected by the Family Law System should unite, instead of discriminate between men (dads) and women (mothers) as we are all faced with this “one way system” in favour of “destruction of childrens’ lives”. My children had bright futures ahead of them and we (mother and father) gave them comfort and a good home. The case became twisted and a mess; social workers lied and lied and lied. Judges knew and I kept losing and losing and losing. Inspite of all the strengths in my case, all in compliance with the law, Judges knowingly did wrong.

    This is where my heart sickens and my stomach churns. Social workers, judges, psychiatrists all intentionally have damaged children. Who is there to listen? NO one.

    My children are adopted by sickingly homosexual gay couple, an English and Singaporean-Chinese couple?? what a mix. Camden social workers call this a “diverse society”. All because I refused to call them professionals.

    I keep thinking there must be a way to save my children from further damage. If anyone knows, please get in touch.

    There should be another website called “Families Unite to Save Their Children”.
    Secondly, there should be demonstration by all the families outside Principal Registry of Family Division”, where initial damage is caused, every week, to bring this to public awareness. CHILDREN are being destroyed all over the country. RETURN our children. All these cases are only us talking, no one else cares.

    Unite and lets all find ways of getting our children returned, by myself I am helpless.

  2. Mo says:

    “My children are adopted by sickingly homosexual gay couple, an English and Singaporean-Chinese couple?? what a mix. Camden social workers call this a “diverse society”. All because I refused to call them professionals.”

    As the mother in this case, I am confused. I cant get my head around this case. Judges clearly knew they were wrong. Are Judges SO STUPID. Judge Brasse, Judge Hughes, Judge Ryder, f******* prey my children.

    TWO LITTLE BOYS lives you have destroyed social workers, Judges. F the system, for they lied and lied and lied and Judges allowed this again and again and again….

    Someone once said to me that Justice is for either billionaires or lunatics. At that time I replied “well in that case I am a lunatic”. Justice is blind and all tilted in the favour of “DESTRUCTION” of children. Today I am neither a billionaire nor a lunatic, but a MOTHER who wants her children BACK.

    A newspaper article rightfully said “What would be the implications of this case if Local Authority had lost this case?”. It was a Court of Appeal case I lost, a completely strong case. Disgrace on Camden and Judges.

    • Strange how the names of the same judges keep popping up! I keep wondering how many rotten apples there are or how rotten the whole system is…

      • Mo says:

        …the whole bag is full of rotten apples…. and it’s becoming an epidemic, and it needs to be stopped immediately, which can only be by families uniting.

        During the process of a three year battle I was reading and placing reliance on “knowledge and information” from websites such as FASSIT and “forced-adoption”, equally too reluctant to accept this information – for it is harsh (thinking, no not me!!) but so so TRUE.

        Children like Aimee, the hunger striker, Britain return our stolen children plus the rest, should keep coming forward….

  3. George Lamb says:

    Hi Mo,
    Would you like to meet up to talk and start to build a network taking action? Email me at in the first instance and we’ll take it from there. There are two of us working on a case (confidential) and we are one victim and one forensic law thinker. We’ve noticed that its difficult to meet other victim parents face to face. We all need mutual help so lets see if we can change that and make 2014 the year of the law – I mean THE LAW!
    Regards, George

    ps. we know personally a lot of the leading people standing up to the system in all its aspects – there’s great potential here.
    pps. you know all that lying stuff the ss wrote about you in their reports – I’ll send you a pdf file that will ring some bells for you…..

  4. peter oakes says:

    I respectfully request You All look at the Permanent Pages to Your left on this
    site. Look at the replies of Edward Timpson MP.

    This criminal MP is Now the Minister for Children ! he is a barrister and associate of district judge Harrison Chester County Court. Edward Timpson
    as a barrister in the Family Div. is obviously familiar with kidnapping children.

    He is also familiar with malicious- bogus bankruptcies used to steal peoples
    property and monies, children are just another commodity in this evil trade
    and the illegal use of HM Court Service facilities.

    At the time my letters sent to Edward Timpson he was Not a Govnt. Minister
    as he is now!, but he was made aware of the criminal activities of
    HM Courts and district judges, solicitors, , police etc. involved in malicious
    bankruptcies, Child Trafficking where-bye children were taken into care and sexually abused in so-called care of social services as explained in my info. to
    Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council. re: the kidnap of Corey Raymond
    Bradley by Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss head of the Family Div.

    These offences of children being kidnapped by social services using Courts
    and there facilities, and supplying children to paedophiles is
    explained in the Royal Commission Inquiry NSW police paedopiles Vol 4
    available on Google :. There is no relief for these criminal like Edward Timpson MP claiming they were ” Ignorant of the facts or the law ” because
    they would have been forwarded bulletins by the Govnt. depts responcible !
    no doubt the BBC could provide a list of children for abuse re: jimmy savil. stuart hall, and other entertainers now facing charges.

    We will see the British Law ??? at work in 2014 I hope. I will finish now
    while there is still a little bit of christmas goodwill about, otherwise I will
    go mad with disgust !

  5. Anonymous says:

    The people against shared parenting are mothers who are trying to protect their children from an abusive father. In these cases family courts are ordering the children into the sole custody of their identified abuser and cutting off the children from their loving protective mothers for the remainder of their childhood. See article written by Barry Goldstein, called Extreme Custody Decisions that risk lives. Although a small percentage the numbers of children ordered by the court to live with a father they fear, due to abuse the courts refused to protect them from, is staggering.

  6. peter oakes says:

    The above comment is absolutely Spot-On. Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss
    ordered Corey Raymond Bradley be sent back to his father in Australia.

    The father was subject to an AVO ” apprehended violence order ” he was
    not to approach the mother under any circumstance, He was in prison for
    breach of said order, he was a convicted drug user-dealer.

    This is how they steal children ! Social Services in NSW would apply to
    the Court for custody claiming the child was in danger of physical and psyco.
    harm. The judge would award custody ( in the childs best interests ) to
    Social Services who would then sell the child or provide him to paedos. or
    so called foster parents ( money makers, weirdo,s)

    Mother and father were Not married Mother had sole custody ! Butler-Sloss
    knew this along with all the other authorities.

    Now due to interference and raising hell with the police in NSW and elsewhere
    the baby ended up with his fathers grandparents who just happened to
    be first class people, Corey is now 13 and a happy contented teenager,
    his mother and her friends still keep in contact.

    Lawyers, Social Services etc. all had a Pay Day fortunately we saved the day and prevented the rotten bastards out of a big pay day re: child trafficking

    Now that should be libelous But its the Truth come on You Authorities
    prove me wrong and of course you as well “old filth”

  7. unlimitednow says:

    Watch this interview on the Peoples Voice TV between Sonia Poulton and ex spy and child abuse whistle-blower Andrea Davison it will explain lots why the courts are so corrupt

  8. peter oakes says:

    Sorry for the error, I meant to say ” look to your Right ” on this site and look at Edward Timpson MP and his replies to my complaints

    It,s what happens to Victims ! you don,t know your left from right, whether
    you are coming or going, or truth oh the horrible truth, when you realise
    the evil taking place !

  9. Mo - Mother of My Children says:

    Found it!

  10. Mo - Mother of My Children says:

    Peter, all this tells me is that he made promises of help to you to get his seat after which he did not want to know you? This is the same with most of the MPs; why do you think the country is in so much of a mess?

    Are you talking about the two letters that are attached?

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  12. peter oakes says:

    Hi Mo No you don,t really understand. Edward Timpson MP was newly
    elected as MP for Crewe & Nantwich replacing that so-called real MP
    Gwyneth Dunwoody. He had no idea what he was walking into !

    He rashly promised to investigate my situation, then stumbled into the
    mess of corruption I had exposed ! He then promptly S–t himself realising
    he was one of the Legal Mafia ! and corrupt.

    He thought as the arrogant bastards do, that I was just an ordinary Joe Public
    prick that would accept his criminality and the corruption of the police,
    courts, solicitors etc. lie down like a dog and go away,

    He actually fell foul of a British bull-dog ( not bull s–t ) he is used to, He
    got a tiger by the tail and it is still in pursuit.

    I hope I have ” Elevated ” this comment to your satisfaction

    They ain,t seen nothing yet ! but it is coming. Would someone please
    forward this to Edward Timpson MP, so that he can Elevate it to
    the proper authorities

    And now I know right from left, please look right on the permanent pages
    and look at ” I am satisfied “

  13. lesley buchanan-jones says:

    Dearest Sabina a BIG thank you for your great effort and wonderful work, keep it up and thanks for keeping me posted again big thanks and big hugs lesley

    Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2013 21:18:33 +0000 To:

  14. rena says:

    So do we – we want to see big big breakthroughs in 2014 !!!

  15. M says:

    Sabine, where is the Impact Statement attached/ filed?

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