TOWARDS a 2014 of BREAK-THROUGHS – and break-OUTS from the Asylum that the Lunatics are running

14 01 05 LunaticsNow do you believe us? was an article that caused me to write a blog post not long ago – on the site of a Portuguese family whose five children were taken by Lincoln Council. Remember what’s unique in the UK and whose children are being taken.

The lunatics are taking over the asylum in ‘caring’ Britain in Christopher Booker’s regular column is also ‘beyond belief’. And that is the problem with white collar crimes in general and #childsnatchuk in particular, without even considering #paedobritain: you can only believe the un-believable if you know the people concerned. By way of example:

  • Maurice J Kirk BVSc is currently being held in HMP Cardiff after 4 yours of battling against the then Director of Caswell Clinic in South Wales who claimed that he has ‘significant brain damage, possibly brain tumour’ – as a reason for sending him from his clinic where Maurice spent seven months – to high security prison Ashworth – to cover up crimes committed by South Wales Police;
  • Norman Scarth, WWI veteran tells about his experience of psychiatry in this post on Maurice’s website;
  • Len Lawrence is a former pilot who was poisoned by fumes and declared not to ‘have capacity’; he sent the link to The principle of open justice must be applied to all, even the highly sensitive work of the Court of Protection;
  • I know the woman who was released from HMP Holloway with a ‘community treatment order’: she had to get an injection every month. She had been ‘business woman of the year’ in her county before!

Let me explain in ‘link language’: 

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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43 Responses to TOWARDS a 2014 of BREAK-THROUGHS – and break-OUTS from the Asylum that the Lunatics are running

  1. carnabwth1 says:

    Today’s Christopher Booker article strikes accord with those where such acts have been norm for whistleblowers and those that get too close to speaking out on the vice and drug rings, meat scandals and corruption.
    NHS Mental Health Wards contain many secret prisoners whose crimes are simply telling the truth but classed as paranoid, delusional, vexacious and need of sectioning for reporting crimes.
    Now they are widening their hunting grounds on mothers so that they can take their children.

    • Systematic, ‘professional’ and institutional victimisation and persecution seems to have been going on for decades.

      Victim of Family Court, Court of Protection and Official Solicitor Len Lawrence estimates that 80% are good.

      May the 20% rot in the hell of their conscience, especially if we don’t manage to save some victims from them…

      Deep sighs!

  2. Mo - says:

    The more I read and watch these videos, the worse its getting. So, it’s a BIG GLOBAL (UK) childrens TRADE – I’m left speechless

  3. Mo - says:

    I was watching ~John Hemming and Maggie Tuttle s’ videos

  4. peter oakes says:

    Today -5th Jan.2014. I learned from an article in the Congleton Chronicle
    that 75% of Social Workers ( them that steal your children ) are Agency
    workers ! Who are these agencies PIE ? peadophile international, etc.
    Dr. Banannas. and other CARE agencies.

    Come on. One of you agency workers are you honest, honorable or another
    Jimmy Savile dupe ? BBC exec. providing children for sale, secret enslavement, sexual abuse. Come on break ranks ! expose the truth or are you a north west copper that knows all about Bryn Estyn childrens home for paedo,s Victims (george jones knows)

    We at Victims Unite Know you Know cos. you have a cantine culture or is it
    a Latrine culture ?? We are on your case ! times near !

    • Mo - Mother of My Children says:

      I think I’m reading too much – watching the above video on Operation Ore gives me some lost confidence in Police force. I had to relax to meditation music for the last two hours.

      I’d been talking about protesting on the other site (, I thought it was part of VUnite), from what I’ve read today it seems all this is well under way…… good work on all those who are involved

      I will now be searching into the social workers who had their promotions after getting the care order on my children, if they are involved with any agencies or companies!

  5. ladyportia27 says:

    I know the woman who was released from HMP Holloway with a ‘community treatment order’: she had to get an injection every month. She had been ‘business woman of the year’ in her county before!
    Same story in Republic of Ireland. Professional woman, now drugged to the hilt and suffering serious physical affects from the drugs, children stolen of course for profit.

  6. peter oakes says:

    Hi. Mo. There is no such thing as a Police Force ! as Daffyd Morgan say,s
    they are known in Wales as the Police Farce, and this applies throughout
    all Counties

  7. Mo - Mother of My Children says:

    Sabine, you know my case, so what do you think I should do? I DO want my children back immediately.

    Does anyone know of any barristers acting free of charge, or minimal charge?

    I still have four months to file to ECHR. ?? That would take years and it will not pass, because to ECHR it’s just another case! They mostly do not rule against the decisions of home courts.

  8. M says:

    This is a must see video

    Sabine, where is the “class action” on this website

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      • M says:

        Sabine, there’s BBC Radio 4 12.30pm today, on forced adoption and runaway mums.
        There’s article in Online mail – I can post these links here or forward to you, as this is rightfully your website. I just get excited when I post these.

        At last, there is a breakthrough.

        Sabine, how did you know that there was going to be a breakthrough in 2014?

        And on my behalf (and I’m sure on behalf of other parents) would you please either tell me what to do or focus on
        1. Reversal of adoption orders
        2. Abolition of adoptions without parental consent.

  10. M says:

    It’s only publication of judgements!! I thought secrecy was transparency?

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