JOHN HEMMING MP recommends: Flee the Country because you can’t have a Fair Trial

At long last: BBC Breakfast is reporting! John Hemming MP says:

The process is soo unfair, parents should flee the country!

The Government says:

The reform of family justice is of critical priority. They want new standards for expert witnesses and better outcomes. 

But who looks at the ORIGIN of the problem? At the CAUSE and GENESIS?

What is worse:

  • that Social Services are malicious,
  • that ‘experts’ make mistakes
  • or that the judiciary doesn’t give you fair trials?

Too little too late, as ever…

But: more tonight on the Panorama special I Want My Baby Back! John Sweeney investigates the secretive world of the family courts – a tiny reflection of the real truth and the true realities we know…


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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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137 Responses to JOHN HEMMING MP recommends: Flee the Country because you can’t have a Fair Trial

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am sceptical about the BBC propaganda machine. Tonight’s programme. And the current craze of wheeling out glitzy celebs to promote Fostering. Michael Sheen led the way in this by promoting Fostering in the notorious Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council in South Wales.
    This is the SS Authority that was involved in trafficking Linda Lewis’ daughter.
    Snatching her at gunpoint from a Florida hospital after being butchered by the NHS in that area.
    It demonstrates that no man, woman or innocent child is safe in the UK.

    • Of course we can’t expect the truth. But at least the issues are becoming TOPICAL!

      • GinnyO'Brien says:

        These celebrities that are promoting adoption and fostering, how many of them have had the personal experience to advocate this? or or they like the highly
        paid experts getting a fee direct or indirect from the local authorities? John Hemmings Mp should be proud of him self in voicing the concerns surrounding
        ‘Child trafficking’ in secret family courts.

        • I’m soo pleased about this breakthrough, too, Ginny!

        • JM says:

          just let me get this absolutely str8—-he is actually advocating fleeing to any other country- presumably one that is out of reach of the UK SS i.e. one in which remote controlled flying robots drop bombs on children instead—- rather than stay in the UK as a better alternative? and you would have to break the law to get out of the country now….as it’s not possible to leave without giving the govt full access to all your privates including bank accounts? they wdn’t actually let you….i can’t swim but that wd be your best bet as far as i can see, unless u happen to be friendly with local fishermen…..and dnt do anything really stupid like stop in France for a rest or soemthing!
          you gotta watch this guy, next he’ll be advocating blind support for terrorist criminal pyscopaths who creep up behind people wearing a disguise and shoot them repeatedly in the head, break into peoples homes selling their personal data onto private companies, attack and abduct occupants whilst selling the happy slap footage to TV companies for entertainment…i could go on, but what is the point?

          this is also the same **** who voted FOR the gagging law despite what he says on the tin…..

          • You also have a fear that when you have to replace your passport the Foreign Office will refuse. For me its $250 a pop. Have to send it to a different country also, as the economically defunct UK is closing embassy’s across the world.

            So, you always have to be prepared to ask for political asylum whichever country you choose.

            Countries who have a genuine axe to grind with the UK may be the right sort of option.
            Which was the one did The Wiki founder want to move to; Ecuador?

            Places like Canada might probably would throw you back to the wolves, but if you speak French, and buy a house, Quebec might not.

            Its a hard choice. And the courts still make every dodgy and underhand effort imaginable to try dislodge your case if you still attempt to get redress.

            • JM says:

              no way i can get a passport. i was on the no fly list even before it was called the no fly list. years before.

              i can’t even get a bank account, or any ‘papers’ whatsoever…

    • Mia Rafael says:

      This also goes on in France and Belgium, worse off in France where it’s used as a tool to harass Arab or Jewish families out of town, they illegally fabricate allegations and use them with no proof to bully the fathers and their reputations defaming them ( at their jobs, school and too neighbors) even so they can’t get a job, then use the children as a intimidation tactic, it’s genocide, france claims to be a laic country but their values expressed to victims of foster care child snatching scandals clearly show crusade fundamentalism and evangelistic connections, one of the major topics in their SS investigations refer to Islam, Judaism and claim ether are fanatical to depict parents as religious by exaggerating anything popular in the fear media.

  2. Ismail Abdulhai Bhamjee says:









    • M says:

      Hey Ismail

      If the LAW worked people wouldn’t need to flee the country. If I had known this three years back I would have fled.

      Today I want MY CHILDREN BACK


  3. M says:

    Sabine, it may not be “a little too late…” as this is just the Begining

  4. peter oakes says:

    Please note ! For anyone contemplating to leave the Country with their

    You must establish ” custody ” an un-married mother has Sole ! custody
    unless there is a court order in force giving an interest to father or other
    body court, SS, etc.

    Married parents have shared custody, either parent can make a wrongful
    removal allegation and the Hague convention will return child to country
    removed from.

    Sole Custody means just that ! who ever has custody decides where the
    child lives. the place of ” habitual residence ” has no effect or import on
    the situation concerning sole custody ! John Hemming please note:
    Butler -Sloss kidnapped Corey B—-y from Stoke on Trent.

    • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

      “Sole custody” always goes to the woman?
      All I can say is; “so much for equality”, and it would be nice to see that equality law established at Strasbourg, as where many women demand the right to abort babies it would appear that they have no instinsic right after birth based on `intrisnsic motherhood` (where for abortion, they declare babies ar enot babies, but fetuses), and they have no maternal rights otherwise, expecially if a male doctor does a cesarian. I don`t even see how a baby using a womans birth canal makes her more motherly than a man, when both males and females are capable of raising a child (with or without natural breast milk).
      Anyway, it appears the Social services have taken such considered thoughtt to a whole new level. where gays and lesbians are being fed heterosexuals children.

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  6. unlimitednow says:

    The fiction that Britain has a fair justice is system is just that fiction. Successive British Governments have spread this propaganda, that Britain has a fair justice system, all over the world. A fair trial is impossible n the UK for anyone who does not have a lot of money to pay for the best legal team.

    Legal Aid was always a poor mans option with poor lawyers and little chance of justice, now it has been reduced to a method of destroying the allegedly guilty and the plainly innocent. Win or loose a police target will loose everything they own including their home.

    When it comes to children any pretense at justice flies out of the window. The Courts are run by Paedophiles involved in the Child porn network. What chance does anyone have in a country with a corrupt Judiciary and a corrupt Police force. The whole system is designed to keep the general population under control. Make no mistake a fair trial is impossible in the UK unless you a very rich. Anyone involved in the Court system finds this out.

    • Yes. Unfortunately. Thanks for summing it up so neatly!

      • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

        I asked the only `Family solicitor` in the large town I lived in to help with our meeting at the Family Court with social services (where the S/S suggested we do not use a solicitor via letter [as per the Stage 3 complaint]), but they cited the usual “conflict of interest” middle finger, as they are unable to help `victims`, (QED; solicitors preferring the regular cash of the state).
        Impossible to get a solicitor unless they already got your children, then you are a captive audience, as they all tug your chain.

        • says:

          1frrrrrrr11rt Fear not the path of Truth for the lack of people walking on it. For Truth, Reason and Justice, Shaun Walton.

      • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

        I asked the only `Family solicitor` in the large town I lived in to help with our meeting at the Family Court with social services (where the S/S suggested we do not use a solicitor via letter [as per the Stage 3 complaint]), but they cited the usual “conflict of interest” middle finger, as they are unable to help `victims`, (QED; solicitors preferring the regular cash of the state).
        Impossible to get a solicitor unless they already got your children, then you are a captive audience, as they all tug your chain.

  7. tommy ellis says:

    I think as always there is a lot of truth there, unfortunately in with the bad bunch are some really genuine do-gooders, some misguided I would admit but it’s the fact that we have good with the bad which makes it difficulty to precisely identify the real problem areas .. if they were all bad we could just march them off and start again.

    • M says:

      Tommy, yes there are “some” good ones.

      However, weigh the good with the bad – I will say “flee the country”; bad has become a disease for families and is becoming an epidemic

    • One person estimates that 80% are good.

      I only hear cases about bad guys. Hence my estimate could be 100%. But I did speak to a mum today who got her child back WITH a solicitor. Hobson & Jones. That was 15 years ago though…

  8. peter oakes says:

    Please note ! legal aid is there to ensure Solicitors & Barristers get paid !
    it has nothing to do with a poor man obtaining a fair trial or justice !

    These lawyers on legal aid spin it on and on racking up fees, on the day of the trial months ni years later they tell their unfortunate client to plead guilty ! in
    order to obtain a lower jail sentence, it is legal theft & fraud.

    Victims Unite pressure has now created the first non lawyer as the attorney
    general who being aware of these thefts and frauds has cut the legal aid
    budget, now the legal pigs are squealing there,s now,t left in,t trough !

    I will become an MP ! now thee knows why 35 % of MP,s are Lawyers
    good pigs know where best trough is the House of Consmen

  9. John Hemming is certainly correct that anyone in this situation will not be treated fairly by the authorities. I know this from personal experience.
    My fifteen year old son put some threats on the internet I early 2012. He was arrested. Social services offered to ‘help.’ They noticed my wife was pregnant and then switched interest onto the baby. We were very afraid as we know that fostering and adoption in the UK is a privatised, profit-making business. We had never neglected our kids, we have no vices, we had always worked and we had stable lives. We fled through fear for our baby and my wife’s health who had nearly died in the last pregnancy.
    Social workers blatantly lied that we were on drugs, were mentally ill and they even said our political opinion was a problem, wrongly stating that I had stood for UKIP, when I’d actually stood for the Green Party. Our politics were hardly extreme.
    When overseas they hunted us down and told the overseas authorities more lies saying I’d threatened to commit filicide. Our baby was taken into care mainly based on UK lies and we’ve been battling for his return for nearly two years.
    The UK has the worse reputation for corruption and unduly taking children, but anyone who is leaving the country should think very carefully before leaving behind the support of family and friends as most countries across the western world are not far behind the UK in terms of this Hitlerian child stealing systemic corruption.

    • M says:

      Is your baby still in care?

      • Yes, our baby is still in ‘care.’ I proved a lot of the lies about me in particular to be untrue. They sent psychiatrists from Tavistock (trained Adolf Hitler) to write a bent report. I already knew of systemic corruption and guessed their corrupt game so I secretly had a psychiatric report done before and after their assessment. Guess what, my two reports gave me a clean bill of mental health whereas the Tavistock one said I had mental issues. After this, they then shifted focus onto my wife, discriminating against her over some minor disabilities. A judge promised our baby’s return in the summer. We are still waiting. We are getting access but are having another psycho assessment which will hopefully clear my wife who had originally been reluctant to spend money on private assessments.
        I do wonder what excuse they will give next. In the meantime our family continues to be abused by the ‘authorities’ and we are being financially ruined. It’s UN Agenda 21 policy and its now occurring across most of the Western world. The trouble is that the vast majority brainwashed by media, don’t believe its happening (must have done something wrong) and many of those that do believe it will not act as it doesn’t affect them or their family. It’s exactly the public attitude that let Nazism flourish in the 1930s and led to the extermination of millions of innocents.
        Wakey, wakey all, it could be your kids or your grandchildren next.

        • JM says:

          so glad you managed to avoid being ‘sectioned’, you saw it coming and you had resources to get the pre-emptive done…I didn’t! never same after that….took abt two years for drugs to get out of system and any kind of semblance of self back….

          did u know that the crazy population in the uk has been growing by 40% every year for over a decade?

          never a mention anywhere MSM but look up govt own statistics on it….maybe cia are still going around putting lsd in people’s bread, who knows? 😉

          • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

            `Sectioning` etc. It was a common tactic the Soviet Union used to cripple political dissent decades ago. The UK learned about it and make liberal use of it; particularly to people who have zero important family/contacts or wealth.

        • M says:

          Shaun, never ever go to Tavistock – its 100 percent SS favoured. If you need to after this assessment of your wife, ask for Dr Boast, he is for keeping families together. He is good.
          1. Your parental assessments will deteriorate – ask for contact notes, they will usually be about 2/3 pages per contact – go through each and every page with your solicitor making notes of the correct version is
          2. One of you will be smothered into having the child if you go against the other -. DO NOT LISTEN – they will not
          3. Your contact sessions, if they are together, you will be called “bickering” – this then will be domestic violence
          4. You probably know by now that each court hearing is months apart – time period will be considered as child being settled with foster carer so its not right to move him to a dysfunctional family
          5. They will confiscate your passports, as you already moved to Ireland once
          5. “” has works of SW – each and every comment in there is correct and you may be faced with – go through with your wife and prepare your self
          6. Solicitor is also recommended in this site – I think Brendan Flemming is said to fight for you (leave to you, provided he is not anyone recommended to you by SW)

          Keep strong and keep fighting

          PS. Who is your solicitor, which LA is it?


          • UK LA was Northants. I don’t have a solicitor. The issue is not in the UK though the UK are still influencing behind the scenes. Legal aid feed off the same gravy train.
            As for Brendan Fleming, moves were afoot in the spring to send us back to the UK. We tried to contact Fleming many times and he never responded.

        • M says:

          Who is the Guardian. They are all Cafcass –

          Parents are allowed to change the guardian, choose Keith Simmonds – He analyses properly. I had Mark ?? (foreign surname) – he always smiles and is polite, favours SS, and back stabs last second in the court, when giving evidence

          Never panic. If you can, I don’t know how, secretly record them and all the meetings. Constantly make notes every day of every meeting.

          Do not lose your temper – scream at home in the evenings or at nights, never in the courts or with them. Reply to their questions with minimal give away, with yes/ no answers.

          Contact Ian Joseph of forced adoption, he will be a good guide!

          • M says:

            Also, make notes after every contact session – basically keep notes

          • JM says:

            record them? like Raoull Moatt did? what good did that ever do? they have hundred hours of footage beaten, torturing me, gang rape and those woman as well….i found the cameras….

            but lot of us in the community suspect Raoull didn’t set up those cameras- they did! and some idiot pigyob blabbed it to the media b4 gettng clearance….

            • M says:

              Shaun needs help at the moment JM. There’s no point talking about the brutal world – we all know what’s happening.

              • JM says:

                ok, fair point! just there is no actual help available, just the illusion of for those ‘lucky few’…..i’m trying to find a link to another TI who was tortured by Tavistock, i’ll post it if it’s still up and i can find it!

        • M says:

          This is important

          They will start belittling your wife to the extreme, I mean extreme, as she is the mother. SHE needs to be strong, not in challenging manner, but as I said….. Scream at home only

          • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

            They tried that with my wife for pointing out my innocence. She abandoned the UK and we live in her country now while we try and get our case heard (in application for permission to appeal at Queens Bench Court of appeal).

            Little known Human Rights law/legal-requirement that may affect many of you.

            Human Rights law
            “Governments should not collect information about you, but if they do, that information needs to be accurate”
            `If` you are labelled an obnoxious working-class litigant (QED a victim of offences by public authorities), whereby Judges use as a brand to label you `a `vexatious litigant“, then they are potentially acting illegally by creating and holding such information about you which is not accurate (if you don`t make it so [no matter how much they provoke you]); thus you could appeal about that single aspect alone: to the Strasbourg Court.

            Essentially, the UK courts will steal up to a ten or twenty year chunk of your life to try and prevent you getting Justice…assuming council estate victims will all be quitters.

            • JM says:

              it’s worse than that…when they just ignore/ burn any paperwork you submit to courts…what can you do? you’re also subjected to numerous acts of violence, gang rape, sudden death of family memebrs…they even murdered my dog….drug you lock you up in mental prison, steal all your paperwork/ dnt officially exist anymore…..what can you do?

              • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

                When they did some of that to me, I just carried on with life.
                Nothing else you can do.
                Thank God for the Human Rights Acts of 1998 signed in 2000. It gives us some hope that they are obliged to act within the law and provide Justice, and can be (eventually) punished if they do not.
                That said, the UK officials have been abusing laws since before the Magna Carta, and even to date. We might not do any better, but we do not pretend to be officials taking a big slice of the taxpayers hard-earned.

                Remember, IF you have been locked up unlawfully, you are entitled to an ENFORCIBLE RIGHT TO COMPENSATION.
                Sooner or later, one way or another.
                But only `without vengeance`, will it happen.

                • JM says:

                  how can you carry on without papers? somewhere to live? able to work? money? a life of any kind?

                  and the abuse and violence never actually stopped…in a lot of pain right now, and ridiculous heat….i suspect microwave based, but you can never be really sure.

        • M says:

          and Shaun, considering your solicitors have allowed you to go to Tavistock, change your solicitors, both of you, choose bredan and there is another lady on forced adoption. Doesn’t matter how far they are, everything happens via emails and scanners. Call these new solicitors, explain your situation, go and see them. They will do the rest of writing to your previous. There is another good one in Leicester Square, London, called “Covent Garden Family Law”. Keep these things to yourself, don’t let SW or Contact Workers, or your solicitors know. CHANGE your solicitor. IF your existing were on your side things would not have escalated for you the way they have.

          Give away for me is the fact they allowed you, without any warning to you, to go to Tavistock.

          • Tavistock were hired by overseas authority who flew them over for the day to see us. I could intuitively smell the stench of their corruption. I covertly recorded them hence have evidence they are lying filth. I can’t use it in court at the moment, but when this is all over I will at least use it to try and get them struck off so they can’t screw over any other innocent children and families for their big fat pay check. Parasites.

            • M says:

              so you are in Ireland?

              Bredan, they have email system email them. They will reply the following day.

              When a child is taken you “automatically” qualify for legal aid. You don’t need to pay privately, yet.

              Does your wife have a solicitor?

              • We sent several emails to Brendan Fleming and no response. We made several phone calls over a few weeks, explained our position to the person taking the calls, promise of call-back – no response. We felt very let down by Fleming and certainly wouldn’t recommend him to anyone though he does a good talk at conferences.
                On legal aid, we initially both had legal aid solicitors. As I said, they feed off the same gravy train and are unwilling to actually do anything radical to get any justice. They didn’t explain enough to us and didn’t speak out or present some good evidence we had. However, self-representation is too much stress when trying to run your life and survive in a foreign land, plus we’d never previously been in a court in our lives (clean records, no vices) and so don’t really understand their bent procedures. A McKenzie friend organisation offered help, but they were not allowed in court when the court found out they had legal qualifications. They have no actual solid evidence against us. I have far more evidence to disprove their lies, so a solicitor would help on the technical and procedural side. But no thanks on legal aid.

            • Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Well done!

              COMPENSATION needs to be our ‘sport’ once kids are where they belong!

          • That’s a really interesting observation, M, about Tavistock!

            The fact that solicitors do NOT seem to act in the interest of their clients can be assumed in the case of Legal Aid.

            It’s very tragic and cruel when it also happens with private payments.

            • JM says:

              regardles of what they call ‘best interests’- if they don’t do what they’re told they’re not working for you! That is quite clearly fraud on top of everything else…those imposed on me back when they bothered with that farce even stole the evidence from me. Nut all relatively minor stuff now- and that’s going back 9 years now, so way past the six year rule….

              in the good old days they used to plant drugs and things on people- dnt even bother with that anymore! just libellious slander masquerading as ‘expert opinion’…..and most of that isn’t even to your face, it’s behind your back, to themselves nad they bullshit and maniuplate each other….it’s beyond ridiculous

          • I think most of those ss strategies have been employed on us already. Thanks for that. I’ll read it in full later, but I’m not sure whether knowing it is going to be of any benefit.

            • M says:

              It’s not knowing it, we’ll be sitting exams!!

              Part 5 onwards: You are LIP; use the same strategies on paper on them, perhaps a language that Judge understands?

  10. Renata Ostertag says:

    Finally they are reporting something via BBC Breakfast ! Should have happened years ago! But better late than never. Thank you for sharing Sabine. Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2014 08:47:08 +0000 To:

  11. Pete Smith. says:

    Anyone contemplating a new life far away from the UK email me at

  12. Mo - Mother of MY Children says:

    JM, never, ever call me stupid again because it directly reflects on you!

    I am beautiful, I am intelligent and I am MOTHER of MY Children, but I am also a victim.

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  14. M says:

    JM, no problem, you keep well!

    I feel so disheartened after watching yesterdays programme of Finding Mum and Dad. These people really know how to mislead the public.
    1. separation of siblings – brother playing with his sisters toys, who was already adopted (ahhhh!!) – children do not know the meaning of separation, so sad
    2. adopters have “choices” to make – I read somewhere on one of these web pages that children are commodities – meaning a business (ahhhh!) – children are openly displayed to the adopters who come and choose (what on earth??)
    3. two siblings haven’t been chosen the third time – so off they go to care homes.

    Is this what my children went through. You F****** Sick B*******s. Social workers just stopped my contact with my children, at a flash of a second. Judge knew this was breach of law, which states that parents to have contact with their children till they are placed. My contact was stopped 14 months prior. Judge only told them off for being in “breach of the law”!

    My case is clearly miscarriage of justice. But, who else cares, except for me, the mother.

  15. M says:

    I was not allowed to attend my childrens first Christmas play !! They kept the time and place secret, clearly informing me that I am not to attend.

    My four year old said “mummy, where were you? I was waiting for you”

    My four year old said “mummy, all children have mummy’s pick them up and take them to schooll. Why not you mummy”

  16. M says:

    It is sheer cruelty to children.

  17. M says:

    something is definitely wrong with my case. It does not make sense.

    Hence, John Hemming: “flee the country”

    Do you know this is “day light robbery of children” – I don’t see why we need to be fighting the law, why are the courts making us do this?

    Life is ruined and wasted for both my children and me.

    Children have poor school results
    Children have psychological problems
    Children are without their natural parents
    Children are moulded at precious ages into any shape or form

    If this is child protection I refuse to believe it! WHAT are Judges doing? What child protection???

    You feel power by controlling children. Suppose that’s what you are capable of. And, Government will be listening to me.

    • JM says:

      i am so soory, but apart from sympathy nothing i can offer you.

      and it’s worse than that. obviously, pedophiles and violent psychopaths apply for these type of jobs in the first place—-they make the ‘decisions’ and nameless judges rubber stamp them

      lot of the time they dnt even bother with judges

      to this day i can’t even ascertain who my perps are

      never mind where they live

      their DBO
      address of Keir Starmer
      nor do i have £60K x several hundred now

      it’s worse than 1930s germany now- and it took several armies banded together to sort them out! we need to clone Raoull Moat few hundred times, that might do it….you ever wonder what the real story was there?

      and that guy—–he’s touting timeshares or soemthing, after your money, if u have any…..

      • JM, I don’t think the chap is touting timeshare. If he knows anything, he will realise that once a family has been screwed over by the ss, they will most likely not only be a broken as a family, psychologically and spiritually, but also financially.
        The battle with them has caused my family to be fractured, we had to spend my wife’s 50k savings (that was earmarked to send our older kids to uni) on survival when we fled to Ireland in panic, fear for our baby and fear for my wife’s health. We had to sell our house, leave our jobs, family and friends. Subsequently we have had two shop busineses and jobs ruined because our baby was moved farther away, plus meetings, assessments and court dates disrupting our life and ability to support ourselves financially.
        Most social workers we’ve had the misfortune to meet are empathically defunct liars backed up by an equally corrupt legal and court system. They all feed off the same gravy train and the misery they cause to families like mine, and worse of all, innocent children who are often unduly robbed of their natural families.

        • M says:

          Well said Shaun, I completely relate with this.

        • JM says:

          i can relate as well….not being able to earn a penny 8 years now, no papers, no bank acc., no home….stole everything i had and still break in beat me up and steal stuff….this isn’t my home

          but try emailing that guy and see what he comes back with—wants 75K for investment or similar he said….

          • M says:

            JM, I don’t understand this post!
            Who breaks in, who beats you up

            And you are keeping a tab on Starmar guy? If so, why?

            Where’s your wife/ partner? How many children did you lose?

            Only tell me if you feel ready to share.

            • JM says:

              too long a story to bore you with! several hundred pages online and that’s only a small fraction of it….try googling TI and gangstaalking, give you some idea…
              but in answer to your Qs, you have to kill one to get a name apparently (I doubt any of them are actually called Roy)

              and as for starmer….not only do you need the name for a private prosecution, u need to know where they lives, access to the evidence, 60K per perp….and you are legally obliged to either kil or abduct that bloke so he can’t cancel your private prosecution and keep your 60K, was the only point i was making……that is the law apparently, if you believe the rumours…..;-)

              my ex still got a life- she moved on! dnt blame her for that…..safer away from me anyway, i was always the target….my kids never existed, should be married and several at least by now- but now i’m getting too old even if i found someone and a ‘safe’ place to raise them, i.e. not on this planet

              • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

                30 years ago I was asked to do some gang-stalking. I didn`t even know what it was, or why I was being asked. They just thought I would do it for them.

                Their `feedback` was a question, as to why my postcard to the individual has the message slightly altered.
                I was asked to send an anonymous postcard to someone, which said “FORGET THE DEAD”,
                I added
                “Lest we forget”,
                …as I thought it (my instructions) had something to do with `love and/or war`.
                (`All is fair in love and war`?)?

                I moved on. Away.

                Oh, the guy asking me, was a council official. Heading up the waste-water network. Clearing out the rats he said.

                They tracked me; made a mess of ten years of my life for ditching them. but you cannot keep a good man down.

      • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

        Keir Starmer doesn`t even bother to respond to complaints about the CPS, not even when you provide him REPEATEDLY (x2) with documented/official evidence where the CPS make dispariging remarks about innocent people found Not guilty at Crown Court, where the Manchester CPS make false and unsubstantiated remarks stating that an innocent person fabricated a statement of a witness, where no exidence exists to support that CPS illegal slur, and where the same Manchester CPS document/claim a burglar with 30-year criminal records is a “very good witnesses” in the CPS effort to convict an innocent person due to GMP malfeasance and Human Rights/criminal offences.

        Keir Starmer just pretends he didn`t recieve either of the substantial letters with evidence.

        • JM says:

          he is a cunt
          not so long ago he was threatening to put the survivors of the most ritualistic abuse you can imagine in prison (not even a sham trial, he ahs the power apparently) for having the audacity to ask him to do the job he is supposedly paid to do…you can read more on Kevin annett’s site…

          Sabine- you think that’s good idea youposting that here? they’re in your email, they know….they effectively using you as a honey trap and you just killed that contact….

          but i want out to…..just nowhere safe to go!

          • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

            If I can make it to Asia, you can.
            You could always help out with something in the Philippines?

            Not my spot, but most Caucasians make a way to get by in such places if they have a mind to.

            • JM says:

              please tell me how, when u under 24/7 surveillance/ harrassment/ random acts of violence, on the no fly list, no money, no papers, no acess to transport of any kind….i wd love to get to one of those freedom fighter camps and start learning necessary skills, but there u go.

              • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

                Make friends. Trust in the Lord. Do the lottery once a month on a rollover. Its easy enough to change your appearance and hitch a ride across the channel.

                • Will someone tell me what a ‘freedom fighter camp’ is, and why is this person being abused, harassed and under surveillance.

                • JM says:

                  it’s 2014 now, not 1984….fingerprinting, facial recog, dna sniffers, rfid chips? and u not allowed a passport without a bank account…
                  and how do u make friends when you never get to meet anybody? and….they target friends to….so why would i put complete strangers at risk by trying to befriend them? same with women for that matter…
                  and i dnt believe in that God thing, but there if there really is some kind of supreme fascist being dictatoring….well, he has one fucked up sense of humour dats for sure…
                  and no money for lottery tickets….if i stole one i doubt they’ll pay out on it…and besides, they dnt tell you….but when u win they refuse to pay out unless u give them your address, bank details etc…..! unacceptable!

                  • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

                    Quite a quandry…. I nearly ended up staying in the prison called the UK….Anyway, whatever you do, enjoy, and keep the mustard seed of hope alive.

                    • JM says:

                      yip. 8 years now, no way out….they sterilised those seeds abt 6 years ago now…

                    • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

                      Nelson Mandela never thought he would be released. Governments change. Countries change.

                    • JM says:

                      well, yes- doubt it will happen in my lifetime though! then some two face hypocrite would no doubt try and force me to shake his hand or soemthing in front of tv cameras and i’ll end up stabbing the f****** hopefully……so still no happy ending there then!

                    • As long as there’s life, there’s hope!!!

                      Hope is half the battle!

                    • JM says:

                      ah…the old cliches….that the states indoctrinate you with from birth……they still working on you? really?

                    • I think ‘hope’ is about all anyone has when they are targeted by the state Stasi, particularly the SS child stealing division. But at the end of the day, hope is something of no substance hence no solutions.

                    • Anonymous says:

                      `Hope` stops some people committing revenge; and does not discourage any legal pursuit.

                    • JM says:

                      It’s not hope that stops me, or most people really- it’s cowardice, and lack of means- i can barely walk/ very far somedays, and particulalry bad day today. Raoull Moatt will always be a hero to me…and the sick psychos jailed his mate for life because he gave the man a sandwich.
                      and legal pursuit? you’re having a laugh- you would actually need access to a legal system for one, know who the perps are, access to the evidence…it’s the violence, beatings, ass rape, murder of dog and other family members,more violence/ thefts, yob with machetes…then abduction and locked up/ chemically labotimised/ brain mind destroyed— that stops that!

  18. M says:

    Transparency of family courts to be lifted from 3 February (it means publishing Judgments)

    • M says:

      useless order – read between the lines – step in the right direction I suppose – What about the Fact Finding hearing, not only the judgment

      • JM says:

        it’s all bullshit….giving a facade with one hand whilst the other hands of the mutant octupus steals from you, stabs you in the eyes and rips yours nuts off…

  19. Mother of My Children says:

    …. JM, what 6 year rule?

    • JM says:

      6 year rule? all legal documents/ evidence etc should be kept for six years after it is no longer active, it’s the law….most often kept for seven, just as convention for one year to be safe- reason it’s there is because of the appeals process etc./ any further dispute/ legal action…
      you’re entitled to all cctv footage if you’re on it as it constitutes a personal document relating to you…..;-) consequently i’m entitled to all those legal documents where they repeatedly beat me up, stabbed me in eyes with lit cigarrettes, all those repated times they kicked me in the head, tried to kill me by pushing me under moving cars and those cars being driven at me in the street….some of them had pigyob markings and they do have cameras hidden in the front which is well known as they sell this footage to TV companies for entertainment….they also have video of them gang raping me and far worse…
      i also found those cams in my home, when i last had a home….of course they broke in and stole the cameras back before i had chance to show them to anybody—even if i had anybody to show them to…..the poolice? who do you think put them there? so that’s gang raping my ex as well, filming her in the bath and, well you can imagine the rude stuff

      they said it was a delusion. but it was legalised under RIPA 2001


      just makes u bigger target for extra victimisation….
      RIPA legalised putting cameras in your home to film you bathing your children or b*** F***ing your wife….as well as other ‘unspecified devices’… also have to wonder why over the last 13 years nobody has actually been caught red handed installing these things…..or WHY murder by ‘burglary gone wrong’ figures are increasing at an exponential ratewhilst all other violent crime is supposedly decreasing….
      you also have to wonder why environmentalists, activists, protestors etc also tend to be the main victims of these type of burglaries…..they tend to be pretty poor or at least not particularly rich as they spend their time protesting rather than earning…

      my comment here not been moderated yet, doubt it will be- only recently been allowed to start posting here again! 😉

      • M says:

        I thought there may have been 6 years for an appeal which I was unaware of – no such luck!! I knew about the paperwork.

        You are the third person on this website who has said the same re protest – namely, being targets for further victimisation. Inspite of what horrific experience I have been through in the courts I would not live in fear, I refuse to. My life is transformed into emptiness. Till my children are out there I will not stop. They need me.

        If courts are doing wrong we have to tell them. If government is turning a blind eye to this, I will be in their face till they look me in the eyes. Oh, well !

        Relating to yourself, I suggest either go to police or move.

        • JM says:

          did u say go to the police? was that supposed to be some kind of joke?

          or move? i’ve had no home since they tried to murder me in 2006. lost all papers, can’t even get a bank account since….so no chance of aa career never mind a job now…they wnt even give me benefits and parents losing their now because of it. i inherited a few hundred pounds couple years back, that was immediately nicked…and any time i can make a few quid on the sly it gets nicked as well…..just few weeks back some psycho smashed my face in, front door, totally cleaned me out of every penny i had….then pigyobs threatening me and my disabled dad few weeks later….with ‘arrest’ for once, as though i was a cabinet minsiter—as anybody with a television knows that’s just a euphamism for a violent kicking, abducting and gang rape they only ever use months after the event if they ever asked to account, which they never are, or unless you’re a cabinet minister…..only 2nd time with guns! old man and some silly little boy would u believe- i could so easily have ran down the side of the head and twatted them both over the head seven times with a hammer…..when they wearing body armour how else are you expected to defend yourself? and the dum dums be wondering why ‘seven’…(bit of a clue there)

          it wasn’t non physical entities that repeatedly tried to murder me, put their penises up my arse and the rest….

          it makes no difference whether you capitulate or not/ carry on fighting, or whatever….i dnt think there is even any particular aim to what they do….they do it because they enjoy it! they killed my gran and my gr8 aunt, they even murdered my dog. str8 out of mkultra manual that one!

          i barely sleep at all these days but been up all night again trying to sleep…’s constant physical pain all the time now. mostly bareable, but sometimes excruciating…death is only release some of us will get, and suicide is illegal apparently. they have a policy of continuing to break all the laws whoever they are, i try and abide them….not that you’re actually allowed to see any of them! then again under joint enterprise law i should be prosecuted for all the things they did to me and other people because i haven’t defended myself, coward that i am.

          and also jailed for life because i once made someone a sandwich.

          did u know mafia 5 opened a file on everybody who took part in the miner’s strike? i used to know some of the leaders….cars following them wherever they went, houses repeatedly broken into etc….technology moved on a lot since then….you can’t actually see them following you and the rest….they said it was a delusion, but apparently it’s called Prism and is everybody now as i suspected but never said……

          and to think they were so impressed when i caught them following me in the street back in ’98 just after i applied after leaving uni….fucking amateurs! i was expecting it so looking…..

          it’s not freedom of speech when there’s a price to pay

          i can’t even suggest what the solution is for legal reasons. but i know realistically there’s nothing more you can do ‘cept what you are doing. i wish you best of luck and i just hope they’ll show mercy on you—but they never do, one refuses to tow the line they’re sacked or worse……i doubt that any of the pigyobs that are occasionally convicted of corruption are the guilty ones…..

          it’s way beyond living in fear…surviving in constant terror more apt way of putting it. you dnt get to have aany choice in the matter

          it’s not oneor two bad apples, it’s not the whole barrel, it’s time to nuke the orchard. perfectly legal if you have a flux capacitor, apparently….they made a law for it!

      • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

        CCTV 28 days.

        We have documents from GMP telling us all the Airport recording CCTV in our case was deleted after 28 days, where I and the duty solicitor repeatedly requested it to be saved because it proved my innocence in an (alleged) alleged assault (leading to Crown Court Not guilty verdict [where the alleged accuser dodged her warrant to attend the 3-day trial with an altered sick note]). CPS said no other evidence to prevent the case goind forward as we had written and sent evidence to the CPS and Judge pointing out the criminal offenses of the police [so the court stopped me questioning anyone at court, and at trial adjudicated me Not guilty to also get rid of the case and evidence against the police for fabricating a criminal case to try jail me for up to five years]). I wasn`t even allowed to call witnesses (via pre-trial hearing applications I made); which is a clear Human Rights breach of the UK also.

        We still don`t know if the case was a complete fabrication by GMP 7 years on.
        Nobody has answered a single question in court in the case in over 7-years since my arrest and injury (required a hospital operation), where police just fabricated a concocted case out of thin air and plain lied to the CPS to try convict me because I told them I was making a formal complaint.

        But they set the S/S on us like attack dogs and we watched them fabricate lies in front of us for the best part of a year; and all through the complaint process during the split-ups and everything.
        Police and S/S Hammering on the door day and night (up to 10-30pm) half the year terrifying my wife (and children) on the pretext of inspecting them; causing my wife to be frightened so much that she insisted we go and live in her home country where we reside now.

        Ski run at the back of the house. 🙂
        I haven`t been able to work full time since leaving England when I had to close my business and get rid of our family home quickly.

  20. Mo - Mother of My Children says:

    Shaun, width above is a word per line..

    Yes, I did read your web page, hence the question re fact finding.
    You are extremely well read/ intelligent, this explains your case. You are smart, your representing yourself, ss feel threatened and intimidated by you. They do not admit to any faults, never.

    I think your case is at the PRFD level. If you continue with your stance of not guilty, ss need to prove their case of removal. NOT you. And it is difficult for them. Once your wife has positive psychiatric assessment, your parental assessment report will be negative (guaranteed!); hence proving the jargon of significant harm etc

    This is the report you will be disputing and laying your grounds. Eventually, ss will call witnesses. You will need to cross-examine them.

    They will stick together, LIE ON OATH (second guarantee).

    I can’t comment on Judges in Ireland, it’ll be in their hands.

    Legal Aid: You are entitled to up until the care order; after which should you need to appeal…. it’ll be your personal finance, and it will be extremely expensive.

    Good Luck Shaun, keep strong, keep me posted.

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  28. victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

    We are a family who did `escape` the UK (5-years ago), after having our children unlawfully targeted by seemingly Gestapo types; where we are now able to protect both our children and our own Human Rights from further abuse by UK public officials.
    It would be almost impossible for most people as you have to get further away than Europe. And you need either a lot of money and/or can earn more in a country where you do not necessarily know the language.

    • Where is this safe haven then that is free from the UK and EU Stasi? My wife and I foolishly tried Ireland after the UK SS went for our baby. Certainly a big mistake. Had we have known better, we certainly would have left Europe. However, the fascist agenda is being imposed across the Western world through the UN. Difficult to escape from corruption of that far reaching magnitude.

      • I can give you a contact in a country.

        • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

          We have an old spare run-down wooden house (no electrics/plumbing now though) I never use in E. Canada if an emergency free legitimate address is needed by anyone sensible.
          Someone could at least go camping in the garden; or use a bought/rented motorhome there for a spring/summer to get their head together. Quiet town, near coast, very near a freshwater river, countryside really.
          TBH, I dont care about the place as the city tax is more than the value of the house now. $10,000
          I think 6-months is the max you can stay in Canada before the authorities get rough on you there.
          More sensibly, I think half of Spain is not asking questions when renting out apartments cheap for cash.

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