VICTIMS UNITE ONLINE against gagging and for compensation – especially after suicides!

One of the best successes of online petitioning, methinks: over 100,000 signatures have been reached to submit this text:-

To members of the House of Lords,

The Lobbying Bill would stop charities and campaigning groups from speaking out on some of the most important issues facing the country and the planet, even once recent Government changes to the Bill are taken into account.

It remains an unacceptable threat to democracy and freedom of speech.

We call on you to vote for Lord Harries’ amendments to the Bill.

What’s even more important is, maybe, that the online world is to be taken seriously. Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division, appeals in para 1 of this this ‘Baby J’ judgement to Courts to take the realities of the internet in particular social media. The judgement was the consequence of a video having recording the forcible snatching of a baby.

Snatching children and domestic abuse has caused mothers to take their lives:

  • The Sharon Grace story where a mother took herself and her two daughters into a fast flowing river in 2005 in Ireland
  • Kelly Jaye – on Facebook without more details
  • Sian Lloyd whose baby was taken in Ammanford in South Wales in August 2013.

How many more mothers have done this? It’s too late for them to fill in Victim Impact Statements

As John Hemming MP says:

Social Services get involved when they shouldn’t and they don’t get involved when they should.

If you can afford it, flee the country, for you can’t get a Fair Trial. See the Panorama program I want my Baby Back!

But only the victims concerned know. Everything else is secret, victims are being gagged and the mainstream media are part of the cover-up.

That’s why we’ll be in Brussels on 19 March 2014 to present our petition Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent.

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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55 Responses to VICTIMS UNITE ONLINE against gagging and for compensation – especially after suicides!

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  3. Renata Ostertag says:

    How about the impact on victims that could escape adoption, but not fostering and thus having lost contact for some time with their families and loved ones????? They are shell shocked to this day, even after having found each other through costly tracing by private detective agencies?????

    And those that were falsely accused of things that never happened? Accused because they spoke out against the sodomites in governmental offices and particularly child “care”???????

    Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 11:24:27 +0000 To:

    • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

      Regarding the comment about suicide;

      Late last year, in our ongoing Civil case to sue police and social services for a litany of unlawful conduct, as the Queens Bench Judge dragged our case out and changed his mind over an 18-month period to respond to our re-application to appeal, we mentioned in intervening correspondence (after 1-year of waiting for his Judgement) to that Judge, that some people might be driven to consider suicide due to the apparent unfairness of the process (often no legal-aid and no legal assistance to victims of public officials abuses) involved with the UK courts, where the Courts appear to repeatedly prevent a FAIR system of Justice to litigants-in-person, where such appeal denials/refusals cause overwhelming difficulty and frustration to its victims, and hundreds of hours of study and re-drafting appeal applications; he then dismissed our case in his 42-page re-drafted Judgement.

      We had to re-apply for permission to appeal in the last stage to the Supreme Court of appeal, QB Division.
      You have to have the tenacity of a marathon runner to get any hope of Justice against public officials.

      Normal citizens beware; you will not be allowed Justice and Human Rights.

      Judges seem to be advised to adjudicate on prioritizing reducing case workload rather then permitting Justice or Human Rights.

  4. Renata Ostertag says:

    Not just the dead (suicide), also the LIVING DEAD should be compensated. After having ones child stolen you are NEVER ever the same.

    Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 11:24:27 +0000 To:

    • BudsOfLife says:

      Have you lost children?????

      Join us!

      I’ve read all your comments, you remind me of me. Fully in control! Till the mountain falls upon us.

    • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

      All the law needs simplifying.
      When the law is too complicated for the public, and is not considered too complicated for juries (attempts to have trials/hearings with nobody but a Judge and `favorable` lawyers and `Special advisors such as Psych doctors` (manipulative state liars?), and in our case the Judge said our case is “very complicated” (its as complicated as the legal profession try to make it), then it is time the laws were simplified.
      When Judges cannot make head nor tail of the law and persistently contradict each outer in headings about everything in the UK and within Human rights law, then a REFRESH of all UK law is in order; and the most important place to start is with the Childrens/Family Courts.

      No waffle allowed, only material evidence.

  5. M says:

    I don’t think you’ll be able to get even a penny!

    • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

      The PREFACE to the Universal Declaration to Human Rights warns signatory governments what eventually happens when the public are persistently not permitted Human Rights (in practice).

  6. M says:

    PS. I absolutely love the posters above! Who designed it?

    • Don’t know who designed the posters. Sorry. WordPress sort of picked them for me.

      • M says:

        Poster above, people are “PROTESTING” !!!

        I really did not think that people whom are tormented in all the posts I read they still “fear” being targeted “further” – we are all left with long term damage, hey?

        Someone show me IMMEDIATE SUCCESS!!!

        • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

          We have DIGITAL Recording of Social Services (management) claiming they do not have to abide by Family Court decisions (we also have a subsequent recording of the Clerk of the Family Court stating that the S/S DO have to abide by the Court decisions).

          We also have a Digital Recording in a S/S Stage 3 complaint hearing where one of the `INDEPENDENT Chairs` (a Social Services manager from the neighboring country [not `Independent?]) clearly states that;- “The Social Services do Not have to abide by the Human Rights Acts”.

          They must feel immunity from the law. And the Courts seem to assist them.

          • Yes, that’s EXACTLY the problem:

            · Nobody is accountable

            · Ultimately they are protected through Royal Charters


            • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

              In current UK law (since the 1998 Human Rights Act was signed in 2000); EVERY Public Authority is ultimately required to abide by the Human Rights Acts towards EVERY citizen.
              Because EVERY person is entitled to Human Rights in the UK, and the courts are required to ensure that the Human Rights of each citizen is adhered to by EVERY government Department. No exceptions (Article 2, Universal Declaration of Human Rights). The later UK HRA underlines that point also.
              Every citizen who has had their Human Rights abused is entitled to an enforceable right to compensation (Article 1.2.5.)

              We even supplied the Social Services complaints cover-up team with the UK government Document the government supply to them regarding Human Rights the Social Services are also required to abide by; which they appear to throw in the trashcan.

              • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

                If UK Law does not match up with the Human Rights Law, then the case (vie difficult appeals) is (eventually) able to go to Strasbourg to ensure UK law is forced to be changed to abide by the Human Rights Acts.
                Its an important point.
                I`m not a lawyer, but I learned that reading law.

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  8. I’ve sent you a PM, Melanie.

    Those interested in uniting :

    I have formed a Group in London please join me for meetup.

  9. BudsOfLife says:

    Call it “””ParentsUnite!””” in …..”

    ‘cos we are UNITING!

  10. BudsOfLife says:

    your email address does not work?

    • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

      That reminds me of a letter we have from the Queens Bench court `final` appeals section.

      Because my wife is frightened of ever returning to the UK (we escaped to her mother country in S.E. Asia), the Queens Bench Civil appeals court gave us a dead end “Web address” for a video-link (we are applying for Video-conferencing hearing/s)..
      This is the web address they gave in a pre-printed form;-

      Its a dead end.

      Its not the first time the Court have done that to us.

      The Court have a litany of such `errors`, as one Judge claimed he didn`t have our 500-page appeal application AFTER his staff wrote the month before to tell us they have it in time; where that Master/Judge `Struck out` our appeal case claiming he didn`t receive it `in time` (when all he had to do is look at it on his desk). The Judge/s also all tell us we will `give up`, in their correspondence; and in a telephone hearing with a subsequent Judge; where they claim the case “will be too difficult”.

      We had to PROVE to the Court that his staff sent us the `confirmation` letter we pre-requested (as we suspected the Court/Judge might get up to such tricks).
      It is a way for the Court to drag cases out for years to ensure evidence against public authorities will wash away or be forgotten.

  11. Melanie, one out of 10 doest score us any thing? Or does it

  12. don’t waste our trip, ‘cos there is no one in London

  13. do’wnt know hw t ct & pas’t

  14. Where are you people fighting for your children, anyone, any where ?

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  16. Melanie says:

    Yes only temporary as it’s hard to know who we are dealing with at times and trust in the most important thing within all this and I still have a few I can phone and meet in person, as really at the moment it is hard trying to do things on My own and need to work with another Person or People. Also My own health is not that good and I know I have been unwell now really for some time, but as it all came to light in April 2014 and I ended up in Intensive Care, I feel that I need to look after My health and also I need someone to help me at the moment and fight My corner for genuine advise and truth, as I said before and that if I can’t get Justice one way, then I would get it another way and so we have to keep trying to get those much needed answers within a Country with so much Corruption and Cover-up’s going on all the time. So for now I am just taking a break and trying to look after Myself and get My health back. So I can only at the moment be contacted by phone or in Person.

  17. Melanie says:

    My Church Leader did introduce me to a lady called Joyce Passmore and she has written a book, “The Light in My Mind”. She also does have her story out on CD, which I have got and she can be found online. On meeting and talking to this very sensible lady, I found how she found her peace within writing her book and exposing and having everything out in the open. This was her way for Justice and as I said before they are many ways and we should never give up and if we can’t get Justice one way, then try another way. At the end of the day it’s about standing for truth and fighting against Corruption and Cover-up’s, as many terrible things have been and are still going on and instead of being treated correct and with care and in a fair way, I have found they start treating you worst for trying to get answers and truth and will just go on and Cover-up even more and Corruption gets bigger and bigger and so we have to find Justice to get that peace of mind and hopefully it will stop them being so Corrupt in the future with others. Joyce Passmore story is about Mental Health and Tone Vale Mental Hospital, Taunton, Somerset. However many Year’s have pass, but I have found much torment, abuse, mistakes, Corruption, Cover-up’s within The Child Care System and The Mental Health System and The Hospital and The N.H.S and so Corruption and Cover-up’s within The whole system does go on. I think that I was taken in again when I first went into Hospital and stay in Intensive Care and it has made me realise now that I still had a lot to learn. Now I realise that Corruption and Cover-up’s are all around me and you can’t truth any of them and so you just have to take control and fight on for Justice one way or another, as we shouldn’t be treated in such a terrible way and we shouldn’t have to live and pay for all their mistakes without any answers and we should have Human Rights for answers.
    We should all have a voice and be able to talk out, within bad and poor and inhumane treatment in doing that, as our Rights.
    That is the only way forward in stopping so much Corruption and Cover-up’s going on in the future.

  18. Melanie says:

    I also met another very clever lady who lives in London and she has now got a PHD In Psychology and yet she was treated herself within Mental Health for many Years before taking control of her own life. She also had her Child taking from her and forced adopted when she was a teenager. She turned her life around and was sick of bad treatment and decided to study herself and found out she never had this very low IQ of which she had been told for Years on end, but instead had a high IQ and was very sensible. She told me how once you learn and study, then they can’t tell you a lot of rubbish anymore. So I have a few happy ending Stories, along with many terrible and still going on terrible Stories, but I have found most of them that have found peace of mind now, spoke out in the first place and were very determined and now don’t get treated terrible anymore. It’s the most hard fight ever, but having a voice we should all have a Rights and we should’nt have to suffer in fear of talking out and we shouldn’t be treated so badly for just telling the truth!!
    This lady is older then me and her saying is that it’s never too late in waking up and seeing what is being done to you and turning your life around.
    Well let us all hope so!!!
    She very much wants The Gagging Law Stopped!!
    Many People I know now, I just wish I knew before My own Case and Year’s ago, as I would have never got in this whole Mess in the first place. However I am one in many and lots of us made that mistake of asking for Child Services for help!!! In fact I have learn now it is much better not asking any Professional for help and taking control of our own lives and our Children’s.
    My Church turned out better for me then any Professional in the end and now My Church help many Families and reach out all over Yeovil, Somerset.

  19. Melanie says:

    We need to realise that Suicide is the worst thing ever for all the family to live with, but the stress that these Cases alone can give us all over such along time can be a killer anyway. PH Balance and acid in our body and stress is a very important factor within all this and yet they push and torment us and treat us so inhumane and we stay strong to fight such Corruption all the way. PH Balance can be helped by diet and exercising, but it is also very much helped by lessening Medications and Chemicals within our bodies. I have to find out everything, as I got so ill, but really it’s far better to find out Years before.
    This is why we all have to look after ourselves within these inhumane Cases and not let them torment us so much and not let them destroy our health. We need to fight and be as strong as possible, but within that we need to look after our own health. No notice was taken of any of My health Problems, due to so much going on with The Care Proceedings and all the Corruption and Cover-up’s and even now I have to find out most things Myself, as nobody wants to very much talk about why I ended up in such a bad state or how things are now and what I can do in helping Myself and so I wish I went Private in the first place over My health back in 2011.
    They say stress is very bad and yet within these Cases they push and push us hoping for us to breakdown and give up and adopt Kids and all in all what is done to both Parent and Child is very discussing and so inhumane and like being within a War Prison Camp and yet they then expect Gagging Orders and Parents of such abuse and torment to never talk out.
    What a System, that is just so full of Corruption and Cover-up’s.
    Well I realise I need to take a break and look after My health and I know I now need someone to help me at the moment. I also know it is true in what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger and more determined in the end.
    I am taking My break and trying not to feel so upset by all that has been done to me within Corruption and Cover-up’s and just look after Myself.
    However I am looking other ways, as I know now the fight has got too big for me on My own at this moment and I can’t get answers at all Myself and am now so sick to death of Corruption and Cover-up’s that i’m not taking such a carry on any longer and such daft and odd acting around me. I have had enough of the lot of them all now and realise that on My own I will never get truth or answers.
    I hope everyone in the end will get answers and stop such Injustices in the future.

  20. Melanie says:

    This Country here in Britain is like a Prison and I didn’t realise that until getting involved with The Care Proceedings in 2011. Even now after My Case, I can now see how the whole system works along together within Corruption and Cover-up’s and really it is all down to the fact no Professional can ever say they made a mistake and also the money they make out of us as Parents and our Children.
    Even now after 3 Years, I am still learning and waking up to the fact that Corruption is all around me and within the whole system.
    It is a sad fact in that to get strong, we have to not trust anyone and not let them take us in, as some will be horrible and others will be nice to us, but really both will be working alongside each other and trying to still take us all in.
    I still get upset, when I in fact reason I have been too trusting and yet taking in again by any Professional and I have made up My mind now that I will not get so upset again after My last visit and stay in Yeovil, Hospital.
    I realise now what goes on and if we don’t put our trust in them in the first place, then we can’t get hurt and upset.
    We have to live with a wall up to protect ourselves in such Corruption.
    We have a Country here in Britain where they don’t want us having a voice or and Humane Rights and we all have to stand and try and fight that, as we need so many changes within a Corrupt System that is full of Cover-up’s.

  21. Melanie says:

    I have decided now that if I get anymore rubbish written and Cover-up letters, then I am going to make a video and expose them and show these daft letters to The Public!!
    I have had so much of it all in over 3 Years, that its all in a lock up and I only keep a small amount with me now and I would never have room to keep all this rubbish paperwork and letters. They go on about cuts and what a waste of money writing such stupid Cover-up letters, that in fact don’t take me in for a minute anymore. I had it all within The Case and then I had it all with The N.H.S over My Mental health and so now its only just the same all over again and it is like I have been here before and not messing around yet again playing silly Cover-up games.
    All it comes down to is their mistakes and picking on us and getting funning with us just because we are finding them out and they don’t like it and really why should we have to put up with them all getting funning with us when they have made mistakes or done something wrong or got a diagnosis wrong in the first place. It is clear now that when they attack us and try and make out it is our Mental health and worry or us keeping on, that really it is due to them trying to Cover-up and passing the blame back over to us and it is so easy to use and abuse Mental health problems and it is something that has been abused and dates back many Years. In fact none of us would have so many Mental health problems if we were treated better with this so called Professional in the first place.
    Its all abuse really the way they all act and so are Gagging Orders and everything is done to keep us in control and have power over us and this is only done when abuse is going on and when anything is genuine, then we have no need to act in this way and Cover-up or put Gagging Orders on People and Parents.
    They all need to be shown up for what they are and how they are acting and what rubbish they write and have their Names exposed, as that way we are helping others that may be dealing with these same Professional in the future and stopping so many Cover-up’s going on and stopping so much abuse within our System.
    Gagging Orders have also been used in abuse of power and everything that has been done to many Parents is against their Human Rights.
    The Care Proceedings is inhumane and a terrible experience and then I found The N.H.S being terrible as well and what a carry on!! We realise that all these Professional can only be very stupid or Corrupt, as nobody can go around making so many mistakes and not be able to find out what is wrong with a Patient or giving correct answers to a Client and acting so useless and daft and writing such rubbish.
    We need to realise that they will say anything and do anything and act anyway in the Name of Covering-up and so only recording catch them out and show them all up for what they really are in life.
    Many would let us as Parents suffer and die and would let us Children suffer and die in Covering-up and I never expected that within our Child Care Services or our N.H.S.
    The whole System is a mess and so changes were very much needed.
    If we all found out long before and did realise, then most of us wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place, as we wouldn’t ever ask Child Social Services for help and we would look into our own health and not just trust a Doctors word that we have nothing wrong with us for Years on end!!!
    When its too late and that damage has been done, then we need to fight together and find a better way forward and get changes for ourselves and everyone in The Future and for our own Children and their Children.
    Its a horrible way to have to live and we can’t trust, but we can only hope that by all we are doing and exposure and just standing for truth that we get a better System and future and Justice.
    They have kicked us all when we were down and now its time and we are all kicking back and everything is coming to light!!
    Such abuse of Power needs to be a thing of our Passed and any genuine Professional should be able to talk out and do their job as they always wanted and not be expected to work along in Cover-up’s.
    We need to all stand against Corruption and inhumane, out-dated treatment and have a voice and be free.
    Stop Punishment without Crime and Stop Punishment just for asking for Help!
    Stop such Injustices!!!

    • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

      The British should read up about what the Government seem to have clearly copied/cloned for selective and judicious use against any ordianry (working-class) member of the public who they thought was not playing ball….
      This… —>
      “Political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union”

      A quick read around will clue some people in onto what the British have bene practicing to get complete control of an allegedly free people.

  22. Melanie says:


    • victimsofthestatehypocrites says:

      Its the senior Baronic Judges, the power of their `illegal interpretation` of the law; to maintian their profitable funding, that will have them work to slice and dice the 1998 Human Rights Acts in regards to them planning to prevent it limiting their ability to abuse their power and prevent any appeals by working-class people being (currently) able to appeal to Strasbourg.

      But only around (estimate) one-in-one-thousand victims of emdemic Human Rights abuses by public officials, are ever able or capable to get to write an agreeable appeal to Strasbourg.

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