DEAR ALUN CAIRNS MP: 25 breaches of regulations in HMP Cardiff on HUNGER STRIKE since Monday

Anybody willing to phone Governor Booty of HMP Cardiff on 029 2092 3100 and complain?

Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police

14 01 27 Alun Cairns MPHere is Maurice’s latest missive from inside HMP Cardiff:


Arrested 14th October 2013 and incarcerated on both fabricated charges and antecedent history. Breaches of prison regulations include:

  1. Denied access to bail officer to arrange release
  2. Denied facilities to interview my witnesses today
  3. Denied facilities to examine Police CD and DVD
  4. Denied for 3 months access to my own bank account
  5. Denied for 2 months access to my car key to get evidence
  6. Denied this week any canteen to buy stamps and phone calls
  7. Denied cross examination or appeals to punishments
  8. Denied proper notice for court appearances
  9. Denied reasonable access to any law books (3 30 minute visits to library allowed)
  10. Police ‘VISOR’ labelled ‘sex offender’ fabricated to oppose bail

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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7 Responses to DEAR ALUN CAIRNS MP: 25 breaches of regulations in HMP Cardiff on HUNGER STRIKE since Monday

  1. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to Waleski.
    Where no proud man, woman or child is safe.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great advert for the Waleski (former Wales) Tourist Board.
    Thank you for highlighting life in Waleski. Its all about survival in Waleski.
    Watch the video of Waleski Para Militia breaking down a door in the Cardiffski El Capital to steal a new born baby.
    Welcome to Waleski.

  3. peter oakes says:

    MP Cairns. Should be made aware of “OperationTiberius” as revealed in the
    Independent by Tom Harper. 14Jan.2014. Operation Tiberius discovered in 2001 shows corrupt freemasons were controlling the Met. police along with corrupt judges solicitors etc.

    This group was identified years ago as the “Legal Mafia” S.Wales is being
    controlled by this Mafia. MP.Cairns. should raise this issue ASAP in the
    House of Consmen who need to be informed We the Public are on to
    you and ALL your scams re: expences fraud.

    It is Treason and prison Governors are in this mafia ! their objective is to
    murder Maurice Kirk.

    Conspiracy theories are proving themselves to be the Truth and not
    the drivel as dripped out by S.Yorks. police re: Hillsborough. and the
    dozens of excuses given out by ACPO. Police Association who still
    think the Plebgate affair was a silly prank! it was a deadly attempt to
    destroy an elected representative of the public ! This corrupt
    cancer needs removing NOW ! Forthwith.

    This legal mafia uses the Insolvency Service to create bogus-malicious
    bankruptcies in order to destroy people like Maurice and to
    steal the publics homes and ASSETS as revealed in the Laurence
    Tomlinson report for the Dept. of Trade & Industry

    Pick the bones out of this comment ! and you will find it is FACT ! the
    “tactless truth” writ large ! a simple google: confirms the truth!

    MP Cairns. must be made aware of this comment ! as from now on his
    omissions or acts confirm his conspiracy to conceal serious offences
    including aiding abetting treason. Let us witness his Oath Sworn
    obligation to the Sovereign and Parliament.

    And good coppers need our support has having senior colleagues in
    this mafia must make them sick and disillusioned, their moral must
    be lower than whale s–t or should it be Wale s–t.

  4. peter oakes says:

    Operation Tiberius kept secret since 2001 by the Home Office See: (Tom
    Harper Independent 14 Jan.2014 Operation Tiberius ) proves beyond
    all doubt the ( Conspiracy Theorists ) are correct in their claim corrupt
    masons control the Country by a group identified time and time again as
    the “Legal Mafia” this group destroys people like Maurice with three methods

    1) Bogus & Malicious Bankruptcy.

    2) Persecution, torment, frustration, false imprisonment, torture intended
    to induce mental stress and a nervous breakdown allowing the Mafia to
    have you Sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

    3) Declaring the Victim a Vexatious Litigant Sectn. 42. Supreme Court Act there bye making a social leper denying you any access to the Laws of UK
    & Europe

    I hope you now recognize the fact we are “secretly enslaved” by a secret society mafia re: corrupt freemasons. Google; Gorsey Hey masonic
    home . and see how Parliament and corrupt MP masons duped the Hansard
    Records and how the Charity Commissioners aided-abetted thefts & frauds
    from honorable freemasons who are being duped by the Duke of Kent and Grand Lodge !

    Maurice is in their treasonous webb !

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