SAVE LEGAL AID – who pays for what justice – in the interests of the client or the employer?

Dear All

We have a great campaigning opportunity in London on Friday as the lawyers are walking out in protest at cut-backs in legal aid which affects many family court cases as you know.

So please join Maggie, me & Sonia Poulton outside Parliament on Friday morning from 10 am – we’ll be waving Battle flags so hopefully you’ll be able to spot us easily. Sonia as you may know is the ex-presenter of the The People’s Voice TV and she will be doing interviews of people campaigning for justice for the children & families and of course there’ll be other press & media there too so it’s a great opportunity all in all.

See you Friday

14 03 06 Save Legal Aid

Join the demonstration to 


10am Friday 7th March Old Palace Yard SW1.

Followed by march to Ministry of Justice

Lawyers are refusing to attend court on Friday to protest against further legal aid cuts.

Noela Claye, All African Women’s Group, who is being persecuted by the Home Office and is fighting a heroic battle to win the right to safety and protection in the UK will be speaking at the event.
Black Women’s Rape Action Project and Women Against Rape are supporting the protest – we work with many rape survivors who will be deprived of vital legal representation by these cuts*.

These cuts will cost lives.  Please join the protest.

Call 020 7482 2496 for more information.

*Legal Action for Women explains the cuts and the impact on women in particular: click here

This Guardian article relates to the issue at stake: Inquisitorial system may be better for family and civil cases, says top judge. It raises these questions in my mind:

  1. is the secrecy of the family courts bringing the whole UK judiciary into disrepute?
  2. how come we haven’t found legal aid lawyers in the family system operating in the interests of their clients?
  3. how come we needed to create the Association of McKenzie Friends?
  4. will financing the inquisitorial system be better?
  5. if yes, how?
  6. might the money powers think about the Bradbury Pound 100 years after its invention?


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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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15 Responses to SAVE LEGAL AID – who pays for what justice – in the interests of the client or the employer?

  1. m says:

    I’ll be there! What I’ve been looking for

    Did you know there was a march last Saturday in Trafalgar Square


    Police raided the Prime Minister’s Office on the computers found photographs of abused children
    LONDON – In the office of British Prime Minister David Cameron took a huge earthquake because of a scandal in which he found himself his now former adviser and longtime collaborator Patrick Rock (62).

    LONDON – In the office of British Prime Minister David Cameron took a huge earthquake because of a scandal in which he found himself his now former adviser and longtime collaborator Patrick Rock ( 62 ) .
    He is , among others, participated in the preparation of legislative proposals that would in time have introduced mandatory internet filters to pornography , and police it was because of pornography and children , were arrested and questioned .

    The scandal emerged in public only now , even though the arrest and subsequent resignation came even mid-February.

    Inspectors from the National Agency for Combating Crime raided the office of Rockov Cameronovoj official residence in Downing Street at number 10 to view his computer and traced all its activities on the computer network . According to the Independent , they found a number of photos with abused children .

    ‘ In the evening 12th February is the prime minister’s office informed of a possible tackle concerning images with abused children . The whole case is immediately left to the National Agency for the fight against crime . The Prime Minister was informed about everything . Patrick Rock was arrested at his home early in the morning on the 13th of February, a few hours after Downing Street police forwarded a tip , ” said in a statement from the office of David Cameron .

    It adds that the police subsequently arrived in the Prime Minister’s residence to search the computer .

    ” The investigation is ongoing and would not be appropriate to make any further comments , but Prime Minister photos of abused children generally considered horrible and believes that anyone who has anything to do with them should be prosecuted in accordance with the law ‘ , says Cameron’s office .

    A source close to the prime minister says he could not believe it when he heard that Patrick Rock is associated with the controversial photos .

    Rock as an advisor to the Conservative Party worked 30 years , and Cameron had with him in Downing Street led 2011th year and dealing with issues of internal security policies . The two of them met in the 90s when they both worked at the Ministry of Interior .

    POLICIJA UPALA U PREMIJEROV URED Na računalima pronađene fotografije zlostavljane djece

    LONDON – U kabinetu britanskog premijera Davida Camerona dogodio se veliki potres zbog skandala u kojemu se našao njegov sada već…

  3. Renata Ostertag says:

    I hope you will have lots of success Sabine and the rest of the ladies and gentlemen and children and youth ! I hope and pray that I will live long enough to see us succeed and have the criminals in the SS departments all over England thrown to jail for life for their crimes against humanity !!!!! Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2014 08:31:39 +0000 To:

  4. dai says:

    I’m confused – is this website supporting the lawyers in their campaign against legal aid cuts when same lawyers are being paid from legal aid to help take children away [unlawfully] either into care or to stop contact/residence with absent parents [usually fathers]. often inflaming the situation so that the case lasts longer – more time = more legal aid money

    they, the lawyers, need to take a paycut just like other benefit claimants have.

    do not forget – with a lawyer in front of him/her the judge/state can say your rights [and your children] were fully protected while he/she is abusing them.

    • There is clearly a MAJOR difference between the ‘lawyers’ and ‘judges’ in the family ‘courts’ and those in the criminal system, as I found out at the demo this morning.

      Just as in science: everybody only knows about their particular field of specialisation.

      • M says:

        When I learnt it was lawyers I decided not to go. I do not support them. If they are conning public, let them have no income, who cares, because us as public are suffering seriously – Its all so sad sad sad situation

  5. JM says:

    why would you want to ‘save’ a corrupt gravy train system for incompetent and criminal/ enemy collaborators? you can’t get paid if u dnt do what your’re told….obvious conflict of interests and quite clearly the evidence shows this…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Who pays for who’s interest here.
    Boris Johnson has said that children of BNP members should go into care.
    I appreciate that this is a BNP video but they are highlighting what Boris Johnson said on live radio.
    I don’t want to exploit this comment into politics – its the discrimination and the acceptance by Boris Johnson that children of parents from certain political beliefs should go into care.

  7. Stuart Wilkie says:

    Margaret Wilkie is being denied legal aid to defend her from perjury, fraud and an attempt to defraud her of her home and fraudulently requested costs from an Order for Sale on her property by Herr Hermann Bernard Reemtsma of Eaubrink Farm GmbH. His agents have all committed perjury to pervert the course of justice. His land agent, a chartered surveyor, admitted he was not allowed to do a drive-by valuation, then provided just that for Norwich Court. It devalued the property between £100 – 240,000 pounds. The Court increased it by £65,000, but awarded costs to the Respondent – Herr Reemtsma. He now wants to lodge these costs, obtained under a fraud and perjury, against the property with an Order for Sale – again – on Wednesday 12th March in the Peterborough Court. There is apparently no legal aid for a Lawyer to defend it and Mrs Wilkie is 83 and has Lymphodaema (it starts in the hot weather).

    Reemstma is just a fraudster and land thief and the Courts accept this from a Barrister and provide no assistance (not even a videolink) for an aged Lady.

    Whilst the Statements entered into court are perjury, provable by documents, the Courts refuse to look at these white collar crimes, as if they do not exist.

    Fraud was alleged from day one – a forged map, hand drawn and twice the size of the area that was being falsely claimed was shown – purporting for it to be an official Land Registry map. This was simply ignored by the lower Court.

    Reemstma failed to give either his full name or his place of work – another false way of avoiding prosecution. The list is endless – No Court will the real crimes.

  8. Stuart Wilkie says:

    Last line should read – no court will ‘touch’ the real crimes. Its criminal.

  9. anoni says:

    has anyone not realised in their ventures into [civil/family] court that

    1. there is a legal aid gravy train
    2. if a lawyer has a legal aid certificate he will be excused any sanction if an allegation of some form of fraud is made eg forging signatures, filing false documents etc
    3 the other side as a LiP or even when represented will not be able to claim costs against said lawyer or his client.
    the Lip/other may even have a costs order made against him for making such allegation.
    4. any loss to the legal aid budget [eg award of costs against legal aid] comes off the MoJ budget [ie judges part] hence the hostility of judges to LiPs and others who make allegations against legally aided lawyers.
    5 if a LiP makes an allegation then it can be dismissed there and then on the other hand allegation by legal aid lawyer means additional hearing with statements and evidence = more legal aid money.

    With a knowledgeable MKF or knowledgeable LiP the courts are now more balanced than with legal aid.The courts will be just as unfair but at least those hard working taxpayers who are the foundation for a welfare state ie they pay in by tax or NI, do not have to pay for it.

    did anyone not notice that once private law legal aid funding stopped the lawyers moved in on public law and adoption hence the increase in care applications etc.

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