HELP FOR THE PEDROS required @ Police Station in Grantham: accused of abducting their children

I wrote about the Pedros who were with us in Brussels on their site.

The photos I took between St. Pancras, the EU Parliament and back in St. Pancras are on

And the phone call from Grantham Police Station came at 8.51 this morning to ask whether I can come up to represent them.

Or will they have to accept the ‘duty solicitor’ because we are not registered in the National Call Centre, because we work ‘pro bono’, i.e. for the common good rather than for money? The Police Officer called me ‘rude’ when I suggested he seemed to stumble over the term ‘McKenzie Friend‘.

We made history without knowing what the future will be: in Brussels and now at the Police Station in Grantham where the Pedros’ children were held for 72 hours after they were snatched in April 2013.

  • Just like with the Muas, allegations were fabricated after the snatch;
  • subsequent admissions by the oldest 12-year-old boy to have lied were ignored – just as his letters to the judge;
  • the consent for adoption was dispensed with ‘in the interest of the children’ – that’s why I presented Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent to the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament.

I can’t bear this institutionalised hypocrisy any more.

Meanwhile, please call 01476 402 222 and find out how Carla and Jose are doing!

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About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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15 Responses to HELP FOR THE PEDROS required @ Police Station in Grantham: accused of abducting their children

  1. Vera Quintas says:

    Dear Sabine McNeill,
    I live in Porto, Portugal and I read about this case in Público. I want to know if there’s anything I can do to help. I never did “activism from a distance” apart from signing petitions, so I don’t know what to do. I would also like to thank you for the wonderful work you do.


      For starters, I wonder whether you could translate this article and the one that appeared in the Correio da Manha?

      I’m in touch with Anna who wrote the one in Publico, but I haven’t even seen the link, let alone read it. I read Portuguese but couldn’t possibly translate.

      Call the Police Station as well so that they KNOW they are being watched from everywhere!!!

      THANK YOU!!!

  2. Cátia D. says:

    Thank you for everything you are doing for this family. Many of us here in Portugal are now aware of this situation and probably it will raise important discussions inside the country.

    • EXCELLENT. Thank You!

      Can you phone the Police Station so that they know they’re being watched, please?

      ‘Cracking’ this case will help all of the families concerned in the UK. 1,000 every month!

  3. JM says:

    I actually ‘survive’ (not living) just outside of there…and you wdn’t have thought it, piddly little backwater town like that—-having some of the worst pigyobs in the country.

    Some of my own expereinces include being repeatedly beaten up and abducted on several occasions. Anally gang raped. Property repeatedly stolen and vandalised, as well as large sums of cash. They almost certainly murdered my dog. Several ‘half arsed’ attempts on my life….cars driven at me in the street/ drive up behind you and smash you over back of head with wing mirrors on their vans.

    Few years ago it was widely acknowledged that they actually helped a guy get away ‘legally’ with murder- bu bugging a conversation with his solicitor. This was BEFORE that particular crime was legalised (remember them buggering the MP whilst he visited his constituent in prison?)…conseuqntly the case had to be dismissed/ abandoned….and, just to make it obvious one of the pigyobs involved shortly thereafter, rumoured anyway….nice long trip to the canary islands and seen driving a Ferrari.

    Way back as early 90s (I grew up around here)…early teens at the time, so i no doubt got the censored version….but man’s best friend having an affair with his wife, got drunk one night at village pub drove home and murdered him in the street/ drove right at him….pigyob mates conveniently forgot to breathalyse him until 24 hours+ later….(little doubt it was murder anyway)…wife claimed the life insurance, sold the house and both quickly moved away from the village….

    I’ve had no end of violence to…still wnt admit they’re even pigyobs. Seems there is one senior pigyob living on the hill, just around corner from me (Renard). I’ve repeatedly seen him in his garden yelling at the top of his voice people’s confidential/ very private info into his mobile phone, like the yob he is…not just RE their victims but his subordinates names/ payroll info as well…(obviously not too bright) but i wonder if i ever did manage to get him on camera doing that, wikileak it….do you think anybody wd be prosecuted? 😉

    Also heard a rumour recently that he is actually a Superintendent. Considering the value of that property I had suspected he was one of the more ‘criminal’ of the criminals, but maybe a superintendent could legitimately afford that— i don’t know! Think it was his kids actually that damn near got run over…when they drove at me, i stopped jumping out of the way and the knobhead massively overcompensated to avoid me….driving at 70+ on a blind bend is blinking suicidal anyway- unfortunately didn’t kill hiself….they stopped doing that shortly after that- so i reckon he knows/ knew/ found about it around then….

    And still refusing to ‘investigate’ pedophile at the local Grammar school as well as far as i know, although that bitch may well be dead by now- doubt she’s still working there! she was old when i was at school there….

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  6. L Martins says:

    Hi Sabine
    We are a Anglo/Portuguese family living in GB. We were very upset when we read the details about the Portuguese family who run the risk of losing their five children due to an apparent unsubstantiated – and later modified – accusation by their young son. It is absolutely unbelievable that bureaucrats are legally authorized to destroy a family without further deep investigation about what is really happening. This seems to be one more case – if these initial news are confirmed – where public servants abuse their authority and do not follow the principles that they are expected to protect. To remove children from families should absolutely be a last resort!!!! Shame on them.
    Where possible, we are also prepared to give our support to this unfortunate family. For example, signing a petition or giving a contribution for a fund which would help to pay for the solicitors.

    • THANK YOU VERY MUCH INDEED for caring – also practically!

      There is in fact a currently empty Victims Fund, if you scroll down, and, indeed the Duty Solicitor needs to be paid and I’m even wondering how to get them down to London from Grantham this morning, as their account is empty, after Jose was prevented from going to work by the Police.

      I shall put up more about how to go forward on the international level soon.

      It’s a true shock therapy to watch what’s going on!

      • JM says:

        sorry…’pay the duty solicitor?’ I don’t understand….it was my understanding that is a euphamism for an incompetent actor to pretend to be your solicitor whilst working for them, and already paid ridicuous some of money via taxation? paid to destroy evidence and collaborate with the enemy in every way you can imagine I mean….so why do you need to pay them again? although they didn’t actually bother with that farce with me…3 months + isolation, no phonecalls allowed…

        sorry if i went bit off topic in my previous post and wish i could do soemthing practical…

  7. DL says:

    How do I make a donation to your victims fund?

    Its not fair on that family to suffer so much. I am sure after reading what you have written there will be many who feel the same and want to help. Keep up your good work.

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