BRUSSELS video clips on TV: Portuguese, Latvian, BBC LOOK NORTH and now Slovak TV

It is very interesting to see what different editors clip for different programs:

  • the full official meeting of the EU Petitions Committee on 19 March 2014 in Brussels is on this link
  • the agenda is here
  • the minutes are here.

Different international supporters put up my six-minute and other presentations on YouTube:

Dutch supporters:

Latvian supporters:

The first Portuguese TV channel that clipped was with us in Brussels:

The second Portuguese programme turned out to be used for utter betrayal. But we will exercise our Right of Reply! Watch this space!!!

However, BBC LOOK NORTH interviewed me in London and used a Brussels clip:

And now JOJ SK, the Slovak channel that made the return of the Boor boys happen over a year ago, produced

A Slovak supporter produced this video with English CAPTIONS. If you click to watch in YouTube, you can click the icon CAPTIONS on the bottom right corner and you’ll see English translations!

This is the translation of the Slovak text:

In the new calendar year, the British social workers withdrew 75 children

Slovakia, LONDON – You surely remember the case of children taken by Scottish social services that only our TV station JOJ covered in the evening news. According to the latest information, the case is taking the right direction and biological bonds should be kept. This case is however uncovering more serious facts.

25 new cases

We were talking about taking children from their parents (in some cases Slovak children were also involved) for several months. However, after boys from the most well known case returned (Samko and Martinko Boor) we somehow stopped talking about these cases and many people suggested that everything was fine and adoptions took the right direction.

However, we learned that the statistics prove the opposite. In this year alone the Center for International Legal Protection of Children and Youth has recorded twenty-five new cases, each of them involving at least two children; 75 children in total were taken in GB this year only.

They are begging to be heard out

“One thousand children taken a month in the UK. We are here crying for help. There are children screaming to be heard” civic activist Sabine McNeill said in the European Parliament.

The parents who lost their children also came to support her. “These people don’t seem to have a conscience. That’s what is happening. That is what we are obligates” she continued. She also mentioned a member of the British Parliament in her speech, who is the only one publicly standing against this – even though his colleges do not see any potential for future elections in it. He confirmed for out TV JOJ that the situation did not improve since the Boor case. “Things have improved very, very little; there is a long way still ahead of us” Hemming claims.

The way they take children away is still a problem

“It was 2,420 children in 2012; then 3,090 children in 2013. So the number of children from Eastern Europe that are in care of UK has increased” – Hemming claims. Foreign children still do not represent more than 5 to 10 percent of the total number, though. According John Hemming, the problem is the way the social service receives evidence about the necessity to take children.

“The evidence is not good, it is solely the opinion of social officers. Their task is to take more children. So it is not in their interest to defend what is best for the children,” Hemming adds.


  • the Nigerian Musa children are supposed to be adopted, even though UK Courts must not decide the fate of foreign children
  • US Melissa Laird‘s son has been kept for adoption after she was deported
  • McKenzie Friends who had assisted her are expected to pay for costs run up by the Treasury Solicitor’s Office, and we are expected to interpret this as justice, fair trial, respect for family life and generally EU Human Rights
  • the adoption of the two youngest Pedro children has been postponed until the Portuguese Embassy will have spoken with Lincoln Council this week
  • the Latvian President has taken it upon himself to look for Laila Brice‘s daughter and the Ambassador has promised to visit Merton Council. 

Keep Calm and Challenge Britain who ratified these two treaties but doesn’t manage to enforce them:


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18 Responses to BRUSSELS video clips on TV: Portuguese, Latvian, BBC LOOK NORTH and now Slovak TV

  1. Anonymous says:

    From the words of that Pink Floyd song
    [quote] “Teacher leave them kids alone [unquote]
    Was Pink Floyd trying to warn us: or send out some kind of message !!!!!!

    This story comes alone quite fittingly.

    Fear generated from the classroom when a mother has to send her child to school with scarlet fever as not to fall into the honey trap of SS radar.
    This is how far the FEAR FROM THE CLASSROOM is going BULLYING, GENERATED SUICIDES, PROSECUTION the teacher is rising rapidly to the ranks of SS as the feared element of the INSTITUTIONAL STATE.

    This caring mother seems no different to any other mother across the UK in being – “forced to send her four-year-old to school suffering from scarlet fever fearing she would otherwise face legal action.”

    In other words, falling into the honey trap and hunting grounds of the SS Child Snatchers. In this particular case Carmarthenshire SS. Led by a Director of Education and Children Services who’s only qualifications and work experiences skills are in Civil and Highway Engineering.

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