ETHICS and JUSTICE PANELS for Public Accountability – to include Councillors, AMs, MPs and MEPs

Belarusian Easter Eggs

Ever since I began to publish cases as stories, I had to notice that public accountability is lacking so sadly and seriously.

I now think that only new bodies of governance can provide the necessary overview. They need to cut across all corridors of power and have one aim of unison: ethics and justice.


  • local councillors to ensure that their employees do the right thing;
  • regional representatives to ensure consistency across councils;
  • MPs to ensure national cohesion and feedback;
  • MEPs to enforce compliance with international treaties.

In the wake of Brussels, where we, as the Association of McKenzie Friends presented our petition to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent, we have the bad news of:

Before going to Brussels, his contact was cut short from 90 to 45 minutes, after Emyr told his children he’d be going to Brussels.

Upon his return, John Hemming MP published this Early Day Motion in defence of of the Pedros and Emyr:

The other day, Emyr turned up for contact to celebrate his son’s birthday.

  • They never turned up at Contact.
  • Anne Grace SS Manager tried to say she did not know anything about it.

Police were informed that they were in breach of an order twice.

  • Emyr that night had to be hospitalised as the pressure was too much – hypertension and a swollen cartilage in the spine.
  • Police came to get a statement in hospital – they said it was a civil matter – Emyr demanded same equality of arms as the SS would enjoy if it was in reverse.

Knowing that Emyr was in hospital, they hand delivered a letter to his home to arrange contact at a Bowling Alley. He only saw the letter when he came out of hospital.

  • He phoned the following morning to be told that it was too late to arrange contact that afternoon for 4.30pm.
  • Took Easter eggs and cards to be delivered to his children and asked for a receipt.
  • He was humiliated for asking for a receipt for six Easter eggs.

Knowing that he is on crutches, they have arranged a Contact session at a Bowling Alley.

  • He is in no state to join in to any Bowling. If anything it would make things worse.
  • The seats are lower than normal to cater for younger children. This is totally unacceptable as a venue.

They called a Looked After Children (LAC) review meeting when he was in hospital.

  • He considered booking an Ambulance for the thirty mile journey but sent a representative instead – but Social Worker Julie Breckon failed to turn up despite her office being half a mile away.

He is making sacrifices despite being on oral morphine and crutches, as he has not seen his children for over 9 weeks.

  • Excluding that 15 mins he has not properly interacted with his children for 13 weeks.

How do Local Authorities manage to find the sadists they employ as Social Workers???

However, the good news is:

  • the Pedro children won’t be adopted and will go back to Portugal, after the Portuguese Consul and Embassy Attache made a proposal to Lincolnshire County Council that they couldn’t refuse;
  • the Latvian Ambassador will see Merton Council next;
  • the Slovak TV station that ensured the return of the Boor boys has made another program about the lack of progress in the UK family courts;
  • John Hemming MP has tabled a number of Early Day Motions signalling the problems to Parliament. I list them as part of this blog post What happens to Children in England? – an article in the Portuguese Correio da Manha – a national newspaper.

If you want your local Council be included in this emailing campaign before the elections of local councillors and MEPs on 22 May please let me know! Let’s see who will want to be first to set up to create ETHICS & JUSTICE PANELS for PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY!

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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11 Responses to ETHICS and JUSTICE PANELS for Public Accountability – to include Councillors, AMs, MPs and MEPs

  1. This is exactly how it is described in The Rhetoric case.

    It is mental torture.

    If it is a civil matter, how are police involved. They always say they cannot interfere in civil matters if it parents making crimes like perjury known.

    These mind games of the SS are always the same- always traumatizing the children and parents and feeding like vulchers from the energy of trauma, pain, suffering.

    Whether it is Ireland, UK, Australia, Canada, USA, Sweden- it is always the identical same pattern of abuse of service users.

    They know exactly what they do- all the same as the old RC church agents.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Police Ltd., will get involved with who ever has the fattest cheque book.
    They will assist the SS in stealing children. They will arrest you if you are in Breach of an order obtained by the SS but if the SS do exactly the same: on the same Order: then its a Civil matter.
    Sorry: we pay the Police or Federate Police, Police Ltd, Police Corporation Inc. for the pleasure to enjoy acting in favour of the fat cheque book so that they can work against us?

  3. John says:

    “I now think that only new bodies of governance can provide the necessary overview.”

    Sorry, but this is sufficiently vague and imprecise to suggest a continued reliance upon looking to others for the “professionalism” or behaviour which is lacking in the places which, and people who, are under discussion. Unfortunately, in a “democracy”, the ordinary population are more actively engaged in providing this overview.

    Sadly, “England” is not what it was before the Norman Conquest, nor what it was in the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth, centuries. The Parliamentarians of the 1640s would not recognise the mutant “Parliament” of today. Resolving today’s problems requires reversing last century’s erosions and subversions of “English” laws and traditions, not looking to “tsars” and “champions” for a change of heart, or “new thinking”, which allows them to be “nice” toward the “little people” in the streets beyond their security cordons.

    That, unfortunately, is the problem. Getting Joe Public to take an interest in their own lives and welfare, rather than leaving everything to “government”.

    • What constructive suggestions can you make?

    • JM says:

      as an individual, really then the only thing left is the ‘Raoull Moat option’, or form an organisation….’cept how can you do that when you are under video 24/7, they’re in your emails, every possible way to communicate….? it’s perfectly legal for them to film you having sex in your own home and then sell the footage….RIPA

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