MOUNTING CONCERN as more Portuguese parents lose children to British social services


14 06 07 AlgarveThis is the story written by Natasha Donn and published by the ALGARVE Resident on 07 June 2014:

Following the desperate story of the Pedros – absolved of wrong-doing in the police case that stripped them of their children but still waiting miserably to be reunited as a family – more news has come out of UK to support allegations of a high-level forced adoption ring involving thousands of children.

Público newspaper reports this week of up to five cases where Portuguese immigrants in Britain have had their children taken from them – without charges being pressed or indeed proven. They are reported to be warned that any communication, online or to the press, could mean that they never see their children again.

John Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP who has been fighting for Justice for Families for years, claims parents are threatened with imprisonment if they speak out – and that this would mean the loss of their parental rights.

McKenzie Friend adviser Ian Josephs also told Público that as opposed to criminal courts where people are considered innocent until proven guilty, the opposite is the case in family courts.

“There, parents are considered guilty until they can prove their innocence” – and that is if their case ever gets to the family court.

In many cases children are removed from their parents and simply not returned even if the parent is not charged.

This appears to be the case in the situation involving at least one of the Portuguese parents in the Público investigation.

The 29-year-old lost her five-month-old daughter after taking her to hospital with a bruise on her head.

Tests showed a fracture, “which according to doctors could not have been accidental”, writes Público – while the mother maintained her daughter had fallen out of a bouncy-cradle.

The child was immediately removed from her parent, despite the fact that she was still breastfeeding, and placed in foster care.

An investigation was opened into the mother, and it is reported to be still ongoing.

The child has thus been separated from her parent for over a month, and there is no indication when, or indeed if, the mother will see her again.

This is just one of at least five cases that are now being “accompanied” by consular authorities in Britain – but if the Pedros case is anything to go by, consular pressure is slow in ringing any changes.

The charges against Carla and José Pedro that saw them lose all their children in one fell swoop were dropped through lack of evidence over two weeks ago, and still they have no idea when they will be reunited with their family.

A meeting with consular officials and British authorities in mid-April established that the Pedro children should all be allowed to return to Portugal, to be cared for in an institution there pending further inquiries into the parents’ situation – but so far this has not happened.

Last time we spoke to the parents, mother Carla told us they were “absolutely devastated, clinging to the hope that the Portuguese authorities will finally step in and help”.


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11 Responses to MOUNTING CONCERN as more Portuguese parents lose children to British social services

  1. “The child was immediately removed from her parent, despite the fact that she was still breastfeeding, and placed in foster care.”

    Just like the old Roman men and women of god- oh how they love the sadistic pleasure of removing a breast feeding baby. 5000 Years of this pattern and all done in secret using old inquisition laws and still it goes on in UK ,Ireland, USA, Australia etc and no change in a “law” designed to keep the rest of society ignorant.
    For the old Romans, where ever there was love, it was to be destroyed.
    Mothers and children were nothing and to be treated as mere breeders for the system.
    Loved children cannot be traumatized or fragmented- so got to get them into care. Free trauma,rape and abuse included for free for the children.That’s them children destroyed for life. That is the psychopathic intention.

    • It’s very strange that men seem to forget that they were babies, too, and they forget their mothers and grandmothers…

      • Maria says:

        Portuguese government are corrupt as uk, they do not care about our kids.
        7years ago my god daughter was kidnaped by SS, the Portuguese and uk higth court was involved bcs her mother who had her castady, refuse to sign the papers for her to retun to uk.they did not move a finger to help her poor mother

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  3. peter oakes says:

    colinberry2. is absolutely correct ! livers, kidneys, hearts, & lungs are traded like commodities by corrupt doctors, surgeons etc. it is obvious only highly trained surgeons doctors with the right ” facilities” can perform these vile
    operations on innocent, ignorant victims.

    the authorities ???? are in full knowledge as in the jimmy savile, stuart hall,
    cyril smith, cases rochdale council admitted they knew about smith ! 14 years ago. concerning pedo,s

    the authorities are so corrupt ! incompetent they are scared to death joe public will found out re: wiki leaks & snowden ie. usa fbi, cia, pentagon, white houe er ,er, sh-te house spying on every citizen in the world, they even bugged
    german chancellor merkels phone, do you believe they left out gordon brown, tony bliar,s, camerons, nick cleggs phone ??? i don,t think so !

    child kidnapping under bogus legal pretencious proceedings is an illegal disgusting industry.

  4. Renata Ostertag says:

    People should stop taking their babies and toddlers to hospitals for minor bruises in this case. Older children can talk and explain that they fell and this caused a bruise. However, the SS may take even the older children aside without the parents present and convince them that the parents caused the bruise or bruises, or that they were abused. I think parents should just stop having children for a few years – this may finally solve the snatching problem in the UK. I see no other recourse and I get deeply depressed reading that nothing has changed in the last 10 years. In despite of John Hemmings, Ian Joseph etc., and Justice Munby. All of them were not “active” when we went through this hell. WHEN WILL IT EVER CHANGE?!

    Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 12:24:17 +0000 To:

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  6. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    The SSSS (Social Services Secret Service) is still conducting its dubious work.

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