ENDING secret family court hearings or STARTING an inquiry into child abuse, what’s the priority?

Daily Mail

Daily Mail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is it going to be a hot summer with judges and barristers wanting to be understood, as this Daily Mail article about Sir James Munby‘s plans suggests? The Daily Mail is proud to ‘campaign’ against the secrecy of family court hearings, but their articles go only skin deep, as a child is being taken every 20 minutes, according to Channel IV’s program on adoption: 15,000 kids and counting.

Or is it the growing number of MPs (currently 91) who are demanding a national inquiry into organised child abuse that is going to make a difference to national and international acrobatics in saving and losing face?

These are posts in support:

Seven petitions are listed on E-Petition for Public Enquiry into organised Child Grooming, Child Prostitution and Paedophilia in the UK

  • The first one on the Public Enquiry has currently 2, 178 signatures.

One commentator asks

Everything is connected, whether it’s globalisation or paedophilia, child snatching or child abuse, children going missing or parents being deported, whilst their kids are being kept in ‘care’ or for adoption.

Knowing that the ultimate cause of all institutional ills is what’s so dishonest with our money system, it’s now been suggested to start a petition against D-notices which were invented in war times! Why should they be required in this war between innocent children and extremely evil conspirators in #childsnatchuk leading to #paedobritain?

Austin Mitchell MP has asked me for a list of the most violent snatches to strengthen the rights of parents:

1. the snatch of a HUNGARIAN baby in a  CAR PARK:

o  https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/The_European_Parliament_and_the_Council_of_the_European_Union_Help_facilitate_the_return_of_our_Son_and_to_Halt_the_UK_c/?dkfBIhb

2. Then there is this LITHUANIAN 6-year old who was removed while his mum and grandmother were handcuffed and taken to a Police cell:

o   http://audroneb.wordpress.com/about/

o   This is my latest case which I want to give my best shot because the father was charged with sexual abuse of his boy, but Brent Council is NOT protecting the boy!

3. The PORTUGUESE family was deprived of their FIVE children, after the father was handcuffed and arrested without documents:

o   http://pedrofamily.wordpress.com/about/;

o   The pretext was the accusation by the oldest boy whose interview by Police has never been disclosed by either Police or any of the solicitors;

o   Furthermore, the couple was arrested after having accompanied me to Brussels where I disclosed to the Petitions Committee that 1,000 children are taken per month;

o   They are now being treated like criminals by Social Services when they see their children and we helped them file a Judicial Review.

4. The NIGERIAN MUSA family was the first I learned about where also FIVE children were taken – the false allegation relating to a faked letter by the oldest daughter was invented subsequently:

o   http://gloriamusa.wordpress.com/about/

o   All other accusations of abuse were fabricated, staged and manipulated at an unprecedented scale.

5. The snatch of Baby J led to Sir Munby’s judgement where he appeals to courts to adjust to the realities of the internet, especially social media, after the video was published on Facebook

o   http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Fam/2013/2694.html

o   I’m afraid I don’t know whether the video is still on the web anywhere.

6. The snatch of the LATVIAN siblings of Ilya by the Dutch Police was shown after my impassioned speech before the Petitions Committee in Brussels – presented for the 2nd time!

o   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQcZAUXNcxs&feature=youtu.be

o   This is particularly ‘embarrassing’ because the Dutch Minister bragged about the UK ‘model’ having served for what they do in the Netherlands!

7. These two minutes are from a woman whose son was taken after a Caesarian – she doesn’t say which Council: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=584066781712813&set=vb.100003284882282&type=2&theater

o   Again ‘embarrassing’ for there is a judgement by Sir James Munby about the right of mothers and babies re breastfeeding: http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Admin/2003/850.html

o   But Social Services do what they like.


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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20 Responses to ENDING secret family court hearings or STARTING an inquiry into child abuse, what’s the priority?

  1. Tracey Davies says:

    Contacting mps is a waste of time,i have tried every mp even john hemmings,and his secretary and Tim haines do not even bother to reply to you,neither does David Cameron or Nick Clegg.i have tried everyone,just wasted a year emailing alñ the mps,child ministers house of lords, commons,royal courts of justice,ombudsman, no-one wants to know about how your children have been kidnapped.they do not care.

    • To ask them to be ON THIS LIST means asking them to SHOW THEIR TRUE COLOURS!

      It’s different from asking them for helping you.

      In fact, if you contact them, you can refer to the fact that they didn’t help YOU, maybe they’d like to help THEMSELVES now?

      • Tracey Davies says:

        ive done that with john hemmings, tim haines and emily,contacted david cameron and nick clegg, tried the british consulate, the embassies,not one reply but they soon took my children damaged them split them up because i had 5 children that were alwayson time for school never missed a day they were well bought up children,well dressed marks and spencers clothes and shoes,now they beg for money,living in an orphanage run by corrupt gay social worker,our son is kept apart and never sees any member of his family hes virtually kept a prisoner because he has been illegally frostered without the courts consent and without our consent,i cannot even go to the family courts because i have been refused a hearing,echr wont accept my claim till i have been to the family courts.i also lost a £70,000 a year job,i and mu husband have been branded peadophiles,which is untrue, but a gay social worker without any evidence against us sold a story to all the major nespapers worlwide,unlike the Mcanns,we have lost everything, yet no one cares about us,no fucker helps us.i hope one day the mc cannes lose their children like i did, because we never left our children like they did,yet we are the ones without our children.

        • truth says:

          Hi Tracy, terrible tale:
          here are some key documents that can help understand the system and how it works and give a fighting chance to get your children back:

          Contact Neelu – she knows about UCC and how to sack judges:

          You will also need to look into these documents and video for further information – infomation is key the more we know the clearer it gets and the easier the fight becomes:- try and get together with others and work in a group if possible (the criminal state are scared of groups not individuals):

          The Offical Matrix Trailer – Exposing The Strawman Beast System:


          First steps in meeting the Lord God Jesus Christ:

          The King James Bible (complete free PDF Cambridge Edition):

          The Real Ten Commandments:

          Meet your STRAWMAN:

          The Strawman Illusion:

          Thomas Anderson – Strawman Illusion – very good book identifying how the beast matrix system works:

          Mary Croft – How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man

          Dun & Bradstreet (company search):

          The Money Masters:

          Karl Lentz on UK Column – how to get back your kids (‘property’) from the Social Service’s sex rings


          Who owns Britain – Kevin Cahill:

          All the Elite are RELATED to eachother – one big gangster family:

          Royal Babylon:

          7/7 London Bombing exposed as UK government operation:

          Ground breaking presentation on the Mark of the Beast – Triple Helix by Pastor Mike Hoggard:

          Eric Jon Phelps – Vatican Assassins (PDF book):

          The Catholic Antichrist Pope and his whore of Babylon Roman Catholic Church’s evil fully exposed:
          DVD1: youtube.com/watch?v=hq38Qggtipk
          DVD2: youtube.com/watch?v=Z_govlIYdCg
          DVD3: youtube.com/watch?v=ylkXUZvC1SA

          Mark Woodman – God’s Final Call – a 23 part series exposing the Catholic whore in a brilliant presentation – for which he was murdered by the Jesuits:

          Common Law Community Training Manual

          Peace Officers of Inetrnational Common Law Court served Banishment proclamations and citizen arrest warrants in Catholic Church in Coventry, England:

          The Power of Words (very important document)
          The Words of His Kingdom and the Words of the World Compared

          You need God on you side above all else and then you will get the victory and your children:

          God bless you in Jesus Christ name

  2. colinberry2 says:

    I have a strong feeling that John Hemming’s could possibly be if false flag in the system, if you truly believe that the system is corrupted.

    Well from what I can see we are too nice and they know it, the dictators/ farmers, can get away with it, the questions we all should be asking, what are we prepared and willing to do, to stop it. The Story of Your Enslavement http://youtu.be/Xbp6umQT58A

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  4. Roger Gough says:

    Sabine, I think that the call for a National enquiry into organised child abuse presents us with the most extraordinary chance to make inroads into the corruption at Westminster. When else have 90 cross party MPs come together publicly to organise themselves against a particular problem of this nature? They have cast the die and it’s up to campaigners of all stripes to back them in any way possible. We have to ensure that every MP is asked (and no one has mentioned the Lords as far as I’m aware) to support this initiative and is publicly rebuked if they don’t. I am presented with a good opportunity. My local MP, the Eton educated Tory, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (Cotswolds) publicly accused all UKIP supporters of being racists. The local UKIP Chairman has asked him via a letter in the local press to publicly withdraw the remark. If he doesn’t and he doesn’t respond to my request to support the National Enquiry, then I shall feel free to call him to account in the same newspaper. Local newspapers are good tools and respond well to reasoned argument. They are tools which can help us. My MP’s local colleague, Neil Carmichael of Stroud, Glos was one of the first 80 signees, so reticence of Clifton-Brown’s part would not look at all good. This can be exploited. Continuing best wishes, Roger

    • Tracey Davies says:

      Roger, rather than National can it not be international enquiry,as uk social services deal with international social services to kidnap children

  5. Roger Gough says:

    Tracey, I hope the terms of reference for the enquiry (nothing definite yet) will be as wide as possible.

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  8. thay should end secret courts parent or grandparent have no say every body ells nows all about you and make out you lie to them when thay don’t get all the evidence on all

    • You can quote HHJ Parker who said on 23 May 2014 in Watford: she is happy to announce OPEN court hearings on behalf of her colleagues.

      Belinda McKenzie was there and on the back of this we got McKenzie Friends into two other court hearings recently!

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  12. steve21aa says:

    Reblogged this on corporatepoliticalcriminalcorruption and commented:

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