TOR BROWSER – the gate to the deep, invisible & hidden web of paedophiles plus

The Paedophile’s Handbook may not be on top of your TO VIEW list of links. But that is what you can find when you dig deeper, as this 8-minute video describes:

In fact, the deeper you dig, as Wikipedia describes here, the more you discover pure crimes:

  • killers to hire
  • drugs and arms
  • access to porn that includes children with ‘hidden wikis’ for discussions and chats…

The key is a browser called TOR (The Onion Router) that allows you to surf the web without leaving your IP address as a digital footprint: being non-traceable is obviously an advantage when you pursue criminal activities.

The Deep Web is characterised by

  • websites not being INDEXED or CATALOGUED by any search engine.

This video describes 10 disturbing facts about the deep web, e.g.

  • 80% of its budget come from the US government, the rest from the Swedish government and other groups
  • is its dominant currency.

Inside the underweb: home to stolen credit cards, paedophiles, hitmen, drug dealers – and free speech is a good article about this dark side of the web.

The BBC reports: Dark net ‘used by tens of thousands of paedophiles’ – 20% from the UK – as “producers of content”, meaning child abusers who post pictures of that abuse on the site…

The Independent publishes: The Tor system – Welcome to the dark internet where you can search in secret.

And the Ministry of Justice claims to seek views on support for male sexual abuse survivors

The battle between good and evil, moral and immoral, ethical and criminal is reflected on the web:

  • searchable and traceable or not
  • indexed and transparent or not
  • Google, Firefox and other browsers or Tor for anonymous browsing…

May your conscience remain active and pure while surfing the web and leaving your digital footprints!

And may you take heart from Baroness Warmsley‘s speech in the House of Lords on 27 June 2014, asking 3 questions

  1. Are we doing enough to prevent abuse happening?
  2. Do we know enough about how and why it happens and what works in other places?
  3. And are we doing enough with the perpetrators to bring justice and support to the victims?

About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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14 Responses to TOR BROWSER – the gate to the deep, invisible & hidden web of paedophiles plus

  1. help4lips says:

    V interesting – thanks sabine

  2. Reblogged this on No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death! and commented:

    Join the dots: unfortunately, #childsnatchuk leads to #paedobritain and the deep web of paedophiles…

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  4. JM says:

    gr8 stuff. I’ll let u know if i find anything good….;-)

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  6. RedRedMane says:

    A new development, and it definitely puts one heck of a “kink” in anybody’s plans if they plan to use the TOR browser.
    Firstly, you better do a little “research” into recent events before you go venturing down into the now NOT so deep Deep Web! To do that important research, all you have to do is Google: “Freedom Hosting takedown,” … then “Silk Road takedown,” … then “Black Market ReLoaded takedown,” then lastly,- Google: “Silk Road 2.0 takedown!”
    Upon doing this you will learn about how the almighty NSA teamed up with the FBI, Customs, Homeland Security, Interpol, the DEA, the Internet Crimes Against Children taskforces, the CIA, ICE, etc, ( and lets not forget the mainstream MEDIA!!!)! Their “joint effotts” have CLEARLY taken down a good 95% of the Deep Web!!! What’s left of it is tantamount to a shallow “wading pool!!!” Now, folks are getting “busted all over the place!” I have a friend who works for the NSA. She didn’t tell me much. ( She CAN’T tell anybody about much about ANYthing!) But she did say that the authorities now have a super-secret cyber SCANNING technology, and that there is absolutely NO defense against it whatsoever!! There is absolurtely NO way AT ALL to keep from showing up on the new federal and state police “radar screrns”, either!!! To do “crime” on the Dark Web is now tantamount to having sex with a teeny-bopper at 12:00 noon in front of a police station, across the street from a court-house!!!! In short, the Deep Web has been torpedoed and has come crashing to tbe ground like the Tower of Babel!!!! It’s foolish to even GO there now.
    And as for the TOR browser? It has been replaced by StartPage!!! You can surf the Deep Web with StartPage, but you cannot do anything “controversial” with that search browser. No “illegal stuff.”

    • RedRedMane says:

      We thought that the Deep Web would be abled to “stand strong ” against the forces of the New World Order’s surveillance and Law Enforcement. As it turns out, WE WERE DEAD WRONG!!! Political dissidents in China and Japan are likewise finding this out the HARD way! As Fat Albert would surely say, … hey hey hey, best STAY AWAY from what used to be called “the Deep Web!” ‘Cause it sure as hell ain’t too “deep” no more!!!

      • JM says:

        yep…i’m limited what i can do on this internet connection anyway, but yep we’re getting screwed every which way……looking again like i’m also aboutto be murdered before 31st December 2014……got specific date through the post today!

        • Intimidation is part of the culture here, it seems. Don’t let the b… get you down!

          Keep your spirit up, Jake. That’s your main commitment to yourself!!!

          • JM says:

            Thanks Sabine, and yes…but it just got a whole lot more serious for me. Yesterday i received a letter telling me that my life insurance policy is expiring on that date. I never bought such a thing and never would. Would be impossible anyway— i have nothing registered to me full stop and nothing at this address- and I have no papers of any kind! If you’re targetted you read a lot of sites….this is the only one that I have seen a reference to that….


            guess mistake that letter even came to me here…so i’m just letting people know!

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