CHILDREN TO BE HEARD? Open Letter to the Minister of State for Justice and Civil Liberties

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the Nation...

English: Anti-paedophilia logo from the National Revival of Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Rt Hon Simon Hughes MP


I was so delighted by your announcement regarding children to be heard that I published it on one of my blogs: No Punishment without Crime.

However, as Goethe said in Faust: The message well I hear, my faith alone is weak.

This is illustrated by the video that I was sent on the same day and that you will see on the post above: your announcement is too little too late in my view.

I asked all MPs who had not committed themselves to the National Inquiry into Organised Child Sexual Abuse: Do you want to stop child snatching and paedophile scandals? Everybody Knows!

For the violation of the UN Convention on Child Rights is institutionalised:

  1. Weare concerned about the children who don’t get heard in PUBLIC law not private custody cases:
    • As Channel IV publishes: every 20 minutes a child is taken!
    • Some 100,000 children are in care, as repeatedly published by the Daily Mail.
    • According to Edward Timpson MP, 50 die every year, but he considers this number ‘very low’.
    • Already in 2006, Harriet Harman admitted in Parliament that 200 parents were imprisoned every year by the secrecy of the family courts.
    • How many get deported and their cases ‘disposed’, while their children are kept in the UK? For what purpose?
    • The ‘child processing industry’ is a major contributing factor to the UK’s GDP, as these statistics
    • But who cares? According to John Hemming MP it’s policy, after all!
  2. CAFCASS is part of the problem, not the solution, ascan be demonstrated by many cases we have assisted
    • The letter by the 12 year old Emanuel fearing ‘bum rape’ to HHJ Simler was ignored and she did not admit a question in court; I published it here.
    • 35 letters by the 14 year old Anastasia to the judge were ignored; we presented her story as part of a portfolio of nine cases to the Education Committee when it looked into child protection.
    • But Pat Glass MP and Ed Timpson MP believed that the UK system of forced adoption is worth exporting – at the time into Barbados.
    • As I learned in Brussels when I presented Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent and the Systemic Patterns of Child Snatching and Forced Adoptions to the EU Petitions Committee on 19 March 2014: it had already been ‘shipped’ to the Netherlands and other countries.
    • Subsequently, many parents were penalised for having gone to Brussels, as John Hemming MP put down in this EDM.

  1. As a systems analyst who used to diagnose software at CERN, the European Centre for Nuclear Research in Geneva, I would suggest thatanyface saving operation has to include:
    • Reversal of forced adoptions, if wished by the children.
    • Return of children from care, if they wish.
    • Compensation of the whole family of victims of child snatching: children, siblings, parents and grandparents.
    • Compensation of all other victims of white collar crimes.

In 1945, an MP said “There is always enough money for war, but never enough for health and education.” Maybe the centenary of WWI and the Bradbury Pound can bring about the change humanity has been waiting for?

Looking forward to your comments, best wishes for making your good intentions become real!

Yours faithfully,

Sabine K McNeill


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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10 Responses to CHILDREN TO BE HEARD? Open Letter to the Minister of State for Justice and Civil Liberties

  1. T Birks says:

    Obviously help is needed from an organisation with a little more public exposure and connections / expertise .. I would suggest working with more high profile organisations such as 38degrees, Avaaz etc to try to get them on board, child abuse is a cause worth fighting but the people we are fighting have power and influence, we need some big guns to overcome this. Joining together is in my opinion the way forward.

  2. kath says:

    yes children should be heard not gaged thay should have right hope some one can change this

  3. upset grandmother says:

    I think that the government should do more to tackle this issue, I went to london on the protest last friday, and the conference with Kelly cotam and maggie Tuttle, we should all get together for a bigger protest, as not many parents turned up only grandparents!! We should all fight for our children and all the other children who are suffering, stand up everyone who wants to fight this injustice and support the people who want to protest about it! Dont just say it DO IT!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    We should all work together.
    And should is the key word here!
    “Should” does not apply.
    Humans beings human beings: different human beings have different agendas!
    When all those climbing the ego mountain finds that the top of the mountain is a giant plateau: and, when those that reach that plateau find themselves equal to everyone else that have reached that plateau: they suddenly find that they have to be equal to everyone else on that plateau.
    So what happens next! Someone will obviously go off to find a higher mountain to look down on those that have climbed the plateau. When the ego trippers sit on their own Everest they will find that there is not much room up there and they are on their own. Cold and wet and desolate.
    Time for change? Perhaps?

  5. derek abbey says:

    I believe you have a service whereby individuals who have suffered severe injustice at the hands of our crooked, and corrupt legal system, can obtain help. Do you have a contact e-mail or other for this service?

    Thanks  Derek

  6. peter newton says:

    i love your idea about reversal of forced adoption, sending the children home, if that is what they want, if they were listened to, as they supposedly are, all they ever want is to go back home to where they were before, paperwork always says the childrens views have been heard and taken into account, that being the case, why are they not allowed to go back home. they are so not listened to, independents who have nothing to do with a local authority, are not cafcass, and not nyas, would then hear a lot of opinion about how children really felt about being snatched away from their loving homes, spend the money used to snatch the children, vast amounts, in a better way, create more play areas for children, and have social workers geniunely helping families, and not tearing them apart by removing their children

  7. says:

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