An open letter to Theresa May calling for Michael Mansfield QC to chair the Child Abuse Inquiry

Maybe there’s hope as I’ve just started


Dear Theresa May

Re the proposed government inquiry into organised child abuse

As Butler-Sloss stated, the proposed government inquiry into organised child abuse needs to have the confidence of care and abuse survivors. It is for this reason that the view of many survivors and leading specialists in the area of child protection is that the most suitable candidate to chair the announced ‘Child Abuse Inquiry’ is Michael Mansfield QC.

The chair of this inquiry will need fearlessness, to be prepared to challenge the authorities and to ask and get answers to very difficult questions. This is a role that can only be undertaken by someone clearly seen as outside the establishment.

Mr Mansfield has shown with his work on the Stephen Lawrence inquiry and the current Hillsborough inquiry that he has the respect of survivors and professionals to undertake this inquiry.

In addition to the need to have the…

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7 Responses to An open letter to Theresa May calling for Michael Mansfield QC to chair the Child Abuse Inquiry

  1. peter oakes says:

    People need to know that the proposed “new law” to make it a criminal offence
    for concealing the abuse of children is complete rubbish and a deliberate
    attempt to mislead the Public !

    The law to punish any-one for concealing any criminal offence already exists !

    R-V-Sharp. R-V-Stringer 1936,1937 anyone concealing an offence
    paedophilia, sexual abuse of children etc. is guilty of Obstructing the
    course of Public Justice ! now included in Perverting the course of
    Justice. So will the elite establishment stop treating Joe Public with
    contempt by that I mean the arrogant, civil servants, court personnel, judiciary, police lawyers that seem to believe the Public are thick morons to be treated
    like sub humans and their children sold into the adoption sexual abuse
    racket as exposed in the Royal Commission Inquiry NSW police paedophile

  2. T Birks says:

    I would just like to point out to anyone who might have forgotten, the absolute key to truth and success in all of these enquiries begins with what is called, ‘Terms of Reference’ in other words. exactly what the ‘Committee’ will be permitted to enquire, and not enquire into. Remember at this point that many of the people who have or had access to ‘incriminating evidence’ are bound by the ‘Official Secrets Act’ and are therefore forbidden to disclose that evidence on pain of imprisonment. Therefore, the two things which need to be established at the outset are .. NO RESTRICTIONS in the Terms of Reference, permit the committee to go wherever the enquiries take them, unhindered and free menace. Remove the shackles which bind witnesses with the Official Secrets act, the must be free to tell all which is relevent to the enquiry, without the threat of menace or imprisonment, they should be given the same ‘Parliamenary Freedom’ that our politicians afford themselves.

    I would like to see all evidence disclosed to the people which I think is highly unlikely. I would like to see an open and fair enquiry which I think is highly unlikely, and I would like to see the enquiry completed and made public before the offenders and the victims are dead and buried, again this is unlikely to happen. The people concerned work withing a ‘closed shop’ system.
    When Cameron says they are all in it together he means exactly that, I think even Michael Mansfield QC will not be able to deliver what you ask of him, he has too much to lose. You may well wish to remember Dr David Kelly, suicide appears to be very contageous. (I will always find it incredulous that Dr Kelly would freely choose to end his life ),d.d2k

  3. T Birks says:

    My apologies for the typing errors, it is one of my lesser good arthiritis days today.

  4. Anonimi says:

    Michael Mansfield ran rings around Butler Sloss when she was appointed the coroner in the Diana inquiry so much so she resigned to be replaced by a more compliant LJ Scott Baker [of bench memorandum fame]

  5. Anonimi says:

    to peter – instead of putting in the headline/name of the caes you refer to can you add the full reference so that it is easier to find and to obtain the full text of the case or better still provide the link. These may well be useful cases but of no use if they cannot be found.


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