73-YEAR OLD SID HINGERTY walks for Justice from Glasgow to Brussels via Ireland and Wales

Commitment and perseverance are the main messages of the Chinese book of wisdom I Ching.

Sid Hingerty put these virtues into practice his way:

Dear Sir
Last year I wrote to you and David Cameron about the 5 month old baby STOLEN
from Spain by Bridgend Social Services WITHOUT any legal documents !!!!!!

I also wrote to the Queen and did get a letter back saying that the Queen doesn’t get involved in these issues but had sent a letter to the right honourable Eric Pickles who couldn’t even be bothered to get off his backside to reply to a letter supposedly sent from Buckingham Palace!

We are all now learning of the huge  amount of paedophiles in positions of high power and over children in care and the care homes too!

WHY WILL NO POLITICIAN demand enquiries into these child abuse cover ups and the continued stealing of children for forced adoptions with lies and false allegations !!!! [Comment: Sid, there is now the request for a National Inquiry into Organised Child Sexual Abuse – started by the Magnificent Seven MPs and supported by 142 MPs altogether. I wrote to the 508 others: Do you want to stop child snatching and paedophile scandals? Everybody knows!]

Do you or any other MP actually care about the protection of children and the families that you supposedly represent?

Any MP claiming that something is not in their constituency is an insult and a violation of all the children and families that suffer and are removed in this way!

So as there is no chance of any justice in this country by our governments and legal system, I feel that I no longer have any other choice than to take these human rights violations to the Court of Human Rights !!!!

The baby stolen from Spain needs to be returned and so do the babies stolen from this family in the video by Staffordshire Social Services.

I started walking from Glasgow on May 13 to all British Parliaments and have now been to Edinburgh Belfast Dublin and the next one is Cardiff and Downing Street.

From there to the Court of Human Rights with a French lady whose 18 year old disabled son is being forcibly removed from his own mother into care!

Where do you stand on this Sir? Do You care????

Are you prepared to speak out to protect these children and the families that vote for you?

Sorry but when a 73 year old man has to walk from Glasgow to Brussels via Ireland and Wales to give a voice for all the www.childrenscreamingtobeheard.com and highly paid highly educated politicians can’t be bothered to even speak out to protect these vulnerable and defenceless  children and families, then don’t expect myself or anyone else to have “any” respect for yourself or any government that denies these children and families the help and protection they “NEED and DESERVE”.

Please speak out against these human rights violations against these children and their families.
Thank You

S Hingerty


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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15 Responses to 73-YEAR OLD SID HINGERTY walks for Justice from Glasgow to Brussels via Ireland and Wales

  1. Cynical Shaun. says:

    Well done Sid. If I didn’t have my own issues going on with the child stealing, lying scum, then I’d join you on the walk.

  2. colinberry1 says:

    Well I think the reality is when you are dealing with a bunch of crooks, and the devil himself, well-established within the corrupted system you are not going to get any answers from them, their logic is silence is golden. When the system fails you and ignores your existence it’s time to confront reality, they are a bunch of Nazis that believe they are above you and do not have to explain anything.

    Well I know as for me I sooner die with my pride knowing that I have tried everything I could in my circumstances, then to meet my maker with my tail between my legs, just like the Christians. Well I was born catholic but find it unpalatable to think that they allowed Jesus to be crucified. that is the exact mentality they want you to have so they can control you.

  3. peter oakes says:

    Hi Sid. Good luck to you & your cause ! have you informed Edward Timpson MP the Childrens Minister ? this known criminal is an “Enabler” he enables these kidnappings, child trafficking to carry on.

    I am sure everyone knows kidnapping is a serious offence ” life imprisonment”

    Edward Timpson is conspiring to conceal these offences ! and perverting the Course of Justice See; Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 it is an Indictable offence !

    See: R-V-Sharpe. and Stringer , 26 Cr.App.R.122. CCA; R-V- Panayiotou and Antoniades 57. Cr. App 762, CA. ( Archbold 28-1

    Obstructing the course of public justice.

    Of course our European cousins will think you are a “nutter” making wild
    unsubstantiated allegations ( as judge Rank told me ) I therefore I
    you request they Google : Royal Commission Inquiry NSW Police Paedophiles

    this report confirmed Aussie SS were trafficking children and supplying police paedophiles with victims ! of course The Queen will be in full knowledge of this Commission and it,s findings the UK is exactly the same !

    And when you are in Europe demand they investigate the creeping coup that has hi-jacked the UK by stealth Ask why the UK did not sign – commit to
    Article 1 ECHR therebye making Human Rights in the UK invalid ! and why
    has the UK got no Article 13 The Right to a Remedy in our falsified dishonest Human Rights Act 2000.
    And the hypocrites are comemorating the millions of killed soldiers that died for freedom and justice in 1914-18. totally betrayed like the rest of us!
    You can also request they Google Chief Supt. Anglesea a child abuser at Bryn Estyn N.Wales then they just might give you the respect you deserve

    God Bless Sid.

    • Nobody could have said it more bluntly and more to the point, Peter!

      I’ll Cc Ed Timpson in my email to Welsh Dy Havard MP on behalf of a girl whose grandmother has just paid £25,000 only to keep barristers in ‘work’…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well done, Sid. You are so right. My daughter and me were victims of the Children Social services here in Britain, as well. There are very few cases where children were returned back to their parents and my child and me have been luckily the fortunate ones.
    It is a shame that you have to walk that distance as a protest for the justice for all innocent children and innocent parents. I wish thousand of people joined you.
    I would, if I was not a single lone parent and my child was not very young.
    There was a huge protest in front of British Embassy in the capital city Bratislava in Slovakia, I think a bit longer then a year ago where Slovakian people were shouting their heads off in front of the British Embassy, regarding British Social Services and the Courts to return Slovakian children back to their parent’s family and be brought back to Slovakia where they belong, as the children are Slovakian. They were put for adoption here in England. Parents were innocent.
    The protest caused that the grandmother could appeal, which was not possible before and at the end the children happily have been reunited with the family back in Slovakia sometimes in 2013.
    I wish that peoples eyes were widely open and did lots of protests in front of Parliament and Downing street, then there might have been changes happening and the untouchable power for liars social workers and all other professionals working with them to be taken and the Family Courts hearings to be public, no secret anymore.

    I wish you the best luck and strong health to be able to go to the end and be heard for all of us.

    Jana and her daughter.

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  6. mymouths2big says:

    Why will no one intervene – because child trafficking is a multi-million pound British Industry. Follow the money trail, ask who gets paid what?
    Why are British children being sold for adoption abroad?

    The Family Courts are unlawful, they deny justice to the parents and are complicit in child abduction.

    Remember, parents own their children, they are their private property, as are husband and wife. If a Government accuses them of child abuse: it MUST prove its case in a Court of Law, no Jury no lawful Court.

  7. Sid is so right in what he’s doing. I am 68 now, but I will fight to my dying breath to bring these evil bastards to justice, ours not theirs. May God bless you Sid,

  8. Anonymous says:

    WHERE IS HE TODAY?????????????
    WHERE IS HE TOMORROW?????????????
    WHERE IS HE SUNDAY?????????????
    WHERE IS HE NEXT WEEK????????????

    People want to support you Sid, there is no map!
    How do we find out where you are?
    There is nothing on the Facebook site.

  9. Karen says:

    Bless you and thank you so much Sid for what you are doing for our children xxx

  10. Anonymous says:

    hi everyone, the Walk For Justice page and group info will be regularly updated to chart Sid’s progress and allow people to join in and walk with him where they can. there is also a go fund me gifting page if anyone would like to make a donation to enable Sid to continue and complete his mission to the UN Courts of Human Rights on behalf of all the kids and parents who’s Human Rights are being effected by this corrupt system. Please support Sid if you can, it’s much appreciated: http://www.gofundme.com/walkforjustice. Thanks Ardjuna x

  11. So much courage in the face of so much pain. We can salute both while we decry those who obstruct the cries for justice from those who suffer. Suffering comes in so many forms, and it affects young and old alike without discrimination, as does injustice. So much endured by so many.

    We who merely observe, are affected by the pain we see, but can experience only a fraction at second hand. It is only when we become victims that we truly experience their exquisite and peculiar pain.

    Those who never suffer, can never know the force that drives those who do suffer to embark upon such extremes that they no longer feel physical pain. Their mental anguish blots out all but their ultimate goal of questing justice. It becomes a magnificent obsession – a holy grail. Often unobtainable, but nevertheless, worth questing after, and wholly praiseworthy. Indeed, worthier of the bowed knee than any monarch.

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