PRISONS, POLICE and COURTS in meltdown. What next when you look at the True McCann story?

Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police

A Place for Paedophiles A Place for Paedophiles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Joining the dots is an interesting exercise: the deeper you go, the more shocked and amazed you ‘get. Over this weekend I ‘processed’

1. I wondered if I ended up killing myself in jail

  • an article in The Independent on Sunday about having been inside where not only Maurice has been unlawfully and innocently since 14 October 2013, but also Brian Pead since 14 May 2014.

2. As long as this police chief stays, paedophiles and sex abusers will get away with it, writes Simon Danczuk MP in the Daily Mail

3. How the Court of Protection left a 94-year old without savings or dignity

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4 Responses to PRISONS, POLICE and COURTS in meltdown. What next when you look at the True McCann story?

  1. T Birks says:

    Unfortunately .. the majority of MP’s do not represent, and are not representative of the good element in our society, the average / normal people.
    Well done to any MP brave enough to stick his head above the parapet.
    I know it’s a big chance to take, a serious decision, to fight on the side of right, the side of the people, but when it becomes evident that a politician is prepared to do this the people will support them. eg, Nigel Farage, Claire Short and others in their stand against the illegal and unjust wars. Support them and others like them yes we will, but we don’t support them enough and not often enough. The problem? .. the cosy middle class taking their salaries from the people’s taxes, the government created the ‘cosy class’ in order to divide society. The people with the most to lose are most reluctant to put it at risk. It is also the ‘yes sir’ class of ‘jobs-worths’ .. it is high time people woke up and developed a little back-bone, eager enough to send others into battle but don’t have the balls to pick up a banner.

  2. Tony Lowery says:

    Remand wasting money….the remand sytem is a farce with police using it as a tool, whilst on remand a suspect has no real means of fighting his case and any communication regarding his case including legal (is unlawfully read) or passed to police. This is the main reason police push so hard for remand as it takes pressure off them to do their job properly and without favour.

  3. kath says:

    i agree with it the law is wrong you don’t have any chance of fighting your case cos what thay think thay have on as far as thay think its true no chance at all

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