Police cuts are forcing Brits to take law into own hands, say Mancunians as 78% back Paedophile Hunter

14 10 08 Paedophile HunterSome dare call it anarchy, when law makers and law enforcers are guilty of white collar crimes.

Most people don’t know that they are immune from prosecution thanks to Royal Charters.

They are just doing their job, waiting for their pensions… That’s how it goes. Leonard Cohen sings Everybody knows

And here’s a passionate and creative young man who makes videos of people interested in under age sex whom he finds on www.kickstarter.com which the Police used to frame whistleblower of paedophilia Brian Pead.

Don’t you think he should be applauded and promoted as Channel IV did with Paedophile Hunter??? This article supports him, too!


About Sabine Kurjo McNeill

I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is www.smartknowledge.space
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7 Responses to Police cuts are forcing Brits to take law into own hands, say Mancunians as 78% back Paedophile Hunter

  1. Roger Gough says:

    Maybe someone can explain how Stinson Hunter’s methods differ from those employed by the Sunday Mirror to entrap the Tory MP Brooks Newmark. To my eye they are exactly the same and one could throw in The Fake Sheik as well. As usual, it’s one law (or set of practices) for one and another set for all the others. Perhaps what is more worrying nowadays though is the standard of Police investigations and maybe the most troubling example of this is the work of the Police into the death of Alice Gross. From experience (although one would have hoped that things had improved in 25 years) ‘missing persons’ when reported at Police stations are always problematic. Many, many people in Britain decide to go missing in Britain each year so decisions have to be made as to when resources are allocated and when ‘missing’ becomes ‘murder’ but Alice Gross was a vulnerable young girl. It’s surprising that the MP Stephen Pound expressed his doubts about the efficiency of the investigation at a relatively early stage. Why? This is purely a personal opinion but there seems to be a good chance that the suspect knew the victim personally and maybe quite well. The CCTV of the towpath where the suspect was sighted was so grainy as to make any identification of a ‘suspect’ very difficult indeed, a suspect whose photo was perhaps not available to Police via official records (not even with a murder conviction in Latvia to his name). The man’s name may possibly have been put forward by someone. It’s suggested that officers went to Latvia to search for him, but why then not take that all encompassing instrument the European arrest warrant in case they found him? Prima facie evidence is not required to support it. Red faces all round if they got there and he’d handed himself in. Ooops. If the body had been hidden to the degree as reported, that would have made the search (and discovery) very difficult but the discovery of the man’s body hanging in the woods is a little more difficult to explain. Were the woods searched for Alice’s body? The time of his death would tell us more. Of course what might seem ineffectiveness in an investigation may be down to a chronic lack of manpower but if the paedophiles in high places hadn’t behaved so outrageously in the recent past there wouldn’t be the need for the massive amount of investigation (wasted Police hours) going on all over the Country into their behaviour and those officers could be deployed elsewhere. Once again the public suffer at the hands of politicians and their cronies – it was not supposed to be this way.

  2. Leonard Lawrence Pilot says:

    Joshua Rozenberg The Guardian.com, Wednesday 18 June 2014

    The report exonerating Lord Justice Fulford should be published.
    It is no surprise that claims linking the judge to paedophile campaigners were dismissed, but why not tell us the reason?

  3. peter oakes says:

    Concerning the Law, Truth, Justice? Joshua Rozenberg is an Agent for the establishment
    He has convenient hearing, and suffers from wilful blindness. You should ignore this excuse
    for a “journalist”

    Geofrey Scriven exposed this journalist fraudster years ago !

  4. Erik Strand says:

    It was when I followed one of the links in this article that I found that one can read “From Hillsborough to Lambeth” online. After reading this great book, I decided to write about the case on some internet forums, like http://indiandefence.com/threads/uk-perversion-and-witch-hunt-against-whistleblower.49931/ and http://firda.origo.no/-/bulletin/show/842859_pedofili-og-forfylgjing-av-ein-varslar-i-storbritannia and http://fredtalk.fredericksburg.com/showflat.php?Number=1754539

    But when I decided to write about this case on Fampo’s website (which I am in charge of editing), I was suddenly no longer able to edit http://www.fampo.no/uk.html . I can still edit all other pages on http://www.fampo.no, including http://www.fampo.no/brian_pead.html. And I am told that my PC cannot download http://www.fampo.no/uk.html. It would be interesting to hear if you still can download that page. I would not have mentioned it if I had not experienced what seems to be sabotage when I am editing http://www.fampo.no several times before. So I see that some people really do not like publicity about this case.

    Unfortunately, various kinds of threats and harassment are more common than most people know. For example, I read about the car reversing into Brian Pead at https://victims-unite.net/2013/03/05/freshly-banned-before-distribution-from-hillsborough-to-lambeth-corruption-and-cover-up-of-child-abuse-and-racism/ . And here is a statement from a Norwegian former MP: http://www.fampo.no/hallgrim_berg.html

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