Fiona Woolf appearing at the Home Affairs Select Committee


Fiona Woolf, recently appointed Chair of the government’s CSA inquiry, appearing in front of the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee on 21st Oct 2014. She might have been expecting an easy ride, but she didn’t get one.

In response to questions about her lack of experience in child care, she stressed how her task is to act as manager, provide focus and ensure efficiency.

She repeatedly claimed that she was “not a member of the Establishment”, and failed to comprehend that others may not share her perspective.

It was revealed that her letter to the Home Secretary was drafted with the assistance of Home office staff, and, after the Home office had approved it, the final version published.
The Committee have asked to see the first draft.

It was apparent from her replies that the terms of reference weren’t drafted by her, nor did she propose any names…

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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31 Responses to Fiona Woolf appearing at the Home Affairs Select Committee

  1. Roger Gough says:

    Her task is to act as “manager”. As the Commander of the Anti-Terrorist branch, Commander William Hucklesby replied when he was asked once at an Old Bailey trial, “When did you first visit the scene?” Reply, “I never went to the scene”. Question, “You never went to the scene? How did you know what was going on then?” Answer, “My officers tell me. My task is to delegate not investigate.”

  2. Alan M Dransfield says:

    Who does Fiona Woolfe think she is kidding when she claims she is NOT a member of the establishment. If she is not a member, my name is Pope John.
    Another boondogle inquiry on its way which will probably be the longest and most expensive inquiry in history.
    Fair play to the select committee yesterday as they were asking all the right questions and I would hope they have exposed another stool pigeon.

  3. peter oakes says:

    I have made MP Danczuk. aware of “The Laugh” this was police slang for the
    biggest bunch of criminal police in Sidney NSW, I believe it is reasonable to claim South Yorks
    police are bigger and better organised and therefore more evil ! .This creates major problems
    as it totally exposes the incompetence and corruption of the Senior Civil Service involved
    in child trafficking, paedophilia, drug running, money laundering, etc. a Mafia that out
    performs all mafia,s so big, so corrupt,the Govnt. cannot solve it ! it,s akin to the army being on the Russian side ?? known only to a few elite members .

    See: Sgnt. Fluit. “The Laugh ” or Google: Royal Commission Inquiry NSW police paedophiles
    It is right here in the UK, the “Fuzz rule OK” police state run by bent cops & to big to correct !
    All those paedo missing files will suddenly re-appear and so called VIPs influential people will
    panic, they are squirming now ! Jimmy Savils accomplices, SS child traffickers er er adoption
    operatives ? They must have hours of CCTV pictures showing asian taxi,s transporting children around Rotherham from one address to another, day in day out 1400 is a lot of young girls ?

    Perhaps the inquiry will start with Sgnt. Fluit, they will discover his MO is alive and well in S.Yorks.
    the Hillsborough inquiry revealed a senior police officer claimed it was normal police procedure to alter Statements !!!! ???? what is the purpose of a statement ?

  4. Beverly Berzins says:

    Dear SabineThank-you so much for this information. as a survivor myself i so hope this investigation leads to positive outcomes for the victims and survivors.I would really appreciate a voice of my own, that seems to be one of the main issue for me as a survivor to be heard and validated based on the truth and to move forward positively. You would be a perfect candidate to be on the panel .sincerely Beverly Berzins Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 21:24:48 +0000 To:

    • Dear Beverly

      I just introduced survivor / whistleblower / Police victim Brian Pead to Prof Jenny Pearce on the panel. His drama is on

      Maybe you contact her directly, too?

      Otherwise, I’m happy to publish your story as web publishing is my joy. Besides, I’ll be in Brussels again on 11/11. But I will have to focus on #childsnatchuk leading to #forcedadoptions… Not everybody joins the dots yet, I’m afraid…

      Courage! What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, my mum told me in critical moments…

  5. peter oakes says:

    Have the inquiry members K.Vaz MP etc. checked if Fiona Woolf is in the same Masonic
    Lodge as Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss ! Or is this a secret ?

    Why do the UK Citizens have to put up with members of secret societies dominating all
    committees, tribunals, and other so -called Public Interest investigations. It is a sick joke !

    The IPCC or Inadequate Police Complaints Commission You know they are bent when
    they take 5 years for a 5 minute job ! No use in fast food re. McDonalds ( cold food )

    SFO Seriously Flawed Office ! the biggest thefts & frauds in history RBS. Northern Rock
    Bradford Bingley, HSBC, Lloyds, it just goes on and on Inquiries taking years ? Lawyers
    on a gravy train that serves Caviare with every course

    And all the time they operate the ” grave yard policy ” bank slang meaning draw it out
    as long as you can means more loot and the victim will no doubt die ! before the inquiry
    is finished re- Hillsborough 25 years continuing with many affected victims now

  6. Alan m dtansfield says:

    If she is not a member of the establishment my name is Pope John

    • Quite!

      I wonder why she thought that anybody would ‘buy’ that!

      • Alan MDransfield says:

        Because these people who generally speak with a gob full plums and a double barrel name think the working class should be servants and we can be used and abused at their whim.

        I had another FTT hearing in Exeter today which has not filled me with any confidence whatsoever.
        I was appealing 15 vexatious decisions
        Which were signed on the same day by the Deputy Commissioner

  7. peter oakes says:

    She is upto her “grubby knickers ” with Anne Widdecombe another Masonic Witch !

    It is halloween ! watch out for toads ! plenty “toadies ! in the House along with leeches, lizards,
    newt,s, snakes etc. ” fire burn cauldron bubble plenty trouble from Rotherham ? ” or is it
    the blue train ? running late from Dunblane ? Bryn Hestyn. Suptd. Gordon Angelsea.

    They should know by now smoking is not acceptable in public ?? public not that stupid
    anymore ! By the way how is George Robertson going on ? is he on Morning Cloud with Jimmy & Ted.,

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  9. Roger Gough says:

    Just an observation Sabine but as I commented on Vox Political this AM, I have often wondered why bloggers have rarely (if ever) referred to the fact that Ms Butler-Sloss (Ms Woolf’s ‘predecessor’) is a self-confessed liar. She had to apologise in person to the House of Lords about 18 months ago and her contrition is shown on ‘you tube’. Put her name together with ‘House of Lords’ in their search facility and the video is the first to appear. Did Cameron seriously believe he could get away with that – putting a liar in charge of such an important enquiry?? This information is courtesy of a contributor to Michael Doherty’s face-book page.

  10. Alan M Dransfield says:

    I bet my bottom dollar Fiona Woolf gets pulled off the Inquiry and so she should.

  11. Alan M Dransfield says:

    She is also X World Bank. God Help the inquiry. I also understand she is taking over the reins from Boris hence, here first job is to find out why Balfour Beatty are allowing a unfinished Sports Stadium to be used for the World Cup Rugby next year which has not been provisioned with adequate Lightning Protection.Tut Tut.
    Does the House of Lords fall under her remit because the those premises are also devoid of any proper Lightning Protection Tut Tut.

  12. Roger Gough says:

    It seems from these charades that the safety of their evil ‘friends’ is more important than getting elected next year. Is this truly ‘a Government’ I see before me?

    • The Rule of Money is stronger than the Rule of Law.

      And ‘government’ is the Executive, i.e. the mandarins of safely employed Civil Servants behind the scenes in Whitehall. Government consists of public fall guys.

  13. Alan M Dransfield says:

    Fiona Woolf told Vaz she can’t possible start her inquiry into the hienous crime of Sex Abuse until she has completed her term as Mayor,hence why the hell was she considered in the first place.

  14. Alan M Dransfield says:

    It beggars belief Fiona Woolf can claim she’s impartial with no links to Mr and Mrs Brittain.

  15. peter oakes says:

    Look at Daily Mail item Fiona Woolf Sat. 25th Oct.2014. says it all. And as for the
    previous comment regarding Rabbi & Freemason Butler-Sloss lying to the House
    of Lords she also perverted justice by falsifyng the court record concerning an ex wife of Saudi King Abdul Azzis, and if that was,nt enough she kidnapped Corey Raymond Bradley from Stoke on Trent.

    Every one of the Establishment is above the Law. as for Fiona Woolf waiting for her term as Lord Mayor to finish, . You should know as the Mayor she is also the Senior Magistrate of the City of London !!! Treason is afoot !

  16. peter oakes says:

    There it is ” Writ Large ” HM,s ” Dark Forces ” Diana slayers ?? world manipulators
    all members of Cecil Rhodes conspiracy to control the world ! Bill Clinton Rhodes Scholar

    Tony Blair, JW Bush, member of ” the bones secret society ” Butler-Sloss, Nueberger,
    Elgan Edwards on & on The self deuded- incestuous -elite they forgot the Paedos
    their accomplices.

  17. peter oakes says:

    Did You See ! Todays Daily Express ?? 29th Oct. 2014. No of course You did not see the
    column by Witch Anne Widdecombe. Freemason and Sister of Butler-Sloss, and Fiona

    I told you beforehand, in previous comments what was being ” organised” by the legal mafia !

    Sister Widdecome in todays Daily Express claims ” Mrs. Woolf is ideally suited to this post”

    She is of course referring to the “planned” cover-up of the Rotherham child abuse inquiry !

    I will ” complain” to the editor of the Express about Witch Widdecombe concealing the
    offences of Her Sister Butler-Sloss re. Kidnapping
    children, perverting justice Re. King of Saudi Arabia. etc.etc. Oh and I forgot the Diane inquiry she was meant to F– up for jo.public

  18. Alan M Dransfield says:

    The latest Chair, Justice Goddard is an Illegal Immigrant as she is working without a Work Permit.?! She scored 6.5 only in the New Zealand Judge Reviews and she is rated 64th out of 64 from the NZ Judiciary.
    Hardly inspiring ,is it. Not quite the Alex Furguson of the Judgement League,is she?!
    I don’t accept it is/was necessary to bring in an outsider who has to move here lock stock and barrel for 4/5 years at great cost to the Public Purse.
    The first thing she needs to look at is, WHY the ICO upheld a vexatious exemption (section 14(1) of the FOIA2000) to prevent the release of the Jimmy Saville Tapes into the Public Domain.
    I also do not think it is right and proper that Teresa May should have considered the fairer sex only for this important inquiry. I am not a sexist but can you imagine the outcry if MALES only had been considered for this Chair??!! Goose and Gander come to mind.

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