More horrors for #MauriceKirk – from a fellow prisoner. Please call #HMPSwansea 01792 485300!

Please call, sign, tweet, blog, reblog, retweet, like and share. This is soo typical and soo representative of both Litigants in Person as victims and the Police as persecutors!

Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police

14 11 03 MJK petitionRelease Maurice from HMP Swansea asap.

You can’t make it up: the ‘frozen’ establishment where nobody dares to move vs the nearly 300 people who at least put their name to our petition to Here is the latest email from Maurice’s sister:

“I have just received a frightening phone call from ‘a fellow prisoner’ with good English (foreign) who reported that M wanted me to know that his wheelchair has been confiscated (are they going to mend it?!) but this means he cannot leave his cell to attend the medical line up for whatever treatment they are giving him (analgesics?). Neither can he get to a phone which must be against Prison Rules. Andy Phillips the security governor who is under orders from the MAPPA committee has denied him access to his laptop so that he is unable to continue work on his various legal issues.

As he is now…

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I'm a mathematician and system analyst formerly at CERN in Geneva and became an event organiser, software designer, independent web publisher and online promoter of Open Justice. My most significant scientific contribution is
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8 Responses to More horrors for #MauriceKirk – from a fellow prisoner. Please call #HMPSwansea 01792 485300!

  1. T Birks says:

    This case warrants a seperate petition briefly setting out the individuals case and demands drawing attention to the injustices of the situation. Maybe it would be good to put the petition on the Government website then follow it up with links everywhere publicising the petition and asking for support. The problem at the moment is that getting information and background of this case is drawn out and time consuming. Try to condense the facts of the case into one paragraph and link to the background details for people willing to read on. Hi-lite the injustice eg wheelchair and other denials, search for impact headliners, get supporters to seed comments wherever they can, facebook, twitter, etc even youtube a short video, narrative outlining the important aspects and injustices.

  2. peter oakes says:

    Removing Mobility is Cruel- De-Grading- Inhuman Treatment TORTURE !!!!

  3. Jean James says:

    Send a registered letter to Alun Cairns. I never heard from your McKenzie

    Friends, by the way.

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